giveaway: knitpro symfonie wood crochet hook set

Hi everyone! :)

I sneakily pre-announced this giveaway on Instagram the other day because I just couldn’t contain myself! Today I’m reviewing a gorgeous set of KnitPro Symfonie wooden crochet hooks! :)


Are you familiar with this pretty case? It says KnitPro on the front, so there must be something good inside… Let’s flip it over!


Oooooh, fancy coloured wood… Let’s open it!



Yum! Eight wonderful single ended crochet hooks! :) This set comes with hooks sizes 3.50mm, 4.00mm, 4.50mm, 5.00mm, 5.50mm, 6.00mm, 6.50mm and 8.0mm, and each size has it’s own colour. The wood has a flat thumb rest that I personally find very comfortable. Here’s the 4mm hook next to some other brands:


From left to right: the standard Clover hook, the Clover Soft Touch hook, the KnitPro Wave, and the KnitPro Symfonie. You can see right away that the Symfonie is in it’s own league.

While it doesn’t have a big comfortable grip like the other hooks, it’s still great to use. It is made out of wood, which is very comfortable during crocheting because it warms to your skin temperature. I’ve tried some projects with this hook and I did have to get used to the shape of the hook a little; also my hand had to adjust to the thinner grip. But once I got accustomed to that, I was hooked! (bad pun? a must!)

The wooden hook doesn’t snag on the yarn, as one might expect. This is a big no no for me, snagging hooks, so I paid very close attention to this!


The case itself comes with this handy pocket for things like patterns, scissors and stitch markers; perfect to have on the go!


There is just something ‘aaaaahw’ worthy about a nice set of hooks like this, don’t you think? :)

This set is available on Amazon, but I’m also giving one set away today to a lucky reader!

For your chance to win, leave a comment on this blog post stating your favourite hook size. I’m happy to ship everywhere, so this giveaway is open to readers world wide!

Good luck everyone; I’ll draw a winner next week :)


Disclaimer: I wasn’t financially compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link which helps me run my blog.

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  1. Size F

  2. Thank you for this opportunity! I love working with an I hook! Have a great day!

  3. I like 4mm……….or whichever hook is purple or hotpink!!

  4. Size I is my fave ^_^

  5. Oh I love a 3.5 hook! These are sooooo pretty! :)

  6. Those are beautiful hooks! My favorite hook size is a G or 4mm hook, it is my go to hook for projects.

  7. Only one? Lol, I think probably a J hook would have to be my favorite!

  8. The hook I prefer is à 3 or 4. I find that your work is just the good size.
    Thank you for this give-away.
    Sorry for my bad English, I ma flemish from Belgium but always follow with pleasure Your posts.

  9. 3.5 mm for me! I love making things that are just a little bit delicate.

  10. I just love those !

  11. 5.0 is my choice

  12. 4mm hook – couldn’t / wouldn’t live without it

  13. Hmmm that’s a toughie to answer. I’d have to say an I hook. Thank you for the opportunity!

  14. That’s such a happy set of hooks! Love the wooden ones…I use Size H & I the most.

  15. 4.5mm is my favourite size. These are lovely, my first hooks were the double-ended symfonies, they’re brilliant!

  16. Generally I like working with a crochet hook ranging from 5.0 mm to 8.0 mm. These allow my hands to functions easier since I have had to deal with carpal tunnel.

  17. I love working with an H hook that belonged to my mom. i wish i would have paid more attention while she was around to teach…….

  18. Oh my goodness, these are so gorgeous! I must say that my favorite size hook is a 2.5mm or thereabouts.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  19. Size J is my favorite.

  20. I like 1.5mm. Love tiny crochet!

  21. Hard question – favorite and the one I use the most would be a G, I think. Hard to say. I love ALL of these hooks though. Never seen anything like them.

  22. I always have a 4mm in my bag, it’s the one I find I use the most beautiful hooks!

  23. My go to hook is G!

  24. These are beautiful!! My favorite size is 8.00 mm, but I love them all.

  25. Most often I find myself choosing a 4.5mm hook and then choosing yarns for a project that work for that hook size lol
    Kinda backwards but hand comfort is sooo important for me.

  26. Wow, such a great giveaway! These would go great with my Symfonie knitting needles ;) My favourite hook size is probably 4mm – it’s what I used for my huge ripple blanket in DK yarn :D

  27. My favorite size is an I

  28. I use G for most of my kitchen helpers

  29. If I could only have one hook it would be an H.

  30. ooh, wow! looks fantastic and very very tempting :) 3.5mm is my fave.

  31. Gorgeous! I guess I use a 4mm most, but I always have a 3.5 and 4.5 to hand :)

  32. My fav is an I.

  33. Those hooks give me the wantsies. I like a 5mm hook best. The prettier the better. :)

  34. Soooooooooooooooo pretty!!! Right now I’m favoring my J/10 – 6mm hook for my current project.

  35. I like 4.00 uk size as seems to go between few different yarns that are not too thick or thin

  36. Yay open to everyone! These look amazing! My favorite size is US H 8 5.00 to you. Just easy to hold and use with lots of yarn.

  37. Size 3mm because it is my most used crochet hook for blanket, amigurumi, shawls and much more

  38. I like using a 4.5 mm. Just made a beautiful blanket for a beautiful baby with mine

  39. Many thanks for your consistent generosity. Your blog post is always one of the highlights of my day! Those wooden hooks are just beautiful. Lots of love to you.

    Diane Strausser

  40. I love the colors of the wooden hooks. I only have 1 wooden hook so I would love the set. I use the G hook a lot

  41. I love a 5 or 5.5 mm for my projects! That’s a great looking set!!

  42. My favourite hook size is 4. I’ve only been crocheting for about 12 months but am totally addicted. For my next project I plan to try something a little more delicate than I’m used to, so fav size may soon change. Great giveaway, good luck everyone.

  43. I am totally hooked! (pun intended!) And have never had a wooden hook nor a Symphonie……I usually use an H or a J if I’m creating my own afghans (not following patterns). Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  44. 5 mm, works for a lot of amigurumi!

  45. My favorite is an H8, Thanks!

  46. Hook letter H is my “go to” for anything original. This is a gorgeous set!! I’m working toward my instructor certification in crochet and would LOVE a new set of wooden hooks to begin my teaching journey

  47. Hi and thank you for the opportunity to win this set! My favorite hook size is either an H or an I. xoxo!

  48. My new favorite size hook is the 3mm. I recently took a Irish crochet class and learned some of the lace patterns with this size hook and smaller. These hooks are fab!

  49. Oh these hooks are beautiful. I make a lot of ami and I commonly use a G hook. What a wonderful prize to giveaway, thank you.

  50. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity! I usually use a size “H” or “I” . Good luck to all!

  51. My go to hook size is typically a H

  52. Would love these, the colours are great and I’ve never tried wood ones before. My favorite size seems to be a 5mm right now, I’ve used it on my last three projects.

  53. Wow they are beautiful! I prefer a 5mm hook, mostly because I am using a lot of worsted weight cotton at the moment :-)

  54. G IS MY FAV! :)

  55. Gorgeous hooks, I’m never far from my No.4 one.

  56. If I had to choose just one hook, I guess it would be the “H” hook… I tend to use that size more than just about any other..

  57. Although when I started crocheting in January I was using super bulky yarn and the corresponding large hooks, these days I have two ripple blankets going using a trusty 3.5 hook.

  58. 4mm is my favorite, it goes with everything!

  59. I’ve been using H like crazy!!

  60. 4mm is my favourite :)

  61. My favorite hook size is I thank you

  62. Hooking with an F or a J a lot this summer!

  63. Beautiful hook. I too love my handled hooks, but material that spits fairly easy, I stick to my wood hooks. My favorite/go to hook size is the 4.5. Being a bit larger than the g, but not as large as the h helps make thins easier when I am between sizes in matching gauge.

