made: when alice fell

Hi everyone! :)

Last week I showed you the project I was working on; I made a big stack of circles, or spirals, according to the When Alice Fell pattern by Charissa Ragsdale. (when I wrote this it was still on sale for $2 in her Craftsy shop!)

And last weekend I finished it! :D My friend Simone offered to model for me, which is awesome because she has the most amazing dreads! (and she’s also the one that did my dreads; more on that in a different blog post)





I love this wrap! It’s so perfect!


I used Rico Creative Cotton to join the circles. I used the remainder of the peacock yarn (more info on that in this blog post) for the outer border. I skipped the last round of the border because I was afraid I didn’t have enough yarn, but the wrap still looks finished to me :)

You can wear it around your shoulders, or use a shawl pin to fasten it in the front.


You can even wear it as a regular scarf! :)


Pattern: When Alice Fell by Charissa Ragsdale
Yarn for the body: Peacock Feather hand dyed by Raindrop Yarns
Yarn for joining: Rico Creative cotton in green (49), yellow (76), brown (56), purple (11) and teal (47)
Hook size: 5mm for the spirals, 4mm for the joining

I had a blast making this pattern and I just love how it came out. It is warm, it’s comfortable and it’s a gorgeous design – what more can you ask for?

I really want to keep it myself but since I already own a bunch of wraps and shawls, I’m thinking about putting it in my Etsy shop; anyone interested?


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  1. Stunning…mesmerizing…beautiful!!! I just received my order that I had placed from Craftsy with some great yarn that would be perfect just for this project! I have my 1st Autumn project/Christmas gift now planned thanks to you! Can’t wait!!

  2. This is AMAZING!

  3. Thanks for shearing! You are a wonderfull crocheter! Beautiful!

  4. WOW!!!! Your shawl is amazing. Making my second and love the pattern so much can’t wait to make a third in totally different colours. Jennifer

  5. Heel mooi geworden! Leuk om het effect te zien van alle verschillende kleuren op de cirkels. Nav jouw vorige post heb ik het patroon ook gekocht…nu nog even wachten op het garen dat ik ervoor besteld heb….

  6. Ik heb het patroon net ook gekocht. Ziet er zo mooi uit! Ik kan niet wachten tot het garen van Red Heart binnen is :-)

  7. Awesome. Such a beautiful shawl and gorgeous pictures. Love it all.

  8. I love this pattern so much!!! Bought a copy as soon as I saw your post. Can’t wait to try it! I have a long-standing fascination with anything ‘Alice. ..’ *sigh*

  9. And yes, I would be interested if you put it in your Etsy shop! It will take me quite a while to get mine done as I am in the process of moving and we are doing it all ourselves and have two houses at the moment and have everything all over! So, a handmade Christmas gift that beautiful, even if it’s made by someone else’s hands, would be an exceptional gift…plus it would give me the opportunity to really get a look at the real thing close up and personal to get me a good start on mine as well.

  10. Beautiful work!! I may have to put this on my wish list :)

  11. As always another gorgeous creation….you will definitely ‘interested’ folk for this. Lovely…:)

  12. Very Beautiful! I might have to try this!

  13. The colours are amazing!

  14. So beautifull, the colors suit you well also, You are a very pretty Mannequin.
    Waht a nice étole .

  15. Sorry I have read agin your texte, Say to Simone how beautifull she is…and you also beautifull lady with such talent with yarn and crochet!

  16. It’s breathtaking.

  17. This is beautiful and at $2 I’m buying it this evening! Just what I need for fall and I can make one for spring.

  18. It is really gorgeous. Wear it with pride that you made something beautiful “AGAIN”.

  19. Your shawl is lovely. Am I understanding correctly that you used both a cotton yarn and a wool yarn?

  20. Heel mooi.
    Leuk, dit aparte haakpatroon.

  21. wow it is gorgeous !!!

  22. That’s spectacular! I’ll have to keep an eye out for that pattern to go on sale again so I can snap it up! :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  23. I too might be interested in buying this depending on the price. Or I could make one if I knew how to get the pattern!

  24. So beautiful! I love the eclectic look of this. Of course, I would love to own it, but how in the world could you part with it? Ahhh…a work of art.

  25. hoi Wink
    je maakt prachtige werkstukken maar HELP
    hoe kom ik in het bezit van het blad simply crochet dat is zo super mooi
    maar ik kan er niet aan komen kan jij mij helpen ?????

  26. Etsy will make the pattern sooo expensive I am sure a lot of women cannot afford it! I know I will not

  27. Etsy will make the pattern sooo expensive I am sure a lot of women cannot afford it! I know I will not

  28. I like th is ver muur. Ann changement the patern is availeble

  29. This is beautiful!

  30. Absolutely stunning! You outdid yourself! :)
    Ingrid xx

  31. I absolutely love this – can you please tell me how much ‘pea cock’ yarn I will need to make one – and how much cotton..Thank you

  32. Oh, heel mooi, die kleuren!
    Wil hem eigenlijk ook wel maken…

  33. Ik kan allen die wol, die je binnenin gebruikt hebt nergens vinden..

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