announcing a new CAL!


Hurray! New CAL day! :D

I teamed up with Scheepjeswol to bring you ladies a fun, colourful and wonderful new blanket mystery CAL! We’re going to use Cotton 8 yarn for this blanket, in the most lovely colours inspired by succulents.

The CAL wil start October 3rd and will run for 12 weeks. The first 10 weeks, a new part of the pattern will be released; week 11 and 12 are for joining and the border. That’s right, joining: we’re going to make squares! :)

The patterns will be released right here on my blog each week as a free PDF (in English & Dutch), and also in our Facebook group, which you can join right now!


To make things even easier, all the yarn for this CAL is now available as a kit! All 26 skeins, all 12 colours, conveniently gathered into one awesome kit.

Dutch readers can check with your local Scheepjeswol stockist to get the kit (advice price €49,95/£39.95) , and for international readers there’s good news: the kit is available from! :)

Are you excited? I am! :D

You can download buttons here to put on your blogs, to share the love and show everyone you’re participating. Just right click and save, or copy-paste the code into your sidebar.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="CAL-button" width="260" height="260" /></a>

<a href=""><img src="" alt="CAL-small-button" width="260" height="120" /></a>

Okay, to summarize:

The project: Scheepjes Blanket CAL 2014, hosted by yours truly
Yarn used: Scheepjes Cotton 8 in 12 colours (26 skeins)
Hook size: 3mm
Pattern source: Right here on this blog and in the Facebook group as PDF’s in English and Dutch – FREE! :) This is a mystery CAL so the first part of the pattern will be released on October 3rd.
Yarn supply: Dutch readers: check with your local Scheepjes stockist (advice price €49,95/£39.95), available from September 12th September 25th, due to high demand!
Yarn supply: International readers: available from, available NOW
Start date: October 3rd
End date: December 19th
Skill level: Beginner/Intermediate
Finished blanket size: Up to you! You can make as many squares as you like :)

If you stick with me for 12 weeks, you’ll have a new blanket finished the week before Christmas! How’s that for a groovy gift!

Get your kits ladies, we’re making a blanket :) See you all on the 3rd!


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  1. Really tempted by this but what level is it aimed at please? I am past beginner but definitely not advanced! :-)

    • Then this CAL is for you! :) It’s for people who know how to crochet, so I’d say beginner to intermediate. You can do it!

  2. I was wondering the same thing as SarahS. Also, is there a charge for the PDF patterns? Will they be posted on your blog and FB? Thank you for time!!

  3. Hi Wink, i am newly addicted crocheter! i am making a Giant Granny Square blanket, and a striped blanket. I want to extend my skills, but don’t want to bite off more than I can chew! Do you think I could manage it? Love your blog by the way, very inspiring.

  4. The colors look gorgeous. Until now i’ve been to scared to start a serious blanket. How much time per week do you think is involved?

  5. Ohh I wanna join! But I’m already joining 2 CAL’s. What size is the blanket gonna be?

  6. très contente de faire ce cal depuis la France, les couleurs sont somptueuses, à très vite

  7. But what is the basic size considering there is a kit for this cal? I understand that you can make it any size you want but there must be a certain size you can make with the yarn from the kit.

  8. How big is the blanket gonna be with the 26 skeins that are in the kit?

  9. Hi Wink, count me in ♡ I wanna make that blanket

  10. Is er ook een afbeelding van het eindresultaat? Het lijkt me geweldig leuk om mee te doen, maar wil natuurlijk ook wel graag weten of ik het een mooie deken vind…

    • Het is een mystery CAL, dus het blijft een verrassing tot het einde! :)

      • Hmmm, ook geen kleine sneak preview? :-P
        Ik denk dat ik wel mee ga doen aan de CAL. Je hebt van die mooie kleuren gekozen. En ik ben ook dol op scheepjeswol.

  11. Despite I have already signed on to do Lucy’s Coast Ripple which I have been longing to do for some time… when I saw your cotton colors I knew I HAD TO also purchase this yarn as well…. Its on backorder at (US) so I Am patiently waiting for it to arrive. Super excited to join You in this endeavor!!!!!

  12. Thank you Wink :) I have placed my order for the Kit from Deramores uk.. Looking forward to starting. I just loved the colours and excited to start.

  13. Do we have to use that yarn and those colors in order to be in the CAL? Or can we use a different yarn and pick our own colors? Just want to clarify. Thanks!

    • You can use whatever colours you like but keep in mind that this blanket was specifically designed for this yarn and these colours.

  14. Ok I must be dense but I dont see the pattern..I dont belong to facebook for personal reasons I just want to see what Im making…Or is it a mystery CAL?

  15. Please tell us what size it is using the kit

  16. Deramores isn’t showing the package! I’ve tried several times to find it – and I come up empty! I would really like to do this challenge-HELP!