  64. I love 3,5 and 5. What a lovely giveaway! Thank you!

  65. Purple for me

  66. These are gorgeous hooks, my favourite to work with is a G hook. I love making ami and they are brilliant for that.

  67. Thank you for the giveaway!
    My favorite is 5 mm.

  68. Hello. My favorite size is 3,5. Thanx for this giveaway!

  69. Oh my, this looks like a lovely case of “jewels” in wonderful colors. I like size H, better known as 5.0. It seems to be a versatile size. Many thanks!

  70. Those are gorgeous! I am partial to 5.5 or 6.0.

  71. Wow!! What a wonderful and beautiful set of hooks!! I actually like this type of hook better. Maybe I am more of a traditionalist when it comes to my hooks. I have made a few of your mandalas and as such use size E4 or F5 are my favorites depending on the yarn used.

  72. They are absolutely beautiful and I am sure will be just as successful as their knitting needles .I like size 5 hook as it seems to be good for many projects .

  73. G hooks are my favorite!

  74. I seem to use I and J a lot, so I would say those. Just had my first experience with a K though and enjoyed the larger stitches!

  75. I use size H hook most frequently. But I also use multiple steel hook sizes for small appliqué thread projects. I would be quite proud to own such a lovely wood hook set.

  76. I don’t know about “favorite” (how could one pick??) but my last few crochet projects have used 5.0mm, which makes that my go-to (at least for the time being!)

  77. I love a size 5. I have tight tension so works well for my addiction to Crochet. Thank for the chance to win.

  78. I love a big hook like a 8 or 9mm with chunky yarn

  79. It always seems to be a 4mm hook somehow, it suits dk, making a soft drape. It can crochet so differently depending on yarn choice. I’m sure i have one in all my handbags ‘just in case!’ Lucy x

  80. a 4.5 is my most used – Those hooks look so beauuutifuuul!

  81. Size I hook!! I just find all my favorite projects have been made with the I

  82. Oh, they are pretty! I like using a 5.5mm a lot.

  83. I use a 4.0 all the time.

  84. I think the hook I use most is 4mm and I love it

  85. Beautiful! I like 5.5mm!

  86. I love my I hook! It’s what I go to every time I need to crochet something.

  87. Wonderful offer. I use most sizes but G or H is my favorite.

  88. I usually work with a J for blankets, because a queen or king size bedspread goes so much faster with a slightly bigger hook. But my absolute favorite, I’d have to grab it if the house was on fire hook is a size H Hero brand aluminum hook that I inherited when a dear friend’s grandma passed away in 2011.

  89. What a beaut giveaway! My fav is 4mm

  90. My favorite hook size is 5 mm or size H.

  91. I like H!

  92. 4.5mm is my favorite :)

  93. The H hook is my favorite right now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. Beautiful set, seems i use a 4.5 mm quite a lot :-)

  95. I usually use 3.5mm, but all the hooks are so pretty! :-) I love them all :-)

  96. My most used hook sizes are G & H and I LOVE These kind of hooks! LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

  97. I use a 6mm (“J”) for most projects…..but when I want to go CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZEEEEEEEEEY, I use sizes P/Q or 15/16mm!!

  98. Definitely E/3.50mm; amigurumi all the way~!

  99. They look fab! My favourite hook size is 4

  100. My fave is a uk size 4 crochet hook :) great giveaway too @sewstitches

  101. I use 4mm most, loving the colours of the knitpros! ;-)

  102. Usually a G and J hook. Good for all sorts of yarns and patterns. I will always love my G.

  103. Oh my, these are absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing these little treasures with us, wink <3… Living in Northeast USA, I would so love the aspect of the hooks warming in my hand~especially with the chilly weather just around the corner! My favorite size hook is E, 3.5. The winner will be very lucky to have these in their collection :)

  104. 5.5 mm seems to be the one I use the most!

  105. I love this hooks my favourite is size 4 x

  106. These are loverly! I do enjoy a size G hook ‘

  107. My favorite go to size is F most of the time. It gives the most satisfaction with the end result for a long lasting heirloom The H runs a close second.

  108. Ohh what a gorgeous set of hooks. Thank you for the opportunity. My favorite size is H/5 mm..

  109. My favorite size is the H as I find my tension seems to be more even with that size.

  110. I like using a 4.25 mm hook. :-)

  111. Beautiful hooks & case. My favorite size hook is “J” Wink, Wink.

  112. Size J for me

  113. 3.5 is my favorite currently :)

  114. My most used is a 4mm.

  115. Great give away. I enjoy using the 5.0. Thanks!

  116. My favorite hook size is a 5.5 mm. Wonderful giveaway!

  117. I favor the I hook
    And that one looks especially lovely:)

  118. 4:why? Because, b4 I discovered crochet I had no idea of what joy a simple.beautiful hook and number could bring. I crochet on public transport and it is amazing how open people are to talk and ask questions. If I had a beautiful set of hooks it would be a wonderful conversation opener :)

  119. These hooks are beautiful! My favorite is a 5.5mm. Thanks for the chance :)

  120. Itendto use 3.5 a lot, so I guess that’s my favorite! mine aren’t this pretty though.

  121. Size 4.00 mm for me.

  122. Lately I have been loving using 4 or 4.5mm hooks. These are simply gorgeous, I’d love to win them!

  123. My favourite is size 5mm – I knit gorgeous rugs with this size!

  124. 4mm is my favourite, nice neat stitches. Beautiful hooks!

  125. My favorite hook size is an I. I have made many granny squares with my I hook :)

  126. Size H…I have quite a few now..

  127. Thanks for oppunity to win such a good looking hook! Hard to choose one size, but would have to say g

  128. Oh my goodness they are gorgeous! I’m a 5mm kind of girl :)

  129. My go-to hook size is H…love it.

  130. Beautiful hooks. These days I seem awful fond of a 3.5mm…

  131. Thanks for the fun giveaway! I seem to use size ‘H’ a lot. I enjoy your sense of humor and your blog! Have a great day!!

  132. What a great giveaway!!
    I use C for most of my tops and BF sandals :)

  133. Thank you for this great giveaway!
    love towork crochet, my hook size is a 5.5 mm.
    Fingers crossed!

  134. They look great !!! My favorite at the moment is 3,5.

    Caroline :-)

  135. These are lovely. I usually start with a J :)

  136. I’m loving my 2mm at the moment :-) and these hooks are beautiful!

  137. I mostly use I or J hooks.

  138. ooooh my, these are gorgeous! if i had to pick one, i’d have to say that J or 6.00mm is my favorite. it’s not too big and not too small. whenever i am freestylin’ i always grab that size.

  139. Size 4mm seems to be the standard for most of what I want to make in DK but really my heart just loves something hooked up fast on a big brawny 8/10/12mm.

  140. My favorite hook size is 4mm love the stitch definition

  141. I use a 4mm hook a lot, next is 3.5. I was given a couple of wooden hooks and like you I thought they would snag the wool, but no!. This is a fab set, thank you for offering the chance to win a set of these.

  142. H is the size that I use the most.

  143. The hook that I use most often would be 4.5 mm. Those wooden hooks are beautiful! :)

  144. Every size hook would be my favorite as I am just starting to learn how to crochet so want to try them all before I make a final decision:)

  145. Wow! Aren’t they beautiful! My most frequently used hook is 5.5mm so that looks like the pretty green one near the centre. Since this is the style of hook I’ve used all my life (i.e., slim and straight as I would like to be myself!), the shape looks very familiar to me. I’ve never been unhappy with it so I haven’t tried those thicker ones. Anyway, these look like a real work of art in themselves.

    PS – I love your website! Keep up the good work.

  146. Pretty hooks. My favorite hook is 4.0 mm

  147. They certainly are beautiful. The colors are so smooth looking. That’s the only way I can describe them. I usually use the 5.5mm hook because I have made a lot of afghans and I like the way most patterns look using this hook. I like the idea of not snagging the yarn. This makes a project go so much faster. Thanks for the giveaway.

  148. Would love to win! I like the 4.00 MM! :)


  149. 4.5 and 5 are the sizes I prefer.

  150. What a lovely set of hooks!! Thanks so much for the chance to win them. A G, aka a 4mm, is a handy, useful and well-loved hook!

