review: arm and finger knitting

Hi everyone!

Last week, publisher CICO sent me this groovy new book, called Arm and Finger Knitting: 35 no-needle knits for the home and to wear. It’s written by Laura Strutt, whom we all know as a blogger, freelance writer and former editor of “Craft Business” and “Sew” magazines.


When I first saw the book, I thought ‘Yay! That cover looks so awesome!’, and it does, right? :)

The book is full of great projects, and it is categorised into four parts: Arm Knits for the home, Arm Knits to wear, Finger Knits for the home, and Finger Knits to wear.



The book offers a great introductory overview of the techniques that are used for all of the projects. The photos are very clear, and frankly they make me want to grab some yarn and knit, like, NOW!


But of course, my favourite chapter is Arm Knits to wear, and I’m especially in love with this gilet…


So what do I think of this book? I like it. The projects are fun and diverse, and as with every book, there is something for everyone. I do think that with great yarns, the projects in this book can be made even better! I’m thinking more along the lines of bulkier, yet softer yarn. And as my friend Sarah pointed out, you can use DIY yarn too!


Never the less, arm knitting is a great technique (remember this viral video from a while ago?) and I truly believe this book is a good addition to any crafter’s library :)

You can get it on Amazon right here for £ 10.39/$ 15.16.

What do you guys think? Would you like to arm knit something? :)


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  1. Love it! I arm knitted a shawl already and looking at that gilet… Hmmmm, want the book! <3

  2. Would LOVE to learn how! I crochet now but am up to learning something new!!

  3. All these beautiful stuff, made without a hook. I don’t know if it’s something I like to do, but thanks for de revies with the nice pictures.

    Have a pleasant day, Margaret

  4. what a fun idea.

  5. I only recently heard about arm and finger knitting. I also like the gilet, it looks really nice and different! Might give it a try…
    Greetings from Austria