made: ridged verona shrug

Hi everyone! :)

I finished my Scheepjes Verona shrug! (blogged about the yarn here, blogged about the WIP here)

This was such a fun project to work on; it went fast, the yarn was gorgeous, the work went smooth – what more can you wish for? And I got my friend Lotte (who has the most awesome dreads) to model it for me!




Pattern: Ridged Verona Shrug, on my blog next week, FREE!
Yarn: Scheepjeswol Verona in colour 2
Hook size: 7mm
Happiness level: Very very very happy!
Time it took to complete: About 2 days all together. It’s a really quick project :)

So the good news is that the pattern for this shrug will be on my blog next week, for FREE! Hurray! The pattern is very easily adaptable to different sizes and shapes. You can make it longer than this one, or wider, or both – the sky is the limit!

The Verona yarn was very lovely to work with as well. It’s a 50% wool/50% acrylic blend, but contrary to what you might think, this yarn isn’t scratchy at all! It’s very very soft, and it’s perfect for garments. I blocked my shrug and it really made it drape just perfectly.



I’m already thinking of other yarns and colours I can use to make another shrug! It’s really comfortable you guys – it really hugs your shoulders and keeps you warm :) I’m thinking of making a nice, really oversized, grey version – what do you think?

Can’t wait to see you again next week when I share the pattern with you all!


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  1. Very nice !!! I’m waiting the next week for the pattern :) Thanks !

  2. It is gorgeous Wink :) I love the yarn you’ve used for the shrug, looks very cosy. Your friend has super hair and models your shrug beautifully :)

  3. I have been waiting to make a shrug, looks like this is the one! It’s perfect! Look forward to seeing the pattern!

  4. Color is amazing!!! Shorter and more form fitting than the pattern I used previously… Very pretty!!!! Looking forward to the pattern :)

  5. The shrug looks beautiful. I am going to look for this gorgeous yarn. The colors are so warm.

    Dear greetings, Margaret

  6. I am a new member in your community, and this is the first project I’ve seen. This is very beautiful, and I can’t wait for the pattern. I agree with an oversized version!! Thank you.

  7. love it, I am a huge fan of shrugs, and this one is gorgeous! Looking forward to next week!

  8. Love the look of this shrug. Looking forward to the patternk thank you for shareing with us.

  9. This is so sweet!! Can’t wait till I see the pattern~~~