WIP: entrelac crochet

Hi everyone!

Do you know what’s really hard to do on a Monday morning?

Take a good photo of a piece of crochet that curls up like nobody’s business! *breathe in, breathe out*

I really really love entrelac crochet, but BOY does it curl up on you! I am going to block it within an inch of its life when it’s finished, I can tell you that! ;)



But all is well after one look at the progress; you can already see the yarn change colour ever so gradually… Lovely don’t you think? :)


This Tunisian entrelac is actually pretty easy to do, once you get the hang of it. When I started this piece I had to rip back twice and start over thrice because it just wasn’t working! I thought I knew how to do this but I was sooo wrong. But as you can see, I totally get it now ;)

But fear not! Once this piece is finished, I will show you the correct way to do this, and it will be simple and easy to understand with LOTS of photos :) Of course there’s a knit version as well, which my good friend Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch is making.

So take your pick: are you going to do entrelac the knit way or the crochet way? :)


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  1. Entrelac is great with knitting too, but sadly my crochet skills leave a lot to be desired, though I do admire your work!!

  2. I have never tried entrelac crocheting but looks like I might have to try this one of these days!

  3. I can’t wait to try this, it looks so good. I want to do the crochet one. Thank you in advance for your tutorial, it’s so nice of you to share

  4. It looks wonderful! I’ve tried Simply Spiraled Crochet blanket, but I got big holes where I connected, so I gave up. Will be interesting to see how you worked it out!

  5. Very pretty..I am sitting here now with a a lot go yarn, going to make my mother a present but can’t get going ..it’ heavy yarn #6…& when it’s done I wanted to put a pet in the Conner ..I need something easy..help

  6. I know where you come from. I have just started a Tunisian crochet project, and the curling is driving me berserk! That being said, it’s a lovely technique. Can’t wait to see your finished project, I love the colours!

  7. Ooo that looks interesting, I will be stopping by once you are ready to have a go myself. I do love a tutorial with lots of photos, it’s the next best thing to having someone sitting right beside you!

  8. I have just learned to do the entrelac crochet and love it! I’m self taught, so I sure would like to see your tutorial when you can make it happen! Thanks in advance!