Gone but not forgotten

Hi you guys,


The devastating previous post was meant to be the last one on this blog of my sister.
The news was spread trough magazines and lots of websites.  As till this day we still get reactions on the previous post. One thing is sure, my sister is gone, but certainly not forgotten!  However there is so much going on. I had to write an update. I want to tell you some things that are going on I think you all should know.

The first thing is the #MandalasForMarinke project.
Kathryn Vercillo from crochetconcupiscence has set up a project to honor Wink.mandalas-for-marinke

This is a collaborative crochet art project designed to honor Wink’s life and work and celebrate her amazing creativity in a way that allows her art to keep inspiring others even though she is now gone. It is intended as a way to help the many affected crafters channel their own grief and complex feelings upon hearing the news. And it will raise awareness about depression.”

You can find info on Mandalas For Marinke here, including FAQ and how to participate Here
And each contribution can be seen Here

Then there is my brother’s fiancé Christina who is also crazy into crochet. As some of you might know my sister had a wall with her 15 standard 12-round mandalas. Christina made a beautiful blanket of the standard Mandalas and created also a few other ones that represent bits of memories she had from her. You guys I can tell you, I wish I could crochet! The blanket is awesome! You can check it out here with patterns and all.



The third one is a pretty emotional one for us. Marinke was very busy with her second book. Unfortunately she is not with us to celebrate this.. It’s going to be the last thing we have from her. Last summer my sister and I went to the woods and made all this wonderful pictures for the book. We had such fun that day…

The book was meant to be released the end of August, but because my sister didn’t finish some patterns yet, someone else had to do it. This takes extra time. We are expecting the book in the end of October now but when I look at the release date on sites like Amazon and Bol.com the date is postponed to the 12th of December. I guess we have to be patient a little longer. Anyhow, you can pre-order her book to make sure you get it as soon as it will be out :Crochet Mandalas by Marinke Slump (For all of the Dutchies: It will only be released in English.)

Last but not least there is another CAL coming up.
Scheepjes posted this the other day:
“We’ll be back with information about our next CAL at the end of this year. Our next CAL will be very special as it was designed by a very special lady ; We want to get it just right to honour her design, wishes and memory. We will be taking the rest of this year to prepare so that we can make it something extra special.”

After the great success of the blanket CAL in 2014 my sister did, she made something new for you. Also this project my sister finished a long way… but not all the way. So this too has to be finished by someone else. I can’t tell when the CAL begins nor the theme…

It will come to you when it’s ready



xo Tinca

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  1. That blanket is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. That’s how I saw her.

  2. Très joli ! merci pour ce partage !

  3. Thank you so much for this message…And I also think that it took you a lot of energy and courage to make it and to bring us back to a place which was so painful to write for you the last time…Thank you for being here…I will definitively look at the MandalasForMarinke’s project and the Mandala’s blanket will be part of my future projects..She’s still in my spirit when I take my crochet and start something with the colors she loved…Thank you.

    • Thank you. It was so hard to write this and took me a lot of energy. It’s been a while since i wrote this. But now finally posted it :)

  4. How lovely yet painful to read this.
    My friends and me made a mandala in Wink’s honour last week when we had one of our “haakmiddagjes”, where Wink was supposed to be also.
    We were sure she was laughing at us as we were struggling with the pattern. ;) I made leather tags with her name, to add to the mandala’s. Mine’s now placed by her card and a candle. If I can make you happy with some leather tags with her name, please let me know! I read that one of the tags I made for Wink was attached to the lovely blanket.
    I’m looking forward to the book and cal, nice to see that she lives on in her patterns. She will not be forgotten.
    Will there be a meet up for her crochet friends to remember her?

    • Hey! I know my mom has a few we found in her wallet. I can’t say if or when there will be a meet up to remember her. It is still a chaotic time and some people are still having a very hard time… But when there will be, you will find it on this blog :)

  5. Thanks for the update. Some people, while not on earth that long, leave a lasting memory and bring joy to so many who never knew her personally. God bless.

  6. She is remembered by all of us. In my case I won’t say daily but almost… Everytime I see my blanket from last year’s CAL I think about her and every now and then I go back to her blog or ravelry page to look for inspiration. She was very special and she’ll always be remembered. Hugs

  7. Hugs to you and your family!

  8. I think you are so courageous writing this post. I can imagine it taking time and energy.
    Marinke is in my thougths every day. I sometimes leave her messages on Facebook and am happy I can do so.
    You all must be on a rollercoaster of thoughts, memories and emotions. I hope you can find comfort in eachother. I will certainly check the MandalasForWink project. I think I missed it somehow. Glad to be able to still join in!
    Raining depression awareness is a very good cause. I encounter misunderstanding on a frequent basis.

    I applaud you for putting this update up. You as a family are in my thoughts a lot too. If I miss Marinke so much I am still crying some days, how should it be for you?
    I wish you everything you need.



  9. Thank you for updating… This is more important to me than you can imagine! I have Wink in my heart. I will never forget this beautiful soul. She has touched me and inspired me in so many ways. Could she have known?? To me, these little crochet circles are left here with us, in order to have HER still with us. I just made my first mandala, from her pattern, and will be sending it to honor Wink. My heart has been broken for our loss, and for her pain. Rest In Peace, sweet lady. ❤
    PS I agree w the comment about the blanket! Its so beautiful, just like Wink.

