trend spotting: crochet that looks like knitting


Hi everyone!

I am delighted to be one of six bloggers asked to predict a key trend for 2015 as part of the Deramores Blog Competition 2015. Use any of the six trends as a starting point for your own blog post and submit it to Deramores for a chance to win a year’s supply of yarn!!! Entry details can be found here and you can see the full list of bloggers and trends here.

I’m predicting a big trend for this year, and it’s crochet that looks like knitting! Are you familiar with the concept?

Last year, when my beach bag pattern came out for, I got a lot of messages from people saying: ‘You’re cheating! That’s not crochet; that’s knitting!’ Well, I guess the joke’s on them; it totally was crochet! ;)



I used the half double crochet stitch, through the infamous third loop, to make the v’s that normally lie on top of the stitch come forward, to create that often sought after knit look!

I think the reason this stitch is gaining popularity is that it’s fairly easy to do, yet it looks complicated. And we all want to brag about our hand made items, am I right? :)

This stitch is so versatile; I use it a lot in things like cowls and scarves and bags, but I think you can really use this stitch for, well, everything! It works easiest when making something that’s constructed in the round, since this stitch doesn’t really ‘work’ when going back and forth. The third loop lies behind the stitch, so you need to keep coming from the same side with your hook to be able to work into it; that way, the v’s will move to the front instead of to the back (where you can’t see them!). So items that are worked in the round, like cowls, bags, and other tubular items are perfect to use this stitch for!

Have you used this stitch in your previous work? I’d love to see! :)


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  1. Never tried it but definitely up for a go of it!

  2. Great stitch for bags, beanies, poof and so on.

    Dear greetings, Margaret

  3. Love it! You are so talented!

  4. Marinke, hi. I have been following you ever since the notorious DROPS/Creative being saga. I love your work and your predicted trend, and am so excited to see what knit-look crochet creations people come up with.

    The waistcoat stitch is also a brilliant stockinette-like stitch, which I have used a lot of times and absolutely love.


  5. To the majority of people, they still don’t know the difference from crochet & knit anyways. I like the look but never tried it myself. Might just have to now!
    -Cory U |

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  7. Ik ken de techniek en heb er eens een tas mee gehaakt: Geeft inderdaad een mooi effect.

  8. I love it! I’m a huge fan of the ‘knit’ look, but only know how to crochet, so I totally agree with your prediction. I, for one, will be using this stitch this year for sure. Jx

  9. If this is a trend I think it is a good one!

  10. I love the look and have made an earwarmer using this stitch. Love the bag. I think your prediction is right on. I have people asking me how to do this quite often.

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  12. This is such a gorgeous bag! I’m trying to get to the pattern on Deramores, but the link isn’t working for me. Any ideas why?

  13. Nevermind… I wasn’t logged in and that was why! Can’t wait to try this out! :)