  151. They look great! My 4mm hook is the one that gets used the most!

  152. My favorite size is G.

  153. Gorgeous set! I probably use 4mm the most

  154. Love the beautiful colors, I’ve never tried wooden hooks but have been very curious about them. The size I seem to use a lot is H. I’ll keep fingers crossed in hopes I will win, thank you

  155. Once upon a time I was a whip maker. Whips for carriage driving, that is. My whips were made with wood that looks like this wood, It was called Dymond and came in many colors as well. Now, having said all that to say this – I love wood!!! Love it.

    I have somehow gotten stuck on a Clover size G hook. It’s all I’ve used for about the last year!

  156. Fun looking hooks, my fav is 3.5

  157. These are beautiful! How exciting to have a chance to win too. My all-time- favorite-go-to size is G. Thank you!

  158. I’m not sure I have a favorite hook size. I find I use an I hook (usually Boye) quite often, but I really like the fancy things I can do with a size 7 steel hook!

  159. G and H are my favorite hooks, would love to win this beautiful set!

  160. Oh I love your hooks!! They are amazing! I would love love love to win this! My favourite hook is the 5mm

  161. My favorite is definitely a size G. I find that even when a pattern or the yarn wrapper says to use a size H my stitches look better with a G hook.

  162. I would say size H because I make a lot of amigurumi and like them the size an H hook makes :) Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  163. I love all crochet hooks however I would have to say a 4.5mm it works well with thicker cotton yarns or cotton blends that I use.

  164. oooooooooooooooh those are so pretty. who wouldn’t like a set of them . I know I would. I have 1 wooden hook and I love it. i usely use a G hook. but use all of them. thank you debi

  165. 4.5mm is definitely my favorite!

  166. My favorite is size H hook :-)

  167. Thank you for the amazing opportunity with this giveaway <3

  168. My favorite is size J. Just found your blog today by chasing down links from the blog hop and so glad I did!

  169. what lovely hooks! My favorite is a J hook. I use them frequently. thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  170. Omg thank you for this awesome giveaway.I have no idea what I would choose.Hmm maybe I should check if there is a size missing.You know how that is with that darn couch lol :D

  171. Thank you so much for holding this give-away! The hooks are so very beautiful . . . inspiring even more crocheting! My favorite hook size is F!

  172. Beautiful! I love wood knitting needles but have never had wood hooks. 5 is my fave :)

  173. What a beautiful set of crochet hooks! Thank you for being so generous to your followers. The hook size I use most is an H hook.

  174. I love these hooks! I like working with an I or J hook the best!

  175. An actual set of hooks that all match in their own case rather than stashed into an old pencil case …… oh yes PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my fav all go to hook is the trusty old 3.5mm, it’s my all time favourite!

  176. Hmmm…lets see…which ever hook I’m working with at the moment is my favorite. I like them all!!

  177. I would love the opportunity to use these beautiful hooks. Lately I have been using H or 5.0 mm hook. I am getting my three crochet/knitting group to make hats for Ellis’ s Hats for children with cancer. So I know the hooks would be put to good use. Thanks

  178. My personal favorite is 4.5mm :)

  179. My favorite size is an H thanks!

  180. I LOVE those hooks!!! Beautiful colours My favourite size is 4mm. Thank you!

  181. I love the colors of all the hooks. They truly are a work of art unto themselves. I have to say my favorite is the larger sizes as I can double up the yarn for heavier projects.

  182. I switch between I and J being my favorite size hook. It depends on the pattern and the yarn.

  183. Definitely the 4mm. Thank you for the chance to win!

  184. Right now, my US K hook is my favorite, as it’s what I’m using to make an afghan for my daughter.

  185. These are beautiful hooks! My favorite size if G.

  186. Those hooks look fantastic!. Thanks for the opportunity I love 4 or 5 size to crochet, most of my projects need that size. Love peace and crochet Gabriela

  187. I like 5 & 5.5

  188. my favorite hook is a 4.5mm!

  189. My favorite is a 5.0mm!

  190. I seem to get attracted to size 5 a lot, most be universal favorite. your Blog-Margo Canavan Australia

  191. What a beautiful set. I can give them a home!!!

  192. Oh, these are just gorgeous! What beautiful, rich colours. My favourite hook size is 4.5mm. In a pinch, there’s not much you can’t use this hook for. My second favourite would be 4mm, but I guess you didn’t ask that! :D

  193. My favorite hook size is 4.5mm. I make a lot of amigurumi and it seems to be the perfect size for me to not have gaps while using worsted weight yarn! Thanks so much for the chance to win. :)

  194. thank you for a great giveaway…i love working with a g hook or an i hook

  195. My fav is a 4 to 5mm. I use them so much that I have at least 3 in each size, they seem to get lost in projects.

  196. I love wooden hooks and knitting needles. They are very comfortable and I also like ease of working with most yarns.

  197. A 4mm hook would be my go to, can be used for most things! :)

  198. I love working with a H hook.

  199. I love 4.00am or an H hook

  200. I love working with an I hook! Good luck everyone ;)

  201. OMG! Great review of this set! I was really surprised when I found this post at the list, and run to read it really fast, and got really surprised when realised you’re giving a set! I love 3.5mm, but enjoy much more reading your post!

  202. I love a G hook ! All the pretty colors so I would love to try each one .

  203. I seem to be using 4.00 hook the most

  204. Thanks for the giveaway, that’s an awesome prize here !
    I crochet mostly with a 5mm, but I also like using bigger hooks on some projects…

  205. I prefer the 4 mm hook for most of my crochet projects. Thank you for your blog

  206. My goto hook is a 3.75mm although the 6.0mm that I’m using on my current project has a nice feel to it. These hooks are absolutely gorgeous!

  207. AAAAWW!! Thank you for this giveaway!!! My favorite hook is 3mm. I dont have any fancy hooks before, all I got is from local store here in Indonesia. So if I win this giveaway, this would be my very first fancy hooks and I really excited!! :)

  208. Hey I love to work with a H hook.

  209. Oh my gosh these are gorgeous! My favorite hook has to be I. I use it constantly but also love switching to larger hooks for fun. Thank you for the amazing give-away!!! <3

  210. I am from UK so I only know mm sizes which is a 4.00mm. I just seem to be drawn to yarn that needs a 4.00mm. Thank you for doing this.

  211. “G” is my favorite hook size. These hooks are beautiful!

  212. My fave hook is a 5 mm and these look sooo scrumptious!

  213. Oh, WOW ! Being a colour fanatic I would so love these! My favourite size hook is a 4 ! Of course, isn’t it everyone’s? Lucky me it’s also my lucky number. I hope I’m the 4th commenter. Thank you Wink !
    Sue Warner
    Byron Bay, home to many colourful cool crocheters

  214. These are gorgeous!!!!! My favorite size is a G Hook!

  215. My all time favourite is my 3.75, however I am favouring my new 3 with a handle at the moment.

  216. Hi those hooks are awesome! I was trying to find them on amazon but I could only find the multicolored ones or the ones that are from dreamz. Do you know where else i could find them? I love the color combinations you use for your projects as well!

  217. oh i forgot to leave my favorite hook size…it’s G as well :)

  218. Those are beautiful hooks. My favorite is a D hook. I love to make lacy things and it is just right for fingering weight yarn

  219. I often use an I hook because I knit prayer squares for a group I belong to on Ravelry. Gorgeous set of hooks!

  220. I usually use a size G. Thank you for this giveaway. These hooks are gorgeous.

  221. My favorite hook size is G.

  222. Would have to be a “J” hook

  223. I use a size G hook for most of my projects.

  224. they are beautiful

  225. My favorite size is 3.5…find it useful for many things I want to crochet. But I enjoy the rest of them, too! Thank you for the chance to win the beautiful crochet hooks.

  226. Stunning set of hooks!

  227. I use a 4mm hook mostly – it’s a extremely versatile hook and what got me started into crocheting 3 years ago.

  228. I use my I hook so mush, I’ve had to replace it a couple of times!

  229. I am just starting to learn the art of crocheting and loving it! So far, my favorite hook size is 4mm. And actually, I don’t like the “fat” handles of those other crochet hooks; I much prefer the slimmer feel of the “thin” hooks. I find them much easier to work with, personally. Anyway, these are very beautiful hooks and someone is going to get a real treasure! Hopefully me! I have a birthday coming up, so….(that’s true!)

