how to pronounce scheepjes

Hi everyone!

The new CAL is about to start (June 10th, whoohoo!), and I am SO excited!

In one of the Facebook CAL groups (Dutch one here, International one here), some ladies were wondering how to pronounce ‘Scheepjes’. And I can’t blame them! ;)

If you don’t speak Dutch, that word, ‘Scheepjes’, must look so weird! It has ‘sheep’ in it, sort of, so I’ve heard some UK peeps pronounce it as ‘Sheep-ies’, which of course, to me is hilarious :D

The word ‘Scheepjes’ means little boats or ships in Dutch. A ‘schip’ is a ship, and ‘scheepjes’ are little ships. The brand is called that way because in the olden days, the yarn would be brought to the stores in… little boats! :)

So, what *is* the proper way to pronounce Scheepjes? Well, I made a teeny tiny video for you, explaining how to! :)

Now, this is really cool; there was an adorable lady in one of the groups that made a video response! She filmed herself pronouncing Scheepjes :)

She did it perfectly! :D

So I’m wondering: do any of you have trouble pronouncing Scheepjes? And would you be willing to video yourself saying it? :) I’d love to hear and see you! It would be SO cool to create a follow-up post to this one with videos of people pronouncing Scheepjes all around the world… :)


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  1. LOL !
    Un groupe néerlandophone, un groupe international anglophone…à quand un groupe francophone, ça serait bien ;-)

  2. :-)

  3. Also a Dutchie here, very funny to think about how weird it would look to foreign people. But the lady from the UK pronounced it very well.

  4. I’m from the States and would pronounce it “sheep-ies”, too! HA! I knew it was wrong but I don’t know the first thing about the Dutch language. I’m still having problems pronouncing Scheepjes correctly but it sounds so beautiful when you say it! I will keep trying but every time I see that word, I’ll always instantly think “sheep-ies”. :)

  5. Thank you for the pronunciation lesson. I’ve had that word stuck in my head for weeks. I’m doing the sophie’s universe cal and she’s also using Scheepjes. I’ve been saying it many different ways over and over in my head for weeks. Sometimes it’s sheepies, or sheepgees, or scapees, or zeepgees. Now I know how it really sounds and can hopefully stop driving myself crazy. :-)

  6. How lovely you shared my video Wink! How I wish I’d put on my make up first! Still – proud of my pronunciation and looking forward to starting the CAL! Have my beautiful Peacock pack all ready and waiting!