wip: verona shrug

Hi everyone!

Have I got something to show to you today! :) I know, I know, the title says WIP (work in progress), and it is still very much a WIP, but it just! looks! so! good!

I am in love with this yarn people. I could stare at it all day and never be bored; even though right now it’s just a square/rectangle shaped piece…





Right. So I’m making a shrug from my Scheepjes Verona yarn! :) It’s a really easy pattern where you basically make one big rectangle, which is folded in a certain way, after which you add a collar and voila! Presto! Shrug! I’ll write a more comprehensible tutorial when my shrug is actually finished, don’t worry :)



Right now I’ve burned through 2 skeins of Scheepjes Verona, and my guess is I’m going to need all 4 to create the shrug that I want.

I’m using half double crochet (hdc) stitches through the back loops only, which creates this rich and ridged fabric. I can’t wait to wear this baby to all the upcoming craft shows!


This shrug is going to be the perfect fall/winter project; it’s quick to finish and you get to wear it after it’s done! :)

Check back next week for the official FO (finished object) post; the tutorial will be online a week after that.


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  1. Hi, I love this yarn. Do you know if it’s available in the UK. blessings

  2. I’ve made two such shrugs from a single rectangle using hdc in blo but mine created its own collar when put on …..I am intrigued to see your pattern!!

  3. Gorgeous colours. Can’t wait to see the tutorial as would LOVE to make something like this.

  4. Where can I find/buy that yarn? It is gorgeous.

  5. Looks like it’s going to be stunning! It sounds similar to a shrug I’d made for my daughter. Now since she’s older, the arm length is too short, but the body still fits. I need to fix that for her. Can’t wait to see the finished shrug!

  6. That is very beautiful yarn and I can’t wait to see the finished project!

  7. Moooooi! Ik vraag me af of ik er jeuk van zou krijgen. Krijg ik nogal snel van dingen met wol erin en/of acryl. Merinowol gaat goed. En Stylecraft ook, maar de rest …. Is het zacht?

  8. That yarn is just AMAZING. It looks beautiful. I want some!! ;)

  9. You are absolutely correct about how the yarn works up. It’s gorgeous.

  10. Très jolie laine!!
    Bonne soirée

  11. Hello Wink! What a lovely yarn and your WIP is looking gorgeous, it will be stunning when it is finished! I will try and find some of this yarn!

    I just knitted myself a quick shrug as well (took less than a week with 6 balls of equally colourful but chunky yarn), you can see it here: http://myfunkycrochet.blogspot.be/2014/10/a-simple-shrug-glimpse-of-vordenstein.html?showComment=1413449069390#c559840975606080528

    Looking forward to see how yours turns out! ;)
    Happy crocheting!
    Ingrid xx

  12. Hmmmmmm wat een mooie kleuren! O+ Doet me een beetje denken aan de kleuren van mijn Aurqacania Multi sokken, die ik helaas verpest heb in de was (hallo vervilte kleutersokjes!)…

  13. Wow, that yarn looks amazing!!
    Kate :}

  14. Ik ben benieuwd hoe het er uit gaat zien Marinke! Echt een leuke kleurencombi. Ik draag al heel mijn leven zwart (en soms grijs en ook wat jeans). Afgelopen zomer ben ik begonnen met wat kleuriger kledingstukken te dragen. Ik pak nog steeds als basis zwart maar ik zie mezelf al helemaal met zo’n kleurige shrug :) Ben benieuwd naar je FO post én naar het patroon.

  15. Lovely yarn I can’t wait to see the finished project

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  17. Ben erg benieuwd naar het eindresultaat en natuurlijk ook naar het patroon ;-)