  230. My go-to hook is the I/9 hook. I work with mostly worsted weight yarn and this size hook works best for me.

  231. 4mm is my favourite. These are beautiful!

  232. My favourite hook size is 4mm. I love working with 8ply as it works up quickly, but not too fast so there’s plenty of time to enjoy hooking each project.

  233. My favourit size is 4 mm, too. But- it’s a steel- hook.
    These case is so great!

  234. 3mm is my favourite, i carry one with me at all times, its great for amigurumi and flowers.
    I have one in the living room next to my chair, two or three in the craft room and one in my bag…..I am always prepared.

  235. My favorite size hook to use is I-9 (5.5mm). These are gorgeous!

  236. I think my fav size has to be G!

  237. My favourite hook size is 4.5mm – perfect for blankets and beanies with DK yarn.

  238. Beautiful hooks. I use 4.00mm Thanks

  239. These hooks look amazing! I love using my 4mm hook :)

  240. Oh me please! These are amazing! I usually use a size 1.75 for my doilies and a size 4 for for all my other projects

  241. I like using a 3.5 hook for most projects, and for Barbie gowns and doilies I use 1.5.

  242. A pleasure to behold and I bet they crochet like a dream My favourite size is 3.75mm.

  243. My favourite hook is 5.5 mm for Afghans and a chance to win a set like this set would be a crocheter’s dream come true!! THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY :-)

  244. I love the 5mm .It’s great for a lot of different uses. Not too small, not too big….just right

  245. Hi wink
    My fav hook is the 4.0….works for all those lovely grannies with DK yarn!!! Would love,love to win this awesome set:)))

  246. Son hermosos,yo quieroooo!! mi talla preferida es 4,5mmm

  247. 5.00 mm is my favorite.

  248. What a nice set of crochet hooks. Would be great to work with wooded hooks. I love to experiment with all different kind of yarn, so I use all sizes of hooks. Do I have to make a choice, really? Sometimes I use a very big hook to make something for my house. Or a small size for amigurumi. Well….. I would go for the 3,5 – 4 mm.

  249. 6.00mm is my fav. :)

  250. Well, it really depends on the wool and what I’m making but I grab for a 5mm to swatch a pattern everytime. Thanks so much for your generosity.

  251. I love using a 6.00mm for afghans and most worsted weight yarn projects, a 3.50 for 4 ply cotton and a 1.50 for No. 10 cotton. Thank you for the opportunity to win a lovely new crochet hook.

  252. I am a happy hooker when using my purple 4mm hook on my current project

  253. My favorite hook is dependent on the project. Washcloths is an h, afghans is usually an i.

  254. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!! just think what I can do with those!!! my favourite is 4.5

  255. My favorite hook size is f.

  256. H is my favorite

  257. those are gorgeous! my favorite hook size is J. I stitch way too tight…

  258. What a beautiful set of hooks! My favorite hook is my Tulip Etimo 4.5 mm.

  259. My favourite hook is a 4mm. It’s great for 8ply. I have hooks in all sorts of places so a few more wouldn’t go amiss. Thoses ones are beautiful.

  260. They are wonderful! No. 4 is my favourite

  261. My favorite hook size is 5.5…. What an amazing give away

  262. My favourite sizes are a 3.5 mm or a 4 mm – usually a 4 but I’ve been making a few toys recently! These hooks are beautiful.

  263. Ils sont magnifique, mon préféré, le N° 4.

  264. H is my favorite size! I is a close second :)

  265. I often use 4.5 or 4. What a great give away!

  266. Wauw! Looks great!
    My favorite size is 3,5 and my favorite color is 6,5 :-)

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  267. 4 mm is me favorite as i’m working on a comfort blanket for a friend in need with it.

  268. I seem to always choose patterns that are size 4 but I have used 3 a couple of times and 5 once! Thanks for such a lovely giveaway. Joan

  269. Thanks from Luxembourg for giving us an opportunity to win one of those hooks! I’d be happy about every size, I don’t have a preferency, because I crochet with every weight of yarn.

  270. Lîke G size hook. These are so lovely.

  271. Oh my word, what a beautiful set. I always think beautiful tools make beautiful items. I like the 4.0mm hook, I use it the most when I crochet. How stunning and I would love own a set of these gorgeous hooks! Thanks for the opportunity to win..

  272. Love these hooks! My favoriet is 4mm.

  273. What a gorgeous set! I use a J hook most!
    xo Kris

  274. Hi Marinke!

    At the moment I’m crocheting a skarf bu combining hook #5 and #8 and it is woeking out pretty pretty :-) I would love to try one of those wooden hooks :-)

    Greetings from Lobke

  275. Love them!

  276. Such pretty hooks! My favorite size is 3.5 or 4mm. Thanks for the giveaway.

  277. 4.5mm is the size I use most of the time
    Such pretty colour hooks x

  278. Mine is a size F white plastic Plain Jane hook that used to be my mothers Would love wood

  279. If they hook as good as they look ,I would be very very happy to win these,a size 4mm is the Hook I use mostly.

  280. Ooh, favourite size? For me that’s either the 4.5 or the 5.5, because I have those hooks in a wooden version! The set is really pretty and I love wood (giggle).

  281. I mainly use 4, 4.5 and 5 for my projects. This set is absolutely gorgeous :-)

  282. So pretty! My favourites are 4.5 & 5. Thanks for the giveaway! x

  283. I generally like using a 4mm hook to match my favourite wool, style craft special DK. :-) x

  284. Good morning from the rainy Athens!!!!!!!Love them all!!!!!!!! My favourite hook is 4.5…… Thank you for the giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  285. They look gorgious !!!! I would be so happy to use them but I don’t think I will be as lucky as I could win so I continue dreaming for the moment. xxxx

  286. Ooh I love a comp. I’m pretty much a 3mm girl. It’s my go-to hook for making pretty lowers.

  287. My current favourite is my new 3.25mm. I just made my first pair of socks with it and they are amazing!

  288. My favorite hook is a G Clover Soft Touch Hook, but I would love to try wooden ones ;-)

  289. I tend to use 3.5mm a lot because my 4mm hook is never to be found. I’m sure it has secret legs and thinks hey mum I’m playing hide and seek because you want me today.

  290. I’ve been loving to use 4ply lately so have to say 3.5mm :)

  291. I love a 3.5mm. It just seems so right.

  292. I love to crochet with a 4 mm hook in pink.

  293. It has to be a 4 because I use it the most… I am new to crotchet but can’t put it down it’s my new love x

  294. It depends on what I am making…but since I used a 3,5 for my wedding dress, I’ll say 3,5 is my fav…<3

  295. I like 4!

  296. These hooks look gorgeous. My favourite hook size is a 4mm. Thanks.

  297. Muy favourite hook is 6,5 mm, it’s like everything looks great with it. Love your blog :)!! Thanks for the chance.

  298. M’y favorite hook size is 3.5mm

  299. 4 mm is my favorite! I use this size the most ^_^ Thanks for a chance Wink!

  300. A cheeky 4mm hook! Always a well used one!

  301. I love a big size hook, because I adore crocheting with thickness yarn. But it depends on the proyect, so if I’m crocheting a slight pin or an adornment for my hair I prefer a 2-3 mm size.
    Thanks a lot for this gift and for all of your posts, your blog is wonderful!!

  302. My favorite hook size 8! – to rugs for home.
    And size 3.5 or 4 on small projects.

  303. Wow, they really are lovely! My favorite hook is the 4mm.

  304. Thank you for your generosity. My fave is a 4mm. Ann maullin from australia

  305. What a lovely giveaway! I usually use bamboo hooks and would love to try wooden ones. My favourite go to hook is the 4mm but I also love larger sizes from 8mm up for rag rugs.

  306. I love a 4mm 0- it’s just so versatile.

  307. always a 3.5mm to use with the DC yarn. I like my crochet to be nice and firm and it lets me get away with having a slack tension!

