2014: the wins!

Hi everyone! :)

Alright, so yesterday’s blog post was fun right? Nothing more entertaining than airing your dirty laundry ;) Even though some of you thought there was nothing to be ashamed of, and I might just agree with you. What’s so bad about having some lovely fails WIP’s? :)

But let’s move on to the more interesting things: last year’s wins! :)

I had such a blast scrolling through all of last year’s blog posts. My oh my, what a year it’s been! I have made some pretty cool stuff, met some incredible people, saw my reader base sky rocket to unknown heights, and have generally been a really happy person because of it.

So here are my favourite moments of 2015, in no particular order!

Favourite moment of 2014: attending Unravel
I went to Farnham in the UK, to attend Unravel and to meet up with some long time bloggy friends. I never, in my wildest imagination, expected to have SUCH a good time! I met up with Sarah, whom you all know from the Crafts from the Cwtch blog, and she is just as lovely in real life as she is online. I also met Gilly, Jacqui, Tanya, Tink, and several other lovely ladies (like Sarah’s mom who was on GBSB!).
I chose attending Unravel as one of my favourites of 2014 because I had an amazing time while I was over there. And it makes me happy to see the photos again, because I’m crossing the pond in a few weeks to go again! :D

Favourite moment of 2014: making the Vintage Fan Ripple blanket
I still love this vintage inspired blanket that I made! I used Scheepjes Softfun yarn in a groovy vintage colour combination, and wrote out the pattern for all of you, for FREE! It is to date still one of my most popular patterns, and I totally get why – it’s stunning, visually interesting, and most of all, an easy pattern to follow! :)

Favourite moment of 2014: the Scheepjes CAL 2014
Of course, I just HAD to include last year’s CAL into this round up! You guys, this CAL was the best thing that happened to me in 2014. It allowed me to fully utilise my creativity; it allowed me to travel to fabulous yarn shops across the country; and it allowed me to meet amazing people from all over the world, who came together each week for the pattern launches on Friday. This CAL was just so amazing – I hardly have words to describe how it makes me feel when I think back about how great it all was, and to see all the wonderful blankets that have been made using my patterns.

Yes, 2014 was pretty kick ass for me :) Here’s to an amazingly creative 2015!


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  1. Your Vintage Fan Ripple blanket is one of my favourite crochet blankets ever. Not even kidding!

  2. I think I’ve said before but I really love your Vintage Fan Ripple blanket, the colours are great but the pattern is so unique :-)