scheepjes cal 2014 – week 6


Hi everyone! It’s time for pattern 6 to be released :)

Today will also mark the start of Group 2 on Facebook. This group was created for people who couldn’t join us for the first group, or for people who had to wait a little longer to receive their yarn (Aussies, show of hands!) :) Group 2 will be identical to Group 1; so the same patterns, the same sneak peeks, the same rules. Just with a later start date! Some people from Group 1 have migrated to Group 2 because they’re a little behind with their squares, and that’s cool! :)

For all the new people: you can join in on the fun by either 1. following this blog or 2. joining our Facebook group. The group is VERY active and has over 5,000 members in it, so it’s the perfect place to get help if you’re ever stuck on a pattern. For blog buttons, banners and other info you can also read the original blog post where I announce this CAL.

You can now find all the patterns (and FAQ’s) on this dedicated page on my blog! Bookmark it; this page will be updated weekly with the new patterns! :)


The picture above is the sneak peek for this week! Go to this page to download the patterns for this week; you can also find the Tips & Tricks PDF there, which has useful tips on how to join a new colour, how to invisibly join rounds, and other interesting tips.

We now have 4 languages for the PDF’s: Dutch, English, French, and German! Thanks to a very nice group of volunteers :)

Have fun everyone! :)


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One Comment

  1. Dank je wel voor al je werk en al die fijne patronen. Ik heb gemerkt dat het soms goed is om een vierkant eerst proef te haken. Dan wordt de echte patronen mooi gelijkmatig en ook de randen zien er dan beter uit.

    Fijn weekend, margaret