new project with scheepjes soft fun denim!

Hi everyone!

I don’t know if you have seen this new yarn already; the interwebs has exploded over the past couple of weeks because of all the amazing new yarns that have come out by Scheepjes! One of those yarns is a new version of an existing yarn, Soft Fun (which I used to make this blanket), and it has now come out in a Denim variety!

When I saw all the new colours together, I immediately spotted a great palette that would allow me to make something amazing…



How amazing does this look when combined? I’m so stoked about this combination!

The yarn is amazing. It’s slightly variegated, which gives for an amazing depth of colour and it provides a very interesting texture when worked up. It’s a 60% acrylic/40% cotton blend, which is why it is so soft to the touch, yet sturdy enough to make long lasting items with. Let’s take a closer look at the yarn…




See what I mean? It’s variegated, but it’s very subtle and just so… Chique!

I love all of these colours together! :) To me, it inspires feelings of France; think bohemian chique, lace, ribbons, shell buttons, strolling along bistro’s in your favourite pair of strappy sandals…

Which inspired me to collect these items:


Can you feel it? Can you guess what I’m making yet? :) It will be fabulous!

Alright, one more photo… This is what the project looks like so far!


I can’t wait to show you this project as it progresses! :) You can get your hands on some Soft Fun Denim from for international peeps; and for Dutch readers, Scheepjes has an extensive list of stockists on their website!


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  1. So Jealous! Looks gorgeous!
    Gorgeous wool for a gorgeously creative individual ;-) x

  2. Love it, can we have the pattern pretty please! Xx

  3. Beautiful colors and great yarn. The start looks gorgeous.
    Have fun making the rest.

    Dear greetings, Margaret

  4. Oh be still my beating heart – this is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow, beautiful yearn indeed!

  6. Gorgeous colours…I feel an urge to shop!!

  7. I’m a little bit in love, with those gentle colours x

  8. Ooh! Do I see the reincarnation of a Noro project? ;)

  9. Looks like a cute project… as always! :D

  10. I liked it so much that I went straight to Deramores to buy some to make anything. Most colors were out of stock

  11. yumyum all of this post looks gorgeous and inspiring, and I had to stare at the beautiful granny square for a bit and just take it in, looking splendid! I have a feeling a bag is being made perhaps…? :) jenny x

  12. Such a soft palette is very soothing – I can feel my stresses melting away just looking at these!

  13. I am in love with this bag. Since it takes me awhile to receive my orders here in the U.S., can you tell me how many balls of the Soft Fun is needed for the project? I would love to order now, so that it will be here by the time you post the tutorial! Thank you so much-such beautiful work!