  308. Oh wow! My favorite size is 3.25, just between 3 (too tight) and 3.5 (too loose) but it really depends on the yarn. I also love to crochet with a size 4 for baby blankets :)

  309. My favourite is probably a 6mm as I love working with chunky wool, it’s so soft and works up satisfyingly quickly :)

  310. My favorite hook is a 5.00mm for worsted weight, unless I’m making cables or lots of post stitches. Then I go up a size or two.

  311. When crocheting with DK yarn, I tend to use a 4.5mm hook, as my tension is fairly tight and the crochet comes out a little too firm with a 4mm hook when making granny squares for blankets. I would be thrilled to win such a lovely set of hooks! Thanks for the opportunity!

  312. I would love to try these colourful hooks. The size I use most is 4 mm.

  313. I use a 4mm the most

  314. Loving the colours of these hooks – I love working with 3.50 and 4mm hooks.

  315. I usually use 3.5mm but I like other sizes too…big sizes are comfy… :)
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  316. Currently my favorite hook is a size 5 double pointed bamboo hook, since that’s the only one I own ;-) I just started doing crochet and love it. Hopefully I can do some of your projects soon with these beautiful wooden hooks!

  317. They look so friendly and beautiful. Would love to have a set. I mostly use a 4 or 4.5.

  318. Hi,what a lovely giveaway.I like a size 4 hook. Blessings

  319. I love Them :-)

  320. They are pretty. My favourite hook is a 3.5 mm. Seems to fit nearly every project I’ve done recently. :-)

  321. I seem to crochet a lot with a 5.5 :)

  322. im happier with the thinner handle as that is what i am used to using a size 5 wooden hook at the moment and nearly finished the afghan and it looks great love the thought of being able to win a travel set thankyou for the chance to win

  323. I already have a few of these hooks but would love the full set. My favourite hook is 3.5mm. Love your giveaway xx

  324. I mostly use a 2.5mm or smaller for projects. I do not have any larger hooks so this would be a great encouragement for me to try something bigger.

  325. I just love my old grey no 8 (4mm) It’s been with me a long time as you can see by the labelling

  326. What an amazing hook set!!! Thank you so much for this chance to get it. My favourite hook size is 3,5mm.

  327. Hi, it’s true that this set is amazing and the colors are really gorgeous and the wood from which it’s made, is really nice to work with. My favourite crochet size is the 3.5 mm. I use for the moment to crochet some grannies for an afghan. Have a good day. Bye bye. Agnès (from France)

  328. 4mm hook, I use it for most projects!

  329. Having just got back into crochet and been having fun with 4mm would love a set of knit pro hooks to get into even more fun

  330. 4mm – I use it for pretty much everything!

  331. Currently in love with 5mm hook .

  332. Such pretty hooks! I immediately fell in love with them. My favourite hooksize is 4 at the moment, I have two large projects in the making on this size. Sunny greetings from a Dutchy in Spain, Floortje

  333. I’ve got a couple of projects on the go with a 4.5mm hook at the moment, but I’ve been spinning up some chunky wool recently that needs a 6mm

  334. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful hook set! Its very kind of you that you ship world wide! I am from Greece and i dont have often the opportunity to win something cause most giveaways doesnt ship to my country…
    So… Size 5 mm is my favourite!!!

  335. Wooo, beautiful hooks, great you do a giveaway!

    My fav size is 3.00

  336. 4mm is my favourite – the size I was using when I finally learned how to crochet!

  337. My favourite hook size is 6.0mm – an added bonus of this set is that size is in pink, my favourite colour!

  338. What a lovely giveaway!

    My fave size is a 3mm.

  339. Hi! My favourite hook size is 5.5mm, I love using it for Worsted Wool (Malabrigo is my favourite!).

    But, it is really hard to specify just one size, since I do a lot of crochet with different yarns and I am always trying out new things, such as using wire, elastic, cord, you name it…

    (Currently I’m using a 3mm a lot with Scheepjeswol Stone Washed,it works so well)

    This is why I would love to win this set, it would be the answer to all my requirements in one go! And it is in a neat little pouch, which is important, since i crochet everywhere, on the bus, the tram, in a cafe, etc etc and my hooks travel with me!

    Thanks for offering this give away! (I got knit pro knitting needles and they are brilliant, so it would be great to try out their crochet hooks!)


    Ingrid xx

  340. i love size 4

  341. I love Size 4 mm :)

  342. I love an H Hook :o)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  343. I use the Clover Amour hooks and Dreams Tunisian interchangeable as for a size I use them all but I was very glad when they started putting out the #7 hook I needed that one between G and H. Thank you for the giveaway.

  344. Ooh, thank you! My favourite is the 5mm. :)

  345. I love these hooks – I have a couple but I would LOVE a 8mm to have a go at some really chunky yarns :)

  346. G is my favorite size

  347. Bonjour de France !
    Merci de ce jeu très sympathique…j’aime beaucoup crocheter avec le N°4
    Bonne journée.

  348. Oh my goodness! These hooks are beautiful ; St time I have seen these! My favorite hook size is a 4.5 mm (G) hook! :)

  349. I am a H or an I hooker!!!! This is a wonderful gift you are offering to us and thank you so much for this opportunity!!!

  350. They are beautiful!! My favourite hook size is 4mm.

  351. Funky hooks :) I love the 4mm size. Thank you :)

  352. Hello Wink!
    I just love your blog which I have only just discovered….you have some wonderful ideas! I love to crochet and plan to do that a lot more once I have retired! I’m patiently trying to teach my grand daughters(6+3….phew!) I usually use a 4mm or 4.5mm, but I have used a large hook on some chunky yarn as an experiment. All my hooks are steel and feel cold, I have been looking for bamboo like some of my knitting needles… your wooden ones would be ideal!!
    with thanks! Anne

  353. Hi… and thanks for sharing this chance… but most of all, the inspiration you’ve brought to so many of us. Lately my fave hook has been a G.. not sure of the mm size… and too lazy to look it up ;-). I’ve been crocheting a slew of baby blankets… Last year we had 6 cousins born into the family (including my 1st 2 grandchildren)!… Two more on the way… gotta go……….

  354. It’s so hard to say which is my favorite! Lately I’ve been working up chunky wristers, so I’d have to say L.

  355. My favorite would have to be the H hook. I’ve worked so many projects with it including my favorite project, BLANKETS!!!! ; )

  356. Hi! Love your site. Thanks for the giveaway too. My favorite go-to hook size is F or G. I create a lot of scarves and afghans, so they’re perfect for that.

  357. My current favorite is the H hook. I am hooked on amigurumi right now. Another bad pun, sorry, couldn’t help myself. This set of hooks is just gorgeous!

  358. Thank you for your kindness in offering me a chance to win. I use a size G hook in making a candy pink baby poncho as a baby gift to a new mother. I have been crocheting this pattern for about 45 years.

  359. Hello there, I’m fairly new to crochet and have only used size 4 up to now so would have to say that is my fav! Would love to try something bigger with a chunkier yarn though :)

  360. This is so sweet. Love the colors from the hooks.

    my fave size is a 4mm hook.

  361. My favorite size is G. It’s great for different sizes/types of yarn, and it makes a nice smooth pattern. I tend to vary in my gauge from time to time with larger or smaller hooks. The G just seems to fit my fingers and method much better. I know living in the USA, I am out of reach for winning, but I do so love to read your blog, and participate in commenting on your entries.

  362. Thank you for the chance to win! Love the rich colours in the grain. I would have to say my most used size is H. But lately I have been using F for some lace scarves.

  363. I use an H hook a lot but I also like using a larger like a J :) It just depends on the project

  364. These are beautiful!! I think it’s a tie between 6.0mm and 4.0mm for me!
    Kate :}

  365. 4 mm is my fave most of the time, but I like a 10 mm for chunky yarns :)

  366. H is my fav.

  367. My favorite hook to use is usually a G. Hey any hook I pick up is a great way to relax and create. Thank you for your kindness in doing this giveaway!!

