scheepjes cal 2014 – free tutorial: make your own label!

Hi everyone!

If you’re joining us in the Scheepjes CAL 2014, and have purchased an official Scheepjes yarn kit, you might have found an official Scheepjes fabric label in the kit. We put those in the kits for you to sew onto your finished blanket. Fun, right?

Wanna know what’s even more fun? Making your own label! :D You can customize it any way you want; you can add your own name, or the name of the person you made the blanket for, your logo if you have one – the sky is the limit!


How to make your own fabric label

What do you need?
– t-shirt transfer paper
– bias binding in a neutral colour
– an iron and an ironing board
– a pencil, a ruler, and scissors


Measure the size of your bias binding, and create a document on your computer that has the same height. Once you’re satisfied with your design, print it out on the transfer paper. Be careful: you have to print it as a mirror image! :)

Once you have your labels printed, cut them out.


Cut a length of bias binding. I wasn’t sure what colour I wanted to use, so I cut 2 strips. And I totally wish I had used white binding, but apparently I never felt the need to buy it since all I had were these colours! :P


It’s easier to apply the transfer to your binding if the strips are nice and flat, so take out your iron and iron those strips! :)


Put your transfer paper image side down on top of your binding. (note: make sure they don’t extend past the strips, like mine do. If you iron them like this, the paper will get stuck to your ironing board…)


Follow the instructions of your transfer paper to see how long you have to iron it. I ironed mine for about 20 seconds using a circular motion.


Let your strip cool off a bit before you peel off the transfer paper. You should be able to peel it right off. If it sticks to your binding, iron it a bit more.

Cut the sides to make them nice and neat, then fold them in half.


And there you go! Front and back; you’ve made your own fabric label! :)


I’m not sure which 2 labels I’ll stitch onto my blanket after tomorrow’s pattern release; which ones do you think look good together? I like the two at the top! :)


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  1. Love it!! Thank you for sharing! I like the two top too.

  2. top 2, or bottom 2
    These are great!
    Thank you for sharing this idea also. Being a new “Oma”, I can tag my hand made items!

  3. Ja, ik vind de twee bovenste ook het leukst :)
    Nog eens bedankt voor de super leuke CAL hè.
    Groetjes Ilse Verhoeven

  4. Great idea. I can’t wait to try it. Thank you!

  5. Bij mij winnen de onderste 2 met het groen er in. En dankje voor de tutorial; ik ga hem pinnen!

  6. Yep. Top 2 :) Thanks for this. I was about to order a load :) Now i don’t have to. Just have to source all the material. :)

  7. Thank you for such a great idea! I’ve seen many tutorials for making your own labels bu they have all been expensive or take too long. I can actually do this one, and I know exactly where to buy everything!! :)

  8. Leuk hoor! Ziet er ook zo lekker vrolijk uit! Welk lettertype heb je gebruikt voor acreativebeing?

  9. Love the idea. I make so many things for gifts, now I can make my own labels. I like all of the labels….sorry….I just cannot pick two of them!

  10. Hi Wink! Was wondering did you use laser or inkjet…or does it matter? Thanks for the awesome tutorial..My favorite it the brown one :-)

  11. Echt slim. Dank je voor de tutorial.

    Groetjes, Margaret

  12. My favs are the green and black.

  13. Goed idee zeg! Ga ik zeker eens doen.

  14. What a fantastic tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Kate :}

  15. That was helpful! Thanks!

  16. I’ve printed on bias binding and ribbon directly by sticking to appear with double sided tape and then peeling off after- that was for scrapbook ing though. Do you think it would work for washable items? Does printer ink wash off? Any one tested it?

  17. I think that the 2 on top look and will look the best with all fabrics.

  18. It’s a great idea!
    Have you heard of Spoonflower? They print fabric with any design you want. I printed my repeated logo in a yard of fabric & now I just have to cut it & sew it. And sometimes they offer free shipping to anywhere in the world.