let’s go outside

Hi everyone!

As some of you know, things have been rather stressful around here lately. I’m going through some pretty rough stuff at the moment, but I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

When I feel down, or out, or lost, or lonely: I go outside. There is something about being in the woods that completely calms me, brings me back to my center, and generally relaxes me. I think it’s the Japanese who call it ‘forest bathing’, and I completely understand why they call it that!





It looks a bit like a crime scene in that last photo, doesn’t it? I think it was a bird or something… I hope it got away.




And I found a skull! I felt like The Dainty Squid, I was so proud of myself for spotting it! I have no clue what animal this belonged to though.


I love making these abstract photos of light, like this last one; where you can’t see what’s actually in the photo but it does tell you exactly what mood there was at that time. I’ve got a whole bunch of them, and I’m actually thinking of framing the three best ones and hanging them in my bedroom, on the opposite wall of my bed… What do you ladies think? Would you like me to do a separate post on those abstract photos? :)

Thanks for sticking around; I will be back later with my Unravel 2015 posts!


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  1. Ohhhh Wink…..I am so with you on the “let’s go outside” I love your photos! i am a naturalist at heart and I keep a Nature Journal! Mostly of sketches and some photos

    Unfortunately, in my part of the world right now there is no green, only white outside…. well except for pine trees. And it is an average temperature of 0 and below….with snow right up to my hips. But Spring is right around the corner…so they say..

    I have designed a Nature Study website that has been on the web for almost a decade, for those who love nature and being in it. It basically teaches how to journal what you see….visit when you have a chance…

    I initially designed it to teach homeschoolers how to incorporate Nature Study into their daily schooling, but it can be used by anyone who has this interest.

    Go outside…it is a wonderful place…I am fortunate enough to live in a rural area where the woods are plentiful and so much open space….many wild animals to see and sketch and photo…but ….I have to wait until outside is tolerable! LOL Ohhh hurry Spring!!!!!

  2. Mooie foto’s . Groetjes Francina

  3. Als je van de natuur houdt ben je een rijk mens, zorg goed voor jezelf!

  4. Love this :) you got some great snaps!

    Kirsty | http://www.kirsty.ws

  5. Desr Wink
    I eish you all the best and hope that springtime Will bring you Joy and bliss.
    I started yoga this year! There is s pose for everything! Try a course from app store!
    But My crocheting is not so aktive !
    All the best for you!

  6. Heel veel sterkte met waar je doorheen moet op het moment! Denk aan jezelf, en trek je lekker terug in de natuur, heerlijk!
    Hoop dat je er snel bovenop komt.
    X Monique

  7. Dear Winkie
    Beautiful post * Lets go outside*
    Love all your photographs …

  8. LOVELY PICTURES :D definitely get them up on your wall and hopefully it will be like having a small forest bath in your home :) I could do with a forest bath, but need some leaves back on the trees here, and to move closer to a decent woodland! :) I hope you feel better and get to go outside lots more with warmer weather :) jenny xx

  9. Beautiful web post from a beautiful person…thanks for being you!


  11. For your peace of mind Wink, those feathers look like the feathers a pigeon drops when it is startled so I’m sure it got away :)

  12. I so agree with you. I live in town now and it’s just not the same. I just have to get out and find the woods or the ocean sometimes. There seems to be a rythm there that calms me.
    I hope all is well soon. You really do work hard bringing your inspirations to your blog readers.
    You are very popular. I just mostly look for all the eye candy but your blogging really shares “you”
    Thanks for all you share

  13. Why on earth should your photos be in a different post? They are a part of your “creative being” as much as anything else you do. I am here for all of it, not just the crochet! I chose to tag along with you because of your freedom to express so much of yourself. So I say share away, keep them coming…let us see all of your “beings”!

  14. This time of year has such dramatic changes in light (uk) and we’ve lovely colours all around. It’s quite special. And you’re right, a walk in nature is like value to the soul. Great shots… Have u thought of Instagram?

  15. Thank you for the great idea. I, too, am going through some “rough stuff”. Outside sounds good!

  16. Sorry. i entered the website wrong. But thank you for sharing!

  17. i always think to my self thate verything happens for a reason…life always changes and everything will be ok in the end :) it has to be! I hope everything works out better for you in the end.

  18. Gorgeous set, love them all! It’s this kind of photography that I really like doing myself, much to the discontent of other members in my camera club who just don’t get it. Makes me happy that you do!!!

  19. Love the abstract photos wink! I can totally relate to the healing power of nature!
    Sending happy thoughts your way,
    Kate :}