  368. Lately my favorite hook is an I.

  369. I use a 5.5 for a lot of my work.

  370. Size I or h

  371. My favorite, most used hook is the 4/G. Just right for me!!

  372. G/6 4.25 is my favorite hook :) TY for this opportunity to win these fine hooks!

  373. I think ill have to go with G. G is a good size…. or H…..

  374. My favorite book size is J….always has been since I was a little girl……probably since my name begins with J!

  375. Size I is my go to for everything. :-D I’ve never used wood hooks and have always wanted to. Thank you for the opportunity.

  376. I go back and forth between H and K. Those hooks are beautiful.

  377. i would say my favorite is a size h hook, i seem to use it on a lot of projects.

  378. 6 mm is my favorite size. I often use it even when a yarn calls for something slightly larger it smaller.

  379. I have a couple of these and H is my favorite!

  380. My favorite is 5.00mm hook

  381. My favorite hook size is an I 5.50mm.

  382. I’m not the most experienced crochet-er but I seem to use a 5 mm most often, so I’ll choose that. ;)

  383. My favorite size is H. or J because the project gets done so quickly. :3

  384. My favourite hook (s) is 3.5 to 5mm.

  385. Ahhhh!!! My 5 mm is my most favorite

  386. My favorite is the I hook :)

  387. My favorite hook size is 5.5mm. Would love to win these!!!! Thanks :)

  388. would have to be G if choosing just one

  389. Size H

  390. I love my I (5.5 mm) hook. It never gets put away!

  391. My favorite size is G. It’s the perfect size for all of my cottony projects, including children’s toys!

  392. It’s hard to pick, but I think 3.75mm (F) is probably my go to. :)

  393. They are gorgeous, I use H alot. I would be willing to use any of them.

  394. Love the hooks! Size 4 or 5 would be awesome! Thank you!

  395. H! These are beautiful, hope I win!

  396. I like to use a J for hats and blankets, but an E works great for baby items.

  397. I like 4.5 the best! Thanks for the giveaway!

  398. These are soooo coool!! If I don’t win the set I might just have to buy one! My favorite hook size is H cause thats the first letter of my name :)

  399. I enjoy a smaller hook, an F or a G

  400. My favorite hook size is F

  401. 6mm is my go to for all my kids hats!!!!

  402. K hook all the way. I know, I know, it’s cheating because it’s big, but it’s absolutely awesome for making blankets.

  403. G or a J…depending on the yarn, are my go to hooks!

  404. I love the F size for my amigurumi! :)

  405. Thank you for being a generous person and giving out a set of hooks. So thoughtful! I prefer a 3.5 hook since I like to work with fingerweight yarn to make clothing. I live in Florida and the clothes I make are light in weight. Thanks again.

  406. I like to use either H or I hooks as a lot of patterns calls for those more than any other hook. I will improvise and use H or I to make the pattern bigger, especially when it comes to granny square patterns. Thank you for such a great giveaway!!! Good luck to all that have entered!! :)

  407. I have to say my go to size is 4mm. I like to use that when I make up my own patterns.

  408. I love using the size H hook

  409. I’m a fan of the G hook.

  410. Hmm I think a 4.5 mm might be my favorite right now :)

  411. OMG….those are beautiful! I love 4.0 mm and it’s probably the one I use the most!
    Thanks for sharing,

  412. Beautiful hooks. My fav hook is an I hook.

  413. beautiful….so vivid colors….Where I live sizes don’t come like F G or H…just comes in numbers… them….

  414. I dont really have a favorite because I use hooks from 00 up to a Q….so any hook will do…haha Im a poet!

  415. Gorgeous hooks!! I like 5 mm and 5.5 mm, I almost always grab one of those.

  416. My favorite hook size would have to be a 5.5mm. It is typically my go to hook.

  417. Hello! I love 3,5 mm! These hooks are beautiful!

  418. I seem to be using I a lot lately

  419. My favorite hook size is H

  420. H is my go to but can’t say I have a favorite I love options and having many to choose from!!! Witch is why I so love yarn work my options with pattern hook size color stitch are endless!!

  421. Lovely set, lovely give-away! Lately I prefer a 4mm hook.

  422. I mostly choose for a 4 mm hook. I’m in love with these hooks, so beautifull! :)

  423. I Love size 3.75 its my go to for most of my projects :) love the look of those hooks !

  424. I tend to use my G hook the most.

  425. Beautiful! I love my 4mm hook :3

  426. These hooks look amazing!! My fav size is 5mm

  427. 4.5mm for me!

  428. I tend to reach for a 4.5. Feels like the perfect size in my hand. And I LOVE wooden hooks!

  429. I love my H hook.

  430. My favorite hook is my “I” hook; I have a blue aluminum one that I have used for over 20 years and the entire middle of the hook is now silver. Probably time for a new hook!

  431. H is my favorite right…. i would love to try wood hooks :)

  432. The hooks are beautiful ! I love working with the I hook the best :))

  433. The hooks are Beautiful !!! I have a couple faves but the one I use the most would be the K ~ :)
    Thank you ever so much for all your wonderful help and tutorials !!

  434. My favorite size, must be 4.0.

  435. I like my I hook.

  436. Beautiful! I love my “H” hook.

  437. Love using an I hook.

  438. H is my favorite! Thank you for the chance to win one. :)

  439. I like to work with a G hook. The size suits most of the items I crochet.

  440. I would have to say that i love my I hook, not too big but not too small either, it’s a good size. :) but it also depends on what i’m working on really.

  441. i like the a size 6 hook; not too big not too small.

  442. Size H is my most used hook!

  443. My favorite hook size is H.

  444. A 5.0 is my go to~ I love crocheting with cotton and that is the size most called for…. This set is sooooooo pretty! Thank you for the chance to win it!

  445. G HOOK. thx for a chance :)

  446. I seem to have a lot of 4mm hooks. Never enough though.

  447. I like working with H (5.00mm). I am a tight crocheter so I always use an H or go up a size for patterns. I enjoy your blog very much. :)

  448. I probably use size I 5.50mm the most!

  449. My favorite hook size to work with is a J 6.00mm. Definitely my go to!!!:)

  450. My favorite size is H. Thank you!

  451. I enjoy using a 3.5 hook. This set looks rather lovely. X

  452. Pretty set. I like to use size H crochet hook the most.

  453. Number 6

  454. I like them all…right now I’m working with an H hook. Buy I could go with I or J too! Thanks for a chance to win.

  455. Love them all but if I had to pick one size I would go with a I hook

  456. 5 mm is my usual first choice

  457. Beautiful! My fave hook size is H.

  458. Love anything knit pro :-) 4mm is my fav size :-)

  459. My favorite size hook is 4.5!!!

  460. Favorite hook size? “J”, of course! Thanks for your great blog, and for this gorgeous giveaway! Here’s hoping I win! ;)

  461. I love this giveaway – crossing my fingers ;) My favourite hook size is 4mm.

  462. wow i’ve never won anything before so i hope my luck changes. i use my h hook alot

  463. They look beautiful 4.5mm is my fave.

  464. Thank you for doing a giveaway, I prefer to use a size 4mm hook.

  465. Amazing giveaway thank you, my go to hook is size 3.5 mm

  466. Oh my goodness it’s hard to choose… Really depends on what type of project I’m doing. For small projects 2.5 for larger projects 6 – 6.5 I guess. But would definitely like to do lots of projects with these wonderful needles, very beautiful.

    Thanks for your review & we enjoy your blog.
    Have a great day!

  467. My favorite is a g or an I depending on my project.

  468. lately it seems to be a J hook :)

  469. I love all my hooks! J for my go-to slippers. G for everybody’s favorite potholders. H and I for scarves and afghans. So hard to choose :) I guess I’ll go with …….I :D

  470. 5.5 because it was my grandma’s

  471. Definitely I / 5.50mm! thank you for the opportunity :)

  472. Love the hooks and its case! My favorite size if I.

  473. oh, my!!! these wooden hooks look DIVINE!!! I think my favorite size is 4 mm

  474. H or I and green is my favorite color, gorgeous hooks

  475. 5.00 is my favorite size. These are amazing :)

  476. The size G is my go to size. Thanks for the chance!

  477. 4 seems to be the hook I usually use the most. Love those wooden hooks, so warm to work with, kinder on the hands than the metal ones. Gorgeous colours too.