  17. I have enough WIP’s lying around….but WHAT a temptation! I love crocheting squares, the colours are so gorgeous and perfect for the bohemian style of my Finca….. So I’m in! Just ordered the kit from Deramores, joined the Facebook group….and now patiently (big sigh!) waiting for the 3rd of october. So excited what it’s gonna be like, this will be my first CAL.

  18. Hi there Wink:
    Trying to sign up for your emails however it keeps saying I Am already a subscriber – which in fact I was until my dog jumped up onto my bed and I accidentally deleted my subscription :(

  19. Looking forward to seeing the design

  20. Hallo Wink,

    10 Weken 1 patroon en week 11 en 12 de rand, Wat ik heel graag zou weten is hoeveel vierkanten je per patroon kunt maken met de hoeveelheid katoen, zodat je ook nog voldoende over hebt voor de rand,
    op die manier kan ik het juiste aantal vierkantjes per week maken en kom ik zeker geen tijd te kort om de deken met kerst af te hebben.


    • Hoi Jolanda,
      Dat wordt straks in het patroon duidelijk aangegeven. Het pakket bevat 26 bolletjes; daarvan gebruiken we er 20 voor de vierkantjes, 2 extra en 4 voor de rand.

  21. Hallo allemaal, ik ben erg nieuwsgierig geworden, ben hier nog nooit geweest. Ik hou erg van handwerken. Kunnen jullie me meer vertellen, wat houdt het allemaal in en waar staat CAL voor?
    Groetjes Elly

    • Hoi Elly,
      Een CAL staat voor een crochet-a-long, waarbij je als groep tegelijkertijd aan hetzelfde project werkt. Ik zou zeggen lees de blogpost even door, en kom daarna bij de Facebook groep; daar zitten inmiddels 1000 dames die je kunnen helpen met je vragen :)

  22. wat een leuk idee, ik zie jullie on FB!

  23. This is a fantastic idea – a square at a time to get a Christmas project finished!
    I love the colours you’ve chosen too :-)

  24. What size is a ‘royal 1-person blanket’? In inches or centimeters?

  25. Hi from Spain,

    I am a recent follower a I was looking forward for a CAL suitable for my crochet skills. And I think this is the one I was looking for! Thanks!!

    So I have just ordered the kit from Deramores and can’t wait till the 3rd of October. Hook ready for that date!!

    Congratulations for your blog, I really love your designs!

  26. Hello from Maryland, USA

    Just ordered the kit. Looking forward to the project.

  27. Oooh, count me in! Looking forward to it!

  28. Oooh this is soooo tempting!!! I might just have to do it! Feeling just a little giddy now. Any pictures on how it is actually going to look?

  29. How much is the yarn I would love to do it if I can afford it

  30. Je maakt het lekker spannend. Gelukkig duurt de CAL een beperkt aantal weken. Dan is het makkelijker om tot het einde mee te doen. Ik ga op zoek naar het pakket.

    Groetjes, Margaret

  31. Hi from SW Wales. This will be my first CAL – only been crocheting for around 9 months but I am totally addicted – I find it so therapeutic. Kit ordered from Demores, love the colours & really looking forward to starting. Many thanks for putting the CAL together.
    Best wishes Jill :)

  32. G’day from Australia :) Just ordered my kit but am guessing it will take a while to make it’s way Down Under as it is on backorder at Deramores. Might have to play catch up if it doesn’t make it in the next 3 weeks. Can’t wait to get started – first CAL…

  33. me too Leanne! Mine is making its way to Melbourne so hopefully the back order won’t take too long ;)

  34. Hi Wink, I will be travelling overseas during the CAL. Will the pattern posts stay available for awhile so I can catch up on my return?

  35. Just ordered my yarn. I love the colours you picked. Thanks for organising this and making it sooooo easy! Can’t wait to start

  36. Hoi, ik wil graag meedoen, maar t pakket bestellen gaat niet lukken vanuit t midden-oosten. Kan hier wel katoen krijgen. Zou je t aantal bollen per kleur/vierkantje/rand kunnen aangeven?

  37. Hi Wink
    I’m excited for the CAL. I enjoy your blog and am looking forward to joining in.


  38. Oei wat leuk, maar ik ben al met zoveel bezig. Ik sla de patroontjes op en maak de deken een andere keer (als ik weer een beetje bij ben, hihi, als me dat gaat lukken….) Er is zoveel moois….
    Iedereen succes!

    Groet, Agnes.

  39. Ok I think I joined this one, I hope I did. Anyway iam new to this also, and I must be a little bit stupid cause I don’t know how to order the kit, help please,

    Nana Lumpy

  40. FYI I ordered my yarn from Deramores and it is back ordered 14-21 days.

  41. Is this yarn available in the USA?

  42. I am developing a serious crochet blanket problem:) Ordered the autumnal colour pack – it is so pretty! – but it is backordered and I’m in Canada so I will likely start late. That will give me time to finish my current crochet blanket in progress! (first time commenting here!)

