loot: breidag en haakdag

Hi everyone!

I visited the wonderful Breidag yarn fair last weekend, and I got some loot to show you! :)

I don’t know what the thing is about yarn fairs. I’m sure you’ve all been there: you want to go to the fair, but you tell yourself before you leave the house “I do not need more yarn. I’m just there for fun”. And when you get there, pretty much before you’ve seen everything, you’ve already made a list in your head, mapping out the exact position of vendors that caught your eye and the gorgeous yarns they stock that you absolutely cannot leave without. Sound familiar? ;)

Hi, my name is Wink and I’m a yarn addict…




The first beauty that caught my eye was this gorgeous skein of Malabrigo Rasta yarn. Can you believe this is my first skein of Malabrigo, ever? I couldn’t believe it myself either; which of course totally justified the purchase of said skein ;) I got it from a shop called Recht en Averecht, which is Dutch for knit and purl.

I immediately fell in love with the colours in this yarn. Soft, muted, but resonating with me on a deep level. This yarn made my heart sing as soon as I saw it! It reminds me of a mermaid/fairy type creature, in a forest, singing soft soothing songs. Please tell me you get that vibe off this yarn too, or I’m afraid I’ve gone mental!

It works up with a 10mm hook and I’m thinking, since there’s only 90 yards/82 meters of it, I should probably knit this instead of crochet it, to get the most out of it. To me, this yarn just screams at me to turn it into a big slouch hat (because I clearly need more of those – the dozens I have just don’t cut it), but I’m open to suggestions!




The second skein that I just couldn’t leave without was this lovely little number from Filcolana, called Arwetta Classic. I had never heard of this brand before, but the shop I got it from, Knitted Knots, had a large selection of this yarn in their stand.

I fell in love with all the colours, packed into this tiny little skein. It reminded me of a fast forest, dripping with Autumn colours, begging me to come and play in it. Obviously I have a thing for forests. I normally don’t go for the super eclectic variegated combo’s, but this one was just too good to pass up. Somehow all the colours enhance each other, I still cannot stop looking at them :)

For this skein, I’m thinking it’s time that I learn how to knit socks – what do you think?

I can’t wait to hear your suggestions! So please, feel free to spam the comments section with links to amazing Ravelry patterns – free or paid, it’s all good! I need some awesome patterns for these awesome yarns :)


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  1. I made a Cowl last year using exactly that shade of malabrigo rasta! I became beutiful!

  2. Hey how about something like this for your Malabrigo

  3. Yes, why not try a cowl if you’ve got plenty of beanies? I immediately thought ‘socks’ when I saw that colourful yarn. Still haven’t got past the cast-on on my first ever pair….

  4. My first thought when I saw this yarn was a huge crayon box with lots of yummy colors. I would think of a pair of fingerless gloves so these colors would be in my face to see them all the time! I love it !

  5. Filcolana, called Arwetta Classic – Socks. I am not a fall color person, but these are lovely. I would like to have a couple of skeins to make up into socks also. Waiting to see what they look like.

  6. Yes yes yes definitely understand being a yarn addict myself!! My first thoughts were a snuggly cowl and for the second yarn fingerless mitts. While sox might be fun only you will get to see them! Enjoy which ever items you choose

  7. I so understand being a yarn addict. I’ve been a yarn addict for 40 years. We just moved to a new house and the first thing I took was my “stash”! I love malabrigio yarn and have some in that stash. Love your bog, inspiration and patterns. Susan from squamish, a small town in British Columbia Canada.

  8. Yes, ones a yarn addict, always a yarn addict. The Malabrigo Rasta yarn is gorgeous.
    Ans with so much possibilities.

    Have great fun with your new yarn, Margaret

  9. You are not going mental… ;)

  10. I love malabrigo so much! It is so incredibly soft! I made my swatch and don’t know what to do with it. I have two skeins and I just can’t decide how to use that beauty!

  11. What wonderful yarns .Socks were the first thing that came into my mind too. Or perhaps a twisty scarf