flash sale!

Hi everyone!

I just posted this on my Facebook page, but I didn’t want you lovely ladies to feel left out! :)

There will be a lot of new mandala patterns by me coming out in the next few weeks/months, and in anticipation of those new patterns, I’m having a flash sale in my Ravelry shop on all existing mandala patterns! :D


Enter code ‘winklovesyou75′ for 75% off any mandala pattern in my shop, but hurry! The code expires after it has been used 75 times! :)

I’ll be back later this week with more blog posts (yay) about Unravel! Whoo!


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  1. I have never come across a sale so good and downloads are now complete.Thank you very much,now I can make them instead of thinking about buying the patterns.

  2. Thank you But spent most of day in Hospital with Hubby. Just saw TO LATE!
    I did buy 3 Mandala’s tho just had to put Shawl back..it was so Pretty . Ty for a GREAT DEAL. Went fast Good for You Hun. Susan M J

  3. Thank you so much for the sale. I’m tickled pink to have the patterns (I’d purchased the summer hearts mandala over a year ago.) I’ve had so much fun making the one I’d purchased, and expect the same with the other two mandalas I just purchased. Your designs are terrific. Thanks again.