  43. Well, I’ve signed up by ordering accidentally – Deramores site kept saying “you will see the total before you order” so I kept clicking to the next page… it’s 33 pounds, but I’ve no idea what it is in AU dollars. So, I guess I’m in. ;)

  44. I am in Kenya and use locally available yarn.. and just when I have come back to love crochet.. I am also so excited that this CAL will begin on my birthday :) :)

  45. Just ordered my kit. So excited to get started.

  46. Hi from NewYork. Ordered my kit from Deramores but it’s back ordered 14-21 days. Hope it gets here on time.

  47. How much does the kit cost in USD?

  48. Ohhhhhh my :) I LOVE these colours… I’ve never joined a CAL before but I think it might be perfect for me right now. I haven’t crocheted for a while because of hand pain… and just can’t seem to get back into it, and I think this is why I’m a bit sad right now :(… I also do not have any spare money at the moment :*( But I might just have to put this on the credit card lol. I just love those colours so much. Going to go and check out Deramores and think about it….. :) Is it going to be all different squares? I’ve never done one with different patterns in it before :) xxx

  49. Just ordered the Autumnal pack, roll on Oct 3rd . Packs on back order so can’t even have a squish x

  50. Backordered kits, but I ordered! Can’t wait! I may start a bit late, but I am so excited!!

  51. Daft question – you mention doing as many squares as you like, but surely if it’s a kit you have to do a certain number? Will the pattern each month tell you how many to do? And what’s the approximate size in inches or centimetres please?

  52. I prefer the autumnal colours pack – will you be referring to those colours too or just the originals?
    Thanks for this – sounds exciting!

  53. There is a first time for everything, so I’m in ! I really like the idea of participating in a project with many, especially with you as a designer. I already ordered my kit :o) I just hope I’ll receive it on time !

  54. Bought my kit, just have to wait for its arrival :) Will the pattern be in US or UK terms?

  55. Pakket 1 binnen! Helemaal blij :-)

  56. Hi from New Zealand
    The colours on the pic just took me in and I just I had to buy from Deramores and as long as you remember to change the country first when you sign up -then it will allow you to change to your own currency. Can’t wait to start my first CAL and waiting on back order too

  57. Hey there!
    Just ordered the succulent kit! Anxious to start hope the backorder doesn’t take too long. My very frist CAL! YAY!!!!

  58. Patiently waiting in New Jersey USA for my kit! Found your blog by chance and love your creativity! looking forward to this CAL!

  59. I wish I could take part in it !!

  60. How do I purchase the kits? is on backorder for several weeks. I can’t seem to find Cotton8 brand yarn online. Can I use another kind of cotton yarn?

  61. Well, I’ve just signed up! Very excited and a little nervous…

  62. I need/want to start this CAL on time but I just found it and the kits are back ordered too far. As the poster above asked, is there a comparable US yarn we can use?

  63. Ok, I desperately wanted to try my first CAL with this yarn but was unable to consider it with the back order. What I did was ordered Scheepjes yarn but I selected my own colors. Cost a little bit more but not that much considering shipping was free and there was no tax. Woot!

  64. It would be nice to do the blanket. Hope I can keep up with it!

  65. Ik zou graag mee doen, maar ik heb het haken van stokjes en lezen van patronen nog niet echt onder de knie… Is dit dan te hoog gegrepen voor me, of is het een mooie gelegenheid het haken eens onder de knie te krijgen?

  66. I ordered the yarn kit, but it’s backordered for about a month. /sighs

  67. I can’t wait! Just ordered my wool. Woo hoo :)

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  69. I ordered some yarn yesterday. Not the kit though as I didn’t want to wait a month for it to arrive. I found a store in Germany that sells this yarn but I did have to change some colors because they didn’t have all the colors needed. This is going to be my first CAL and I am looking forward to it.

  70. Hi dear Wink. I’m a fan and follower of your work. I live in Brasil and I’m trying to buy some yarn, thread and hooks to know the products of other countrys but without success. Could you give me some tips of web sites that I may shop this stuff? Thanks for your attention.

  71. I ordered the yarn from Deramores but it is back ordered :( the yarn maybe arrive middle october

  72. Ik doe ook mee! :) Ik besteld de wol net via Deramores. Bij mijn Scheepjeswol verkoper hadden ze deze niet. Zal dus pas een beetje later instappen. Maar heb er zin in!

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  74. Ok I think I have all my ducks in a row and joined the Facebook group :-) Deramores is still showing my kit on backorder :-( so I guess I will be playing catch up when my kit arrives – love the colors and couldn’t decide which one so I ordered 1 of each kit, then comes the really tough decision once it is finished, do I gift it to family or keep for myself :-(

  75. me encantaria participar qué debo hacer?
    I would love to participate, what should I do?♥

  76. hi am going to try…don’t know how far i’ll get!

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  79. Love to join this CAL – will you be putting all the blocks under one heading on your blog – making them easy to find!

  80. Hi I’ve only just seen this! I really love both colour packs, but have a couple of questions, is this dk cotton as hard on the fingers as 4 ply cotton? Also how warm is it? I want something for our double bed and want something warm but not sweaty lol