free pattern: ridged verona shrug

Hi everyone! Yay, free pattern day! :D

Today I’m sharing my pattern/recipe for my Ridged Verona shrug, made from Scheepjeswol Verona yarn.

Het patroon is er nu ook in het Nederlands! Klik hier om naar het gratis patroon te gaan.


This shrug is VERY easy to make, so if you’re a beginner in crochet, this is the perfect project for you to try out your first garment! This is not so much a pattern, it’s more of a recipe. There are a lot of variables that you can change to make this shrug the way you want it, and to fit your body. But I promise it’s not complicated to figure out how to do that :)

What do you need
Scheepjeswol Verona yarn, 4 skeins (you may need more for a larger shrug)
– 7mm crochet hook
– pair of scissors
– darning needle

How to start
1. Begin by chaining a length of yarn. The length you’ll make this chain will be the length of the shrug, so from your neck to the bottom of your waist (or in my case, halfway down my back). My chain was 48 chains long.

2. Chain 2 extra, and turn. Work 1hdc in each chain across. I ended up with 48 stitches.


3. Chain 2, and turn. Work 1hdc in each stitch across, but through the back loops only. This gives the shrug it’s ridged effect.

4. Keep repeating row 3 until you feel the shrug is wide enough. All the rows you are working now contribute to the width of the shrug, including the sleeves.

5. When your shrug is wide enough, fasten off your yarn, and sew in any ends you might have.


6. It is now time to fold your piece of fabric in two. Fold it over; use the above image as a guide. To create the arm holes, sew up the sides with a few single crochet stitches; make sure the arm holes are large enough for your arms to fit through comfortably. Use the green dotted line in the picture below as a guide.


7. You’re almost done! Let’s finish the piece by adding a simple collar. Join the yarn right next to one of the arm holes. Start with 4sc stitches, then hdc across the neck line to the other arm hole, and end with 4sc stitches. Work everything through the back loops only.

8. Chain 1, turn. Skip the first sc, then repeat row 7; stop before the last sc when you get to the other side.


9. Repeat row 8 two or three more times, until you are satisfied with the width of your collar.


10. Wet block your piece to give it a nice shape and drape, and voila! You are done! :)


Are you going to make this shrug? Be sure to show me, I’d love to see! I am in love with my little shrug, and I wear it a LOT! I’m thinking of making another one: a big, slouchy, grey version of this one. I have yet to find the perfect yarn for it though… ;)

Enjoy everyone!


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  1. Wow! I love it! So simple, yet so effective… And I love the colours of your yarn. Very autumny :) Thank you so much for sharing! xx

  2. Gorgeous! Will scheepjeswol deliver to the UK?

  3. I absolutely love this shrug…and your model…and cannot wait to make my own, just for me!!! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely pattern! You are always so generous with your beautiful work.

  4. Hi Wink…I am new to your wonderful blog and love this beautiful shrug. Is there any way I can download your pattern to have for the future? Thank you for your help.

  5. Absolutely beautiful!! Can’t wait to start one. – Thank you for the pattern

  6. Have a question Wink. You say “4 skeins” because I use Length rather than weight for my projects can you convert this to “yards” approx. for me as I am a novice to crochet. Will be using american type yarn. Lovely project. Will check back here. Thank You Much. Mary from Alabama :)

  7. I love It ! It’s so beautiful !
    Merci beaucoup pour les explications !

  8. I want to give this a try”……it’s on my list of things to do probably after the holidays…thank you

  9. I love this! Can’t wait to see the Gray, that is the one that I would like to try!

  10. I love your shrug. I defenitely will try this one. Thank you for your wonderful ideas and patterns.

  11. Love it! I need to try this :-)

  12. Hee Marinke… I want to make mine plus size to fit me. Will the shrug pattern still work if I make a chain of 80 and a bigger rectangle? Hubby thinks it won’t fit because the arm holes will not be in the right place if I make the rectangle bigger. Do I have to make other ajustments? Don’t want to mess up my Verona by frogging it if I don’t need to :-)

  13. I like your shrug. Thank you for sharing. ^^