my love affair with scheepjes stonewashed xl

Hi everyone!

Yes, it is true. I am in love. I am head over heels, completely smitten with Scheepjes Stonewashed XL

Don’t believe me? I must be in love because there are now skeins of Stonewashed XL peeping out of every corner in my apartment… Feast your eyes ladies! ;)





Yummmm… It’s good right? :) I love love love the colours of the Stonewashed XL but I also love the muted lovely softness of the grey colour; it looks good enough to dive into!

Which I will, fairly soon, because I am going to make awesome things with this yarn! The grey yarn will be worked up into something wearable and double stranded, and the coloured yarn will become another fantastic winter accessory using Tunisian crochet.


This yarn is the chunky big brother of the regular Stonewashed. It works up with a 5mm hook according to the label, whereas you work the regular Stonewashed with a 3mm hook. But – spoiler alert! – I’m using a 6mm Tunisian hook with the coloured Stonewashed XL, and a 10mm hook with the grey Stonewashed XL! (but of course I’m using that double stranded, so it only makes sense!)





I will keep you posted on the progress on both projects; the first WIP photos will be on the blog next week! :)

Oooh I just cannot wait to show you what I’ve made already with the grey Stonewashed XL… You’re gonna love it! (if you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen peeps here and there!)


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  1. Oh ! Waouh! So beautifull quality wool! I am happy for you. The colors are also quality.

    You can only be inspired to create comyhing beautifull and enjoy while crochet or knitting!
    I wish I had some of these yarns!
    Congratulations and enjoy!

  2. Je maakt me gek!!! Hahaha en heel jaloers

  3. I Looooove the yarn as well! Been drewling over photos since it came out.
    Wish I could get it here in Norway.

  4. I have to have this yarn, it is beautiful! Every time I look at the pictures my stomach does flip-flops! Can’t wait to see what you make with it.

  5. Al die kleurtjes! Ja, officieel jaloers

  6. I love the beautiful shading! Are we going to do a CAL with this yarn:)?:)?

  7. It’s beautiful yarn!! I have looked for it on the internet to order some, but haven’t found it that ships to the U.S. yet.

  8. Ohh wow….Pls send it to me Winkie…:)

  9. I am absolutely loving this! I saw a project and wonder if this is what was used. Lovely, lovely!

  10. Looks like yummy yarn! Haven’t tried it yet but I might order some the UK! Thanks for sharing these lovely pics! :-)

    Take care

  11. Those colours are just heavenly! I now absolutely HAVE to start a new blanket with this yarn and I have no time. Thanks a bunch:)

  12. What delicious colours, Wink!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Hugs x

  13. Can’t get it anywhere in the US. Looked at all your links and can’t find one that sells that product at all.

  14. I love it to, to bad it is so expensive!

  15. Mooi spul! Mijn moeder en schoonmoeder hebben het allebei meegenomen van de #kreadoe bij #echtstudio. Heerlijk zacht en warm. Als ik m’n shrug af heb ga ik ook iets doen met de XL :-)