  478. Your blog has inspired to start crocheting again – albeit in a small way. Am loving using my 3mm hook

  479. I do not have a favorite size, but I use H (5.00mm) often. I like larger sizes like P (11.5mm) & S (19mm) because those projects finish quicker.

  480. I like to use J the best.

  481. I think ‘H’… I’m just starting to learn and see a lot of patterns that say to use the ‘H’ size. These would be so awesome to learn with!!

  482. This is awesome! I’ve only ever worked with aluminium but these are gorgeous!

    • Oh! And I like the smaller sizes, 3.75-4 because I love making amigurumi, but I’ve recently began working more with 5.5-6 range!

  483. K, for sure. They are beautiful!

  484. G or H hook are my favs

  485. Size F is my go to hook.

  486. 8 mm. Big hook, big yarn — that’s how I usually roll. :)

  487. These are beautiful! Lately I’ve been working with bulky yarn, so the bigger, the better, but I also have some beautiful laceweight yarn,so I really use everything…

  488. I like to knit crochet edgings, so I like the teeny-tiny size. I think the smallest is 14?

  489. I love Knit Pro Knitting needles and would love to win a set of crochet hooks to compliment these needles

  490. Die zien er goed uit zeg! Toen ik leerde breien heb ik Knitpro rondbreinaalden gekocht met verwisselbare kabel (breien op rechte naalden lukt mij niet zonder een oog uit te steken) en ik ben daar echt content van. MAAR haken blijft mijn favoriet. Ik waag dus graag mijn kans! Mijn favoriete afmeting naald is 3,5 mm.

  491. G (4.00 mm) is the one I use the most. Thanks for the giveaway.

  492. My favorite is J hook –

  493. Beautiful! I would say I use 5.50 the most (and have never used an 8.00 … mine is ugly, cheap plastic so not so inspiring).

  494. Hello Wink; – I favour the 4mm the most since I can use it to both sides – for thinnish and chunky yarns. I’ve never used a wooden hook and am so looking forward to have one ;;)

  495. 4mm for me please! TYVM! xxxx

  496. I like to work with 4mm hook and some lovely smooth cotton yarn – seems like a popular choice!

  497. I guess my favourite is 4,5mm ; I always end up doing projects in that number :D

  498. I tend to use “H” a lot!Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  499. I don’t really have a favourite hook size but the one I use most frequently at the moment is 1.5mm and I do tend to prefer working small :)

  500. 5mm is my go to hook

  501. I always grab my H first.

  502. My favourite hook is my J/6mm hook. I have a set of wooden knitting needles and I LOVE them. I’m not surprised these hooks are wonderful :-) Thanks for sharing!

  503. Are you really going to give this away?! They are awesome! I am a great fan of the 3.5 hook!

  504. These are very beautiful hooks! My favourite hook size is 4.5mm

  505. 4mm making a wedding present blanket for my daughter at the moment. Thanks for the chance to win

  506. Size 4 mm is my favourite as its fits to majority of my projects. I love to work with sport or fingering yarns. I

  507. My favorite is the I-9 hook. These hooks are beautiful! I’m crossing my fingers, Thank you very much.

  508. These hooks look beautiful. My favourite hook is 4mm.

  509. Size 4mm works for me most of the time.

  510. Love the colors and styles of these hooks

  511. size C

  512. Beautiful hooks!… favourite is the 3.5mm…..

  513. I like a 5mm hook but pretty trumps measurement! These are so so pretty…

  514. My favourite size is a 3.5mm hook. What gorgeous hooks these are, thank you for a chance to win them.

  515. Just one word WOW. I use different sizes. Woul really love to win this set

  516. My favourite hook size is 4. I love to crochet in cotton dk and with my tension I find this perfect.

  517. Size I

  518. My favorite sizes are 3.5 mm and 4 mm. Those are beautiful hooks! Thank you!

  519. Hi Winky!!! My favorite hook size is H!!!!

  520. A 4mm hook seems to be the one I use mist – the set looks lovely, thanks for the chance to win it.

  521. I like 3,5 mm so many patterns for this size

  522. Love the 4.5, the black will be so easy to use on light cotton colors, and no snag! Wow!

  523. Size I hook

  524. Size G for me! :)

  525. I like to use an H hook.

  526. I find I use H the most. And love its size.

  527. That is a useful review. I like 4mm hooks, probably because that was what I first learnt to crochet with.

  528. I and H depending on the project.

  529. 3mm!

  530. My favourite hook size is 4 – Good Day :)

  531. I love D. These hooks are lovely – great giveaway! :)

  532. My favorite hook size is a toss up between H and F. I only use F for amigurumi, and prefer H for everything else if I can get away with it =)

  533. My most used hook is my H, but I’m quite fond of my N as was ell!

  534. Beautiful set – thanks for the giveaway. For yarn I tend to use a 5.0mm (H) hook the most.

  535. I prefer a G, but it seems like most patterns call for an H or an I. Thanks for the giveaway!

  536. I love an H (5 mm) hook, but with a set as gorgeous as this I’ll make every pattern I can get my hands on so I can use ALL of them!! What beauties!!

  537. Beautiful hooks! Thanks for the opportunity! My favorite hook size is an I

  538. it is size 3.5mm for me :)

  539. size 5, currently making some scarfs for upcoming winter :)

  540. Oh I Love any hook but if I had to choose one I would have to go with H 5.00mm I can work alot with it!! These are very stunning! This is an amazing prize!

  541. 5.0mm

  542. My favorite is an I hook. These really are beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  543. My fav is an I hook:)

  544. My favorite hook size is H, and I need to win because I only have 3 hooks to my name

  545. I usually end up using an H hook. It seems that most of the patterns I really like use H.

  546. I use my H so much I have to replace it because after a while the finsh wears done on the metal hook and it doesn’t slide well anymore!

  547. I used to have 4mm as my favourite but then I discovered that since I crochet so tight I am better with a 5mm.
    These look so great I would almost eat them! Thanks for this opportunity!

  548. I use 5mm a lot. Those would be a delight to use!

  549. I definetly work the most with 4mm.

  550. J, it’s my go to.

  551. I’ve been using H a lot.

  552. Beautiful hooks! My favourite hook size is 3.5 since I do a lot of amigurumi :)

  553. My favorite is an I. It’s my universal go-to hook for just about everything, unless I’m doing amigurumi!

  554. Seems like everything I make is an H Or I. These are absolutely lovely!

  555. It would definitely have to be a 6.5/K hook! Perfect for all those blankets and lapghans I make and give away!

  556. 5.00, but I use them all!

  557. I like any of the sizes between F and J. I use a lot of different yarn types so I usually play with the hook size to get the drape, feel I want from the stitch I’m doing! :)

  558. I use an H hook because I crochet too tightly. :)

  559. I always tend to reach for the 5.0mm hook, so I guess that’s my favourite!

  560. My favorite hook size is J, but I often use H and I as well.

  561. For me it’s 3,5 or 4mm :)

  562. This is a beautiful set of hooks! Picking a favorite is sort of like picking a favorite child…lol But…I think the hook I use most is US size H

  563. I love using 5.5 & 6.5 mm.

  564. My favorite one has to be the 4mm hook :D

  565. I have been using a lot of Chunky Yard – so J. But my overall favorite is H.

  566. Pick me, pick me!!! I just started crochet, these would teach me a lot! :D

  567. Hmmmm favorite hook size – well I guess a 3.5 because it means I am making something fine or lacy, but my go to hook size is usually a 5.0. I tend to be a little loosey-goosey with my tension. ;)

  568. size k

  569. Oh how pretty! Love the wood and all the beautiful colours.. so inspiring! 3mm is just perfect :)

  570. J is my most-used size but I’d find lots of patterns to use those beautiful hooks!

  571. 3.5 mm is my absolute favorite for most of my projects. Thanks for this giveaway!

