new yarn day part III

Okay okay, one more! :) I’ll stop after this, I swear.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Expression Fibre Arts? If you haven’t, please go excuse yourself while you familiarize with their website and Facebook page or Instagram.

I’ve have my eye on Expression Fibre Arts’ yarns for a while now and last week, I finally succumbed. I gave in. I surrendered. Their yarns are just SO gorgeous, and those colour ways they keep coming up with are SO amazing – honestly, it’s a miracle I’ve been able to keep my hands off their yarns for so long ;)

I decided to go for their 50% cashmere 50% silk yarns; one skein in the ‘mint chocolate chip’ colour way and one in the ‘lavender and light’ colour way…



And here they are after meeting Mr. Swift and Mr. Winder!




I love love love the way all the gorgeous colours combine in these little adorable yarn cakes!

Because there’s only 330 yards of each, I’m thinking about getting some plain white yarn to combine it with these two. I want to make 2 projects with this yarn, and I’m thinking shawls! So I’m browsing Ravelry now, looking for big, dramatic shawls which I would make in the white yarn, with a very obvious border, which I would make from the Expression Fibre Arts yarn.



What do you think? :)


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  1. They are really pretty! I have some of her laceweight in red that I’m saving for just the right project. In the meantime, I did a shawl in the Ricochet pattern on Rav where you could use one or both of them with white:

  2. Goed plan! Wit bij de blauw/paarse combi en offwhite bij de mint. Heb nog wel het patroon voor je van die mooie mintgroene omslagdoek ;)

  3. beautiful.. beautiful .. i especially love the lavender (all shades of purple are my favorite color) .. i bet they are soft and lucious too !! can’t wait to see them in a finished project !!

  4. Gorgeous! Thank you for the link – I just bought some ROCK CANDY MERINO/TENCEL FINGERING weight yarn! I can’t wait to get it!

  5. They are gorgeous!!!

  6. I have bought some yarn from Expression Fiber Arts and just LOVE LOVE the Yarn.

  7. Beautiful colors. It looks so nice. Now, I must go excuse myself to research. ;)

  8. Go for it! I think it will look light and airy, with a touch ofearth or sky.

  9. Wow gorgeous colors!! Thank you for sharing, heading to their site now!

  10. I have lots of her stuff, and have NEVER been disappointed! Yummy, gorgeous, delicious!

  11. Great Colors! I Love them! I also need to ask you Wink…How many yards of the T-Shirt yarn did you use for your beautiful Mandala Rug? How many yards in a cone? And was it the chunky yarn? I can’t find cones of hooked Zpagetti yarn . I need more info, I want to make a good size rug. How big is your pink and purple one and where can I get the yarn? (for 4″-5′ Diameter)? Thanks so much.

  12. Great colors! There’s that scarf pattern I always see in Pinterest….feather and fan….using two totally different colorways. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I am so totally envious of your yarns! The colours, as you said, are really wonderful, and they must be so very soft with the merino and silk contents – I can’t wait to see what you make with them :)

  14. Wow, these are stunning! I’ve never used Expressions yarn. What will you make? :)