WIP: stonewashed XL tunisian skinny scarf

Hi everyone!

I’m not sure how much you know about us Dutchies, but we LOVE to talk about the weather. Honestly. I can go outside right now and stand in the middle of the supermarket, and all I would hear is conversations about the weather! I’m not sure what it is about the weather that we find so incredibly interesting to talk about. Maybe it has something to do with our nature to complain about almost everything – complaining about the weather is something you can do on a daily basis here in The Netherlands! This week we’ve had warm sun, light drizzles, never-ending showers, some extreme hail, and the plain ‘ol rain. And it could be completely different next week; who knows, we might even have snow one day, followed by tropic temperatures the next day!

In any case, living in The Netherlands calls for a wide variety of winter apparel; wide scarves, big wraps, cowls, hats, beanies, slouchies, hoodies, mittens, armwarmers – you name it, we got it!

But the one thing that I have never owned or made before is the ever elusive skinny scarf. You know the type; a scarf that’s about a kilometer long, and can wrap around your neck an infinite amount. The type of scarf that has a plethora of colours in it. The type of scarf that you can wear a million different ways. That scarf.

So I decided to make one, Tunisian style! :)



I’m using 7 colours of Scheepjes Stonewashed XL, which I showed you a while ago; and a Tunisian crochet hook. I have a KnitPro interchangeable crochet hook that I can use with my interchangeable knitting needle’s cable, which is PERFECT for Tunisian projects! :)

Tunisian crochet looks very much like knitting; both the way it works and the way it looks. You work with several loops on your hook, like you would with knitting, and the work has a very clear front and back. In the picture below you can see the front of the work at the top, and the back of the work at the bottom. The back totally looks like purl stitches in knitting, right?



Right now I’m working on this project during my Make & Take workshops, and it’s the perfect project for when I’m on the road! A lot of train traveling hours have been spent on this skinny scarf.

My plan is to just keep going until I run out of yarn. I expect the scarf to be long enough when I do, but if it’s not I’ve got a little bit of the grey Stonewashed XL left over from my Katniss Cowl that I can use! (if you haven’t done so yet, there’s a giveaway in that blog post; there’s still time to enter!)


I’m picking the colours random as I go, and I really love all the colour stripes so far! :)

When this is finished I will of course publish a free pattern on how to do this Tunisian stitch!

Do you have skinny scarves like this?


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  1. Love it! I bought a tunisian crochet needle but I still haven’t used it… It’s about time, don’t you think? ;)

  2. I have seen this in real at the make and take at Rits in. It looks marvellous and i love that crochet hook. It is on my wish list.

  3. This looks like a great idea for a belt too!

  4. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. I’m having problem learning Tunisian! I hope that I can learn from you!!! Love the pattern. :)

  6. My first ever crochet project was a skinny scarf just like you described! It’s about 3 meters long about 3 inches wide so very long and very skinny! I crocheted it lengthways and it has wonky edges because I didn’t know how to see the first and last stitches yet! I still wear it 8 years on, I double it up and wear it in a loop around my neck and it is still actually the only scarf I’ve ever made for myself! I love yours, the colours are lovely, they work really nicely together. Maybe I’ll take some inspiration and finally make myself another scarf!

  7. Love your posts:) Very cute scarf!

  8. I love this scarf…..I have to revisit Tunisian crochet once more….I have the needles so no excuse huh? Thank you for all the lovely ideas and projects.

  9. I love the yarns you use in your projects! I’ve looked all over the web, but I can’t find a source for Scheepjes in the US….do you know of one? I’d greatly appreciate it!!

  10. Where can I buy this wool in the Netherlands? I live in Sciedam.

  11. Echt heel mooi!! Het blijft gewoon een super mooi materiaal. Heel veel plezier a.s. zaterdag bij Echtstudio. Ik kan er helaas niet bij zijn. gr. Hennie

  12. oh yes I did a lot and also little baby blanket. It s a good way to get ride of spare wool. I can t wait to learn the tunisian crochet, the stich is so beautifull. Merry christmas.

  13. I have never been in the Netherlands, ( something that I would love to do in a near future) but I have been in Belgium a couple of times and I understand the weather complaining and although I am from a mediterranean place (Catalonia) I live in UK and people here just go along with the weather, complaining now and again :)

    Love the scarf, the colours and pattern are great!

    Happy Solstice and Christmas!

    Lluisa xx

  14. We Brits like to talk about the weather too! I really like the look of that skinny scarf and enjoy doing tunisian crochet too – love the stonewashed yarn colours!

  15. Gorgeous stitch and beautiful colors. I like to see the result when you have finished the scarf.

    Dear greetings, Margaret

  16. I love the yarns you used here and also for the CAL.
    i would love to do Tunisian crochet but we don’t get that hook here.

  17. Will you model the scarf? No, I haven’t had one. I made a “half-skinny” one last year with leftover yarn. And you can’t make any mistakes when talking about the weather. Nobody is going to be offended. :-) All the best, Regula

  18. Am I missing the pattern? :-P I could just be missing it ;)

  19. Did you chain 20?

  20. Goodmorning Wink,
    I wonder where you bought the crochet needle in combination with the cable. Did you really bought it on Amazon? Are those needles only in a package or are they also sold separately?

    Your scarf is very inspiring. Ss soon as I find the right needles, I go start right away with an infinity scarf

  21. I can’t wait to make this! I’m going to bring some yarn with me on our trip to Breckenridge after xmas and I’m gonna try tunisian :)

  22. This is really spooky… I wanted to make a small rug using Tunisian crochet but I couldn’t work out how you’d make it larger than a standard hook… So I googled it, bought a hook to fit onto my interchangeable needle cable, so I could give Tunisian crochet a go… And then I opened your blog and voila!

    I really like your colours and the different blocks, this scarf’s going to be fabulous :-)

    • That’s so cool Nicole! :) The finished scarf will be aired on my blog somewhere next week, and the pattern the week right after that. Stay tuned! You’re going to become a Tunisian crochet master ;)