new project!

Hi everyone!

Phew, with all that CAL business going on, you’d almost forget that I was actually working on more than just the CAL! :) It has been crazy busy you guys, like, seriously, eating-up-most-of-my-time busy. I had NO idea this CAL would be so popular :)

The good news is that I indeed *have* some time left in the week to work on other stuff, and this week I’m starting on something new!

A little while ago I got myself some lovely Scheepjes Verona yarn, because… Well, because of obvious reasons really!



I fell in love with these colours immediately! I posted a picture on my personal Facebook account as soon as I got the yarn, and one of my yarny friends aptly commented: ‘This looks like you in yarn form!’ I couldn’t agree more :)

This yarn is very funky and colourful, with lovely shiny bits woven in. The yarn goes from thick to thin, so anything you make with it will look completely awesome. But that’s my personal opinion though.



I’m using a 7mm hook with it; it’s this lovely sparkly number from Addi that I had lying around. For a plastic hook it’s actually quite comfortable! I think it’s because the size is rather large that it’s so comfortable; only the really tiny hooks make my hands hurt (so I avoid those like the plague!).

What’s also really cool about this yarn is that each skein looks completely different, when it’s the exact same yarn!


Oh, those colours… Be still my beating heart!

I’m making a garment with this (yes!), which I really need at the moment, since it’s getting quite cold in our apartment. And here’s some more good news: I’ll make a complete tutorial for the garment as well, with pictures and text as you’re used of me, for FREE! :)

Alright, I’m off; I’ve got about a gazillion deadlines, unfortunately all with my name on them ;) I’ll see you Friday for part II of the Scheepjes CAL 2014!


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  1. Très jolie laine, chaleureuse et douce !!!

  2. très jolie laine, en effet, j’ai hâte de voir ça
    à vendredi !

  3. Oh this yarn is beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finished garment!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  4. That is a beautiful,colourful yarn which you have selected .Good luck with your project.

  5. Beautifull!!! I’m very curious about what you’re going te make! X

  6. I had that exact same yarn in my hands the other day at the shop, but made myself put it back on the shelf until I know what I want it for… And here you are, about to tell me! :)

  7. very beautiful colours ! i love it !

  8. what beautiful yarn, it was so nice to open my email and see your newsletter in my inbox with this yarn, thanks for sharing

  9. Vite vite je suis impatiente de voir cela car la laine est superbe !!! Ou avez-vous acheté cette superbe laine ?

  10. Wat een prachtig garen! Zulk garen kan ik ook nooit weerstaan… Alleen weet ik daarna nooit zo goed wat ik ermee zal maken, dus ik ben benieuwd wat het bij jou wordt! Veel haakplezier!

  11. Ohhhh that is GORGEOUS yarn!!!! ….. nooooooo lol xx

  12. Wat een prachtig garen !! Ben heel benieuwd wat je ermee gaat maken !! :o)!!!

  13. Beautiful yarn…can this be sent to USA and where can I get?

  14. Garment als in kledingstuk? It’s getting chilly here too so I am patiently (NOT) waiting for the tutorial :)