new yarn day part II

Hi everyone!

A couple of days ago I showed you my newly acquired yarn, and told you that there was more to come. Today I’m showing you what that ‘more’ is :)

So, I was doing my usual thing, browsing Facebook and other social media, when I happened across the facebook page from my friend WoolWench. It was this picture that I fell absolutely in love with:


It was everything all into one: the texture, the colours, the specks of glitter, the puffy clouds – I was in love, and it wasn’t the first time that happened with a skein of hand spun from WoolWench! And I was lucky again, she sold me the skein! :)

I had to wait a little longer for this skein to arrive at my doorstep, because of unknown reasons (but I’m totally blaming the mail guy!), but oh boy, was it worth the wait…



It. Is. Perfect!


This is very bulky yarn, I’m thinking of using a 12mm hook for it or even larger; that is if I’m going to crochet it at all! I might turn this into something unexpected, like a weaving. Once again I haven’t decided yet!

Total impulse purchase? Yes. Worth it? Oh yes!

Stay tuned for part III!


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  1. Love the colours and textures reminiscent of see weed and San sand in rock pools

  2. that is just awesome .. so pretty and the different ‘textures’ is wayyyyyy cool .. i am thinking weaving piece .. just looks like a weaving yarn .. LOL for sure let us know what you make with it !!

  3. Beautiful texture and the color is to die for! Love it!

  4. It is gorgeous yarn, you are going to have so much fun with it.

  5. Oh, how pretty! Makes me wanna learn how to spin. :) I can only just barely manage a spindle, but for art yarn like this, I think that might be a little tough!