made: stonewashed xl tunisian skinny scarf

Hi everyone!

Look what I finished over the holidays; my Tunisian skinny scarf, made with Scheepjes Stonewashed XL! :)




I actually wanted to take gorgeous photos of this scarf on a lovely lady in lovely weather, but I lucked out – it has been nothing but rain here unfortunately! I promise I will take more photos of this scarf, on an actual person this time, and show you all :)

I have loved this project from start to finish. It was my ‘workshop shawl'; every time I did a meet & greet or a workshop somewhere last year, I brought along this scarf to work on whenever I had a moment. And over the months it slowly and steady grew into the long skinny scarf it is today!

I used 7 colours of Stonewashed XL for this scarf, with a 6mm Tunisian crochet hook. The yarn officially calls for a 5mm hook, but because the Tunisian stitch is such a dense stitch, I moved up one full hook size. I didn’t want my scarf to become too stiff; I wanted it to be flowy and stretchy! :)



I used my KnitPro interchangeable crochet hook that I can use with my knitting needle’s cables, because I love working with wooden hooks and because I think using a hook with a cable is more comfortable than those really long Tunisian hooks (the ones that look like full on knitting needles, with a hook at the end)!

I made a full tutorial for all of you on how to do this Tunisian stitch; which I will publish on my blog next week, for free! :)

In the meantime, enjoy yourselves with a view of those gorgeous looooong stripes…



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  1. I LOVE the skinny scarf, especially the color combinations!!!! It’s really cool looking!!

  2. I love it!! It’s beautiful and the colors are wonderful ! I want to make it!!❤️

  3. this scarf is divine, the colours are gorgeous and it looks so so amazing! You’ve captured it in wonderful angles/shots as well :) oh I’m looking forward to your tutorial, I’ve been meaning to try Tunisian crochet for EVER and that will be the push I need :) jenny xx

    • Thanks so much! I wasn’t sure about the photos but it was really my only option because of the weather… I’m so glad you like them! :)

  4. I’m in the U S. I can’t find this stonewashed yarn/wool here. Is there somewhere online that perhaps I could order it from? My email is Thank you in advance for any information you might can pass along to me.

  5. Beautiful! You’ve given me that nudge I need to get going on Tunisian!

  6. Wow mooi effect de stonewash in tunisch haakwerk!
    En bedankt voor de tip van de haaknaald, ik wist helemaal niet dat zoiets bestond.
    Er gaat een wereld voor me open want inderdaad zo’n lange naald ‘werkt’ niet.
    En daardoor beperk ik mezelf door max 10 steken, want dat past nog op een normale naald.
    Dat biedt weer mogelijkheden ;)

    • Ja dit is echt heel handig voor dit soort projecten! Een ‘normale’ haaknaald haakt gewoon veel lekkerder dan zo’n enorm lange :)

  7. How many starting chains?! I’m dyin’ over here! LoL

  8. The colours you’ve chosen are so cool, I love it! Really like the Tunisian crochet stitch. I’ve always wanted to try this, might make it one of my 2015 resolutions :)

  9. Your scarf is beautiful! Now I want to make one :)

  10. Hi,have just found your blog,so will have a nosy through.Love this scarf and that hook is awesome.You are very talented,thank you for sharing.x

  11. I have never see this needle before but it makes much more sence then the original tunesian needle. That one is so long and stiff!

  12. I love this. I taught myself Tunisian crochet years ago but have found such inspiration from you young ones and the beautiful yarns a d colours available now. I love this scarf❤
    My biggest problem has always been keeping it straight edged. Mine always seem to slope. Im going to give it another go and make this. Thank you x