an adventure with dpns

Hi everyone! :)

Double pointed needles for knitting; are you familiar? I wasn’t, but when I came across this cute pattern for knit-in-the-round wristies on Ravelry, I knew it was time to venture out into territories unknown!

I got myself some 3mm bamboo needles (tiny!!!) – and my gosh, they looked like tooth picks! People really knit with these?! And while I was on a train, I thought to myself: this is the perfect time for me to learn how to knit in the round on dpns. I know; what was I thinking… I used this tutorial from Knitting For Dummies to get set up, and off I went. And actually, after a few rounds, it was starting to look a lot like knitting; proper knitting!

Holy smokes Batman, I did it! :D


I’m using this groovy yarn I got at a yarn festival last year: Arwetta Classic by Filcolana. It’s funny – looking back at that post, I mention that it might be time for me to learn how to knit socks, because it’s the perfect yarn for that! :)

The white yarn I’m using is something labelless from my stash in roughly the same weight as the Arwetta yarn. It’s a cotton/acrylic blend, if I’m not mistaken; but I have no idea what brand it is. I do know that it has been discontinued a few years ago; I scored the last skeins ages ago at my first yarn festival. Ah, memories :)




I’m half way the first wristie now, and so far I haven’t really run into any major trouble. My laddering seems fine (that’s where you see a visible ‘seam’ right where you switch needles) which I think is pretty great for a first time project. I did have some trouble with the floats (where you carry the yarn at the back of your work when using two colours at the same time) in the section that I’m on right now; luckily I know the best knitter in the world, and she got me back on the right track in no time! :)

The pattern that I’m knitting is Schachmatt on Ravelry, and it’s free! :)

I really hope that I’ll be able to finish this wristie soon, and of course, start the second one! I hope I don’t get the wristies version of ‘single sock syndrome’…


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  1. Love it! Looking good x

  2. Very nice for a first go!

  3. It’s looking great! You’re becoming quite the knitter ;) and thanks for the link. I actually clicked it so I could see who you were talking about :D

  4. Yay! This looks great! I’ve just started my first ever pair of socks and have had to make friends with my dpns. After the terrifying first round, it was all okay. :) x

  5. Looking good, go girl you can do it.

  6. These are gorgeous. The yarn looms so yummy. I remember the first time I knitted a pair of socks on dpns. I was so proud of myself. There is something very satisfying about finishing something in tiny little needles.

  7. looking great! the colours and textures are beautiful! I just learned to knit with DPN last year and think it is such an invaluable skill to have, but i much much much prefer knitting with circular needles, and with the magic loop method you can replace any pattern with DPNs with a circular needs (but this is my person preference of course!) can’t wait to see this finished :) jenny xx

  8. Hi
    Can I just clarify when you refer to sc ie. single crochet in your ripple blanket pattern is this as per American crochet terms and therefore double crochet in English crochet terms? Want to get it right! Thanks Mary

  9. Wristie is looking good so far – great choice of contrasting yarns, too. I’m just trying circular needles for the first time ‘cos DPNS look a bit fiddly to me!

  10. DPNs are great – you can avoid laddering entirely by moving a couple of stitches from each needle every time, eg. if you have 10 stitches on your needle knit all of these and then knit another 2 stitches from your next needle onto the same needle (so you end up with 12 stitches on your needle) before starting on your next. Your whole item rotates across the needles and the gap where you’ve changed needles is dispersed across the entire garment so you never get a ladder.