wip: young yadults blanket

Hi everyone!

I know, I know, you are all dying to know how the yarnagers are doing! :D Well, they are yarnagers no more; they are now officially: young yadults!




They are no longer circle shaped; they are slowly morphing into squares! :)

I am feeding them a very strict 100% cotton yarn diet; they are on Scheepjes Cotton 8 until they are yadults. But they still have a ways to go until they reach yadult hood!

As much as they love roaming around the living room, they mostly live in stacks though:



The two stacks at the front are a bit shorter than the others, and that’s because there were a couple of young yadults who just couldn’t wait to grow up! Want to see what they’re becoming?


Oh yes, I do like this shape… They are almost done growing! I feel like such a proud parent now ;)

For all of you wondering where to get Scheepjes Cotton 8 yarn; for international (US & UK) peeps, you can find this yarn at Deramores.com! For all Dutch & Belgian readers, you can find an extensive lists of stockists on their website.

Just a side note: I am using a 6mm hook with this yarn, and if that seems large that’s correct. I am using the yarn double stranded! :)

When they are done growing, I will of course provide a (FREE!) pattern to make them, including a pattern for joining them into a blanket, and a pattern for a nice big border!

I can’t wait to show you when my yarn babies have all grown up into proper yadults! It’s going to be epic :)


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  1. These are adorable. I can’t wait to see them put together.

  2. i really do love your blog wink! your posts are always so full of eye candy!

  3. Can’t wait to see it finished. I have some yarn already picked out. :)

  4. They are lovely, can’t wait to see them all grown up and joined together ! Xx

  5. I know, as a parent, we want our children to grow slowly and enjoy life along the way. However, in this instance and with this bunch, let’s get moving here…I can’t take the suspense much longer! I’ll be a grandmother before they even grow up! They are so beautiful and handsome and I am so looking forward to being able to produce my own brood and see the finished product. Your work always excites me and brings out my true passion for crochet. As always, thank you for your extreme generosity with your great talent. It is a true pleasure to have found you. I always look forward to reading your blog.

  6. I ditto nzski69 (above comment)
    She said everything I’m thinking.
    This is going to be one gorgeous blanket and I can’t wait for the pattern, and hopefully a tutorial. I would love to crochet this for a special person in my life as a gift.
    Thanks Wink — love your blog, your talent and your generosity. What a wonderful example you are to all of us to follow.
    Bobbie :)

  7. Love this! Can’t wait for the pattern to be posted! The colors are lovely!

  8. This blanket will be amazing!

  9. LOL!! Can’t wait to see how you’ll join them :-)

  10. Supergaaf!!! Patroon en kleuren!
    Ik heb bijna precies dezelfde kleuren (in een ander garen) klaar liggen voor een deken. Zo mooi, ook in dit patroon!
    Ik wacht nog effies ;-).
    Groetjes Tamara.

  11. Your creations are unique and absolutely adorable!!

  12. Great progress you are making. Nice to see them become yardults. I can’t wait to see them when you have finished them.

    Love, Margaret

  13. I love your yummy yarnagers – can’t wait for the pattern to come out. Gorgeous as ever…(:

  14. They are really pretty, I’m looking forward to seeing the next stage, and seeing how you join them. Deciding how to join is always a very big decision for me! I love to see how other people do it! Keep going, it’s going to look great:)

  15. These little beauties are, indeed, eye candy! I can’t wait to see how you join them.
    I’ll be checking back frequently…darn it! I keep finding things I want to make…that folder is growing so fast! I must now get offline and get back to my current WIP – a CAL which, hopefully, will eventually lead to the completion of my afghan – a VERY large afghan for a very large CalKing bed…and I want plenty of overhang…getting fun now…
    thank you for all your inspiration and education for all of us….we hookers must stick together!
    We are joined by a strong bond of artwork and stitchery!

  16. The colours are so bright, and look great together. Can’t wait to see it finished!
    X Monique

  17. You funny

  18. Lekker fleurig! Ben benieuwd hoe het eruit ziet als het klaar is. Maarre… wat is het hier stil?! Ik kom regelmatig kijken of er al nieuws is over de voorjaars CAL maar zo te zien moet ik nog ff geduld hebben ;-)

  19. Enig! Ik heb al katoen in huis, ik kan niet wachten tot het patroon op de site komt! Winkie mogen we misschien alvast starten met de 1e 2 ronden?! Groet van Astrid (klant van knottenwol in Delft waar je laatst geweest bent)