new yarn day part I

Hello everyone!

Sometimes, when you’re aimlessly clicking and scrolling around on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook (you know what I’m talking about!), you come across something that almost stops your heart; something so special that you just can’t resist, something that really makes your heart sing. And a few weeks ago, that happened to me. Twice. Okay, three times ;)

The first heart stopper was this gorgeous yarn from Mollycoddle Yarns! I came across this picture on Facebook:

There was just something about it that I simply couldn’t resist! This is raw pure silk in a fine 4-ply, hand dyed in the most gorgeous colour scheme. I ordered it right after I spotted it, and since it had to come from the UK, it arrived the next week! :)


Yum! You have no idea what this yarn feels like but believe me, as soon as your crafter’s hands touch this lovely fibre, you’ll be aching to make something with it!

So I got my two best friends out, Mr. Swift and Mr. Winder…


And turned the two hanks into two adorable yarn cakes!




I have no idea what I’m going to make with it yet, but what I do know is that it has to become something wearable. Something suited for summer, something I can wrap myself in; if you have any suggestions or know the perfect pattern for this silk yarn, let me know in the comments! :)

There will be another blog post about new yarn day later this week, part II! Stay tuned!


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  1. Thank you,love it

  2. Just curious: why is it that a lot of crocheter or knitter rewinds the wool/yarn like you do? Is there an advantage that I just haven’t figured out yet?

    • The center-pull feature just changes one’s life : no more yarn ball bouncing around, no need to unwind every ten or so stitches, it’s just so much easier and cleaner. A lot more simple and tidy to stash, too.

  3. Beautiful! Happy crafting :)

  4. Love the colors. I envision something beachy with those tones, almost with white washed items. hmm. that’s just my first thoughts. ;) Love it and sure it will be used to create something wonderful!

  5. Your new yarn looks lovely! I really need to use up what I have at home to be able to buy new yarn! I promised my man to use up whatever I still have at home because my yarn collection is taking over our whole teeny-tiny appartment! ;)

  6. Lovley! I know exactely what you are talking about. Have a nice day with your yarn. :-)

  7. How could you not order it right away, it is gorgeous.

  8. Beautiful colors! I love my little yarn winder. As soon as I got it I went looking for yarn to make into those great little cakes, even the yarn that didn’t need it. It was so fun! I enjoy your blog, keep it coming!