  572. I use a 3.5mm hook most, although I’ve just started spinning my own yarn (oh my goodness its so much fun, everyone should try it!) So at the mo, I’m having to use a 10mm hook as my yarn is so chunky! Lol

  573. Yay !!! Nice
    I would love a size 5 :)

  574. My favourite size is a 5.00mm. It’s what I learnt to crochet on so it just feels right.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  575. How kind wink! Thank you for such a lovely giveaway! My favourite hook size is probably 4mm, I think. its the one I use most, as I mostly use DK and a 4mm gives lovely drape with 4 ply :)

  576. My favourite is a 4.00

  577. 4mm is my go-to size as it’s so versatile! But my fave size is a 0.5mm because I love doing teeny tiny crochet with embroidery floss!! :)
    Anna x

  578. My favourite size is 4. And I would be so happy to win this set, as I love the marble look of the wood, the colors, the nice finish on the end, everything about it ;)!

  579. Fabulous hooks!!! Love the colours. My favourite hooksize would be 4 mm, I love its versatility…

  580. I love a size 4 hook. These hooks are lovely. I want want want!

  581. Hello, from NJ, I don’t have a particular favorite, as all of the projects that I try, I hope I have the correct hook size to complete the project, I would love to win.

  582. 4.50 my best friend! Have a great day!

  583. I love using my 4mm clover hook.

  584. I just love your creative design styling! I love hook size G. Just bought their interchangeable Symfonie needles. Would love to try their hooks.

  585. Based purely on versatility i have to say 4mm but looking at the colours of that set i might have to change it up to the 5.5mm just to use that gorgeous hook more.

  586. Love the 5.0!

  587. I’m new to crochet and at the moment my favourite hook size is 4mm. It is helping me to create a blanket for winter …albeit a wonky blanket, but even still I’m crocheting a blanket haha

  588. Smiling as I have just found your site. Love your bright nesting bowls and will definitely give these a go – if only I had a 4mm hook !!

  589. I love the look of the KnitPro Dreamz crochet hooks. I have used the Dreamz knitting needles as the colour coded sizes make life easier with my partial sightedness. I am keen to learn how to crochet and would love to try to make your stone washed beach bag and crochet squares bag, so I’ll need a 4mm hook! Your patterns and blog have inspired me. Here’s hoping you’ll be able to help kit me out too :) Thanks.

  590. I love 4mm. I try to use it as often as I can. I love your blog, just discovered it. Will be tuning in from now on.

  591. They are very pretty hooks, my favourite hook is 4mm it was the first hook I was given by my mum when I started out!

  592. 8mm is my fave, this’ll be perfect for my tshirt yarns!

  593. Size H for me!

  594. Favourite hook size? 3.5mm It’s what I usually need to get the tension right on a project that uses DK yarn. Plus in my Knit Pro Waves set it’s my favourite colour! Green!

  595. What a great pack! My favorite hook is No 5 but this days I use No 2.5 and No 3.

  596. I don’t have a specific favorite hook size…i love them all :)

  597. Undoubtedly my most used hook is a 5.00 mm (size H). I tend to crochet rather tightly, so this is the size I use to make amigurumi :) This is such a lovely set! I have the equivalent (Dreamz) in the knitting needles and they are wonderful to use! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  598. Don’t know that I have a favorite but I seem to use 5.00mm (H) a lot. What a great giveaway!

  599. 4.50 mm is currently my favorite but that could change if I find a new project.

  600. All of them! Most of the times I crochet gauge swatches to see which hook works best for a project. I usually pick 3,5 mm for cotton and 4,50 or 5 mm for worsted yarn. I would love to try wooden hooks. Thank you!

  601. 4.00mm is my favorite size

  602. My favorite one is my 4 mm.
    Stay well and have a nice week

  603. My favorite hook size is a J, otherwise known as a 6mm

  604. 3.75mm. But really I would have to try every color in these.

  605. Wow they are beautiful!

  606. Well it appears that I can’t read directions…my favorite size is G.

  607. Ooooh, what a nice set of hooks! G and H are the favs here. :)

  608. My favorite hook is the E but I use the G a lot more!

  609. My favourite hook size is a J :)

  610. WOW, this would be such a

  611. Size I is my favorite

  612. 3.50! Lovely set! Thanks!

  613. Wow. I have been looking for such a lovely set for ages. I would like to enter this give-away (if it’s still open). My favorite size is 3.5 or 4.0. Have a really nice day.

    lovely greetings Emily

  614. “H” is my hook of choice!

  615. Love the look of these hooks, size 4 is probably my favourite. x x

  616. Such beautiful hooks! My favorite size hook is probably the ‘I’ hook – it seems to be the perfect size for almost any project. :)

  617. Thank you for this awesome giveaway! The size hook I use the most is J.

  618. I prefer a 4mm hook

  619. I really love 4 mm size – it was the first hook I ‘ve ever used.

  620. Wow that is a gorgeous set! I think my favorite size is “G”, maybe “H”. Whatever I can find that works with worsted!!!

  621. 4.0mm because you can do just about everything with it!

  622. My favorite is a 4 mm hook – I am working on two beautiful blankets using that hook…

  623. I love using my 3.5mm hook. Makes everything look so delicate.

  624. I love using a 4 mm hook it seems to suit me very well. Lovely blog!!!

  625. Hi :-) I just discovered your site and I’m hooked! My favourite crochet hook is probably the 4mm… it seems the most forgiving of my novice skills and handles my bits and bobs of yarn well. It also seems to work well in the hands of my daughters who are learning to crochet with Mandala Wheels. I have to say, having loved bamboo knitting needles, the thought of wooden hooks sounds almost wickedly good.

  626. I find I use my 4mm hook a lot since most of my yarn is double knitting. Love your blog and I’ve admired these hooks a lot, they’re so pretty!

  627. All sized hooks are my favourite. I’ve even named my hooks! My absolute favourite hook is 5mm (or Mandy as she is known in my world), as this was the hook I taught myself how to crochet

  628. Wow!! They look smashing!
    I use my 4 mm the most, thats my favorite size then I guess.
    Love to try these, because there isn’t much avaliable in the Netherlands. And I can give my mother and sister in law (not the same person lol) my ‘old’ hooks

    Love, Kylie Ponsen

  629. I like my 4.5mm, just the right size!

  630. 4.5 mm tends to be my favorite :)

  631. Hello, love using size 4.0 x

  632. Incredible giveaway, thank you for the opportunity. I use mostly 3.5

  633. I love using a g hook

  634. Thank you for haing this great give-away! I must say that I tend to reach got my “H” hook more than the others most of the time.

  635. Love using 3.5mm ♥

  636. Size 3.5 mm

  637. What a beautiful set! Love them all, I use 4 mostly, but I do use all sizes!

  638. Thanks for the giveaway! I like a 4.0.

  639. Great review, love the colours… still need to add the bigger hooks to my collection… slightly stuck on 4mm at the min, so would love to try these out with some different yarn

  640. I’ve recently started crocheting. I use a 6mm hook, as my work grows fast and boosts my confidence

  641. I love crochet and have learnt many patterns over the years from my mom and mags. My favourite size hook is 1mm or 0.75mm as the work turns out very artistic. However I have come to love working with 4mm & up as the final result is attained faster and are softer. I have never used a wooden hook thus this opportunity is unique. I hope to win and try some of your lovely ideas. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  642. My Favourite hook is the 4mm hook as it is happy with lots of yarns.

  643. my favorite hook size is J

  644. What a great set of hooks. Ionce used a wooden hook but I lost it in the train, poor me! I would love to win this set. My favorite hook is the 4 mm one. Thanks a lot! Viola

  645. I’m really fond of 4.5 mm. It’s so versatile that I can loosely crochet cotton yarns as well as thicker materials. Yep, judging by the wear on my 4.5 mm hook compared to the rest of mine, I use that one quite a lot.

  646. Hello! My favourite hook is a 4mm – it makes the work seem quite fine, but I can see what I’m doing!

  647. Such a gorgeous set of hooks … my favourite hook to work with is 4.00mm
    Fingers crossed Pat :)

  648. Fingers crossed! I like H hook the best. It tends to fit well with all the dishcloths I make. I also use a 8.00 for the baby blankets I