free tutorial: crochet insert coasters

Today’s blog post is a guest post written by my good friend Nicollie (whom you all know from making me these super groovy bracelets a while ago)!

Hi! It’s me, Nicollie! One of Wink’s crochet friends (and proud of it!).

A few weeks ago, when we were having one of our crochet-and-chat get togethers, Wink asked me to write a guest blog for her. How awesome! I was very excited and thought it was a nice idea to make a tutorial for this occasion.

So here it is: the tutorial for a crochet coaster with a leather insert!


You’ll need cotton yarn and a suitable hook. I used a 4mm hook.

I started with this solid granny square pattern that I found on Wink’s blog and worked 4 rounds.


This is going to be the back of the coaster. Or, if you’re fed up with this tutorial already, this could be your coaster! ;)

The front is a bit different, as I wanted to insert a leather part. I had to create the front with a hole in it. This is what I came up with:
1. Chain 30, close with a ss;
2. Ch3, dc8, tr1, ch2, tr1, *dc9, tr1, ch2, tr1*, repeat ** 2 more times until you get a square, close with a ss;
3. Dc in each dc of the previous round, with a dc2, ch2, dc2 in each corner of ch2. Close with a ss.
This is what you’ll get:


Now we’re going to attach the front and back to each other, both right side up. Slip stitch around on 3 sides; leave one side open. Close with a ss, finish off.


We’re going to insert the leather coaster where we left one side open. You could also make a felt coaster, a cork coaster, or fabric – whatever you fancy.

I made a leather one, just a bit smaller than the crochet coaster (and got a little bit carried away with stamping the leather… I think you now know what I also like to do when I’m not crocheting).


Next is to make yourself a lovely cup of coffee, or tea if you prefer!


But wait, there’s more! Would you like some lovely cookies too? This is where the fun starts. Just take out the leather coaster and tadah! You have a coaster for your cookies, too!


Yay! :) I hope you liked this tutorial as much as I had fun making it.

Thanks for reading it and a big thank you to Wink for allowing me to write something for your blog! :)

Thanks Nicollie! I for one like this tutorial – be honest here, who doesn’t need more crochet coasters? ;)

Stay tuned this week for the first installment of the Scheepjes CAL 2014. We’re starting this Friday, and you can still sign up! :) All the info is in this blog post and in our Facebook group.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this tuo ! It’s a really good idea ! Have a nice day !

  2. Bravo pour cette bonne idée…merci à vous et bonne journée

  3. Hi Nicollie, its great!! X

  4. I love this idea!!! will definitely give it a try ; ) thanks!!!

  5. Love it! These will make great little gifts, thanks for the tutorial. Yum, the speculaasjes zijn ook lekker….miss them…

  6. I was wondering if Nicollie will be offering the leather inserts in her Etsy shop? Thanks!

  7. Oh de speculaasjes. Ik ben acuute homesick nou ……..