  10. Wonderful Tink, thanks for sharing. I think of her often and miss hearing from her still.

  11. I so appreciate the update and have thought of Wink so often over the past months. I especially wonder what happened to all her little ” baby” squares that she had turned into “teenagers”? I love the mandala blanket, look forward to the book’s release and will keep an eye out for the CAL!

    • We found a basket full of teenagers! My mother made things out of them to give as a gift to relatives. Like a bag and a blanket. We want to keep te squares in the family and now we have some great things to remember her :)

  12. Tinca…Thank you so much for updating us on everything going on relating to Wink. I ordered her books before her untimely passing and have been so anxious to receive here second book. It’s a relief to finally find out the reasons for the delays. It’s no surprise to hear that so many people are doing so many things because your sister touched so many lives with her talent and her smile. I was always in awe of her amazing creativity and gracious nature in sharing all that she was with all of us. I look forward to the upcoming CAL and I can’t wait to receive her second book, as I will treasure it as much as her first. With all my love and, again, deepest sympathies for such a devastating loss. I’m sure she is now in a place where she is happy, shining bright and crocheting like mad with no darkness to be seen… that’s where I picture her and it makes me smile.

  13. I’m so saddened and shocked to read this. I can’t always keep up with all the blogs I follow so had missed the last couple. I’m so very sorry for your devastating loss. Wink was so beautiful and will be missed xx

  14. Thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern. I didn’t know her, but I enjoyed her blog and learned so much from Wink. She felt like a friend. As a person who lives with major depressive disorder among other things, she inspired me to return to crocheting and creating joy for myself and others through this art form. I miss her. Thank you again.

  15. Dear Tinc
    Iam from the Phil.and I only knew of Wink a year ago thru her blog.Frequent visit,reading all her post crocheting her mandalas and other projects made me feel happy and contented in my needle work hobby.She brought colors, an inspiration and excitement to us.She is gone but I will still be here to continue appreciating her works of art and your posting as well.

  16. Thank you for the update, still miss Wink’s blog xx

  17. A special post…thank you, blessings to you and yours.

  18. It has to take a lot of courage to write these posts….but I am so glad that you did! thank you! Wink will NEVER be forgotten. Her work inspired so many of us out here in the ‘blogosphere’!
    I know she’s very proud of you for carrying on in her name. Thank you. I shall look for her book – and for the CAL. Her beautiful use of color was so inspiring.
    Thank you again. and Blessings to you and your entire family. I know you can still feel the warmth of Wink’s love around you when you are all together.

  19. Thank you so much for the updates and a very special thanks to each and everyone who worked to complete what Wink started, especially the book. I can’t wait to see it.

  20. Dear Tinca and Wink’s family. Thank you so very, very much for this up-date. I actually was thinking of her the other day and visited her website because I find such inspiration there in her designs. She was an amazing woman and she impacted so many people far and wide. I will look for her book and her CAL as I too would like to honor her one last time. Please, Please keep the website alive as it is special and continues to bring me to a place of inspiration.

  21. I suffer from depression and today was not a good day but receiving your update made me realize that I need to keep busy and surround myself with color! I look forward to the book and the next CAL. I really got a special feeling reading your post. Thank you!

    • Thank you :) Always keep in mind all the people that love you. Never forget that, even when you are having a hard time. It’s not worth it leaving this colorfull world early!

  22. Thanks so much for this update. Very happy that her work lives on. I made teo mandalas in her honour and was happy to do so. Altnough this must be a bittrrsweet time for you, thank you for your generous spirit. Blessings to you and your family

  23. Thank you so much for keeping us informed. I fell in love with mandalas through your sisters designs. I cant wait to receive a copy of the book and for the CAL. Blessings to you and your family.

  24. Blessings to you and your family. Bravo and thank you to continue and preserve the job she made. I love your mandalas . Love

  25. Certainly not forgotten – her memory will be with us forever in the beautiful projects she created. I have her book and will be buying her second one too. Thank you so much for the update – it must be very hard for you. X

  26. Thank you for taking the time to post an update for us. Prayers are with you all.

    How amazing that your sister will live on through her wonderful crochet, look forward to seeing the new book & the CAL, when they’re ready

    Nura xx

  27. Thank you for the update. I deeply respect you of taking time to finish so many beautiful work of Wink and also inform her followers and fans, I think this must be pretty emotional for you.
    Christina made a beautiful blanket of te mandala’s!
    Xxx Wendy

  28. Thank you for updating us! It must be very hard for you but we all appreciate it. I am looking forward to seeing the book and the new CAL. Best wishes, Jeanette x

  29. Thank you for letting us know. her talent lives on, without doubt.I pre-ordered her book and have has a message from Amazon about the delay – but no matter. I have a mandala made from one of Wink’s patterns on the table beside me as I write this.

  30. OMG! I am sooooo sorry to hear of Winks passing. I never knew until I read this. My heart goes out to you, Tinka, and the rest of your family. I’m struggling to comprehend that this beautiful lady is no longer with us. I never met Wink but she brought me so much joy through her colours and her patterns. I learnt so much from her and she was my inspiration to begin crocheting again. Thank you so much Tinka for all that you are doing during what must be an incredibly difficult time for you. Love and hugs, Lynn in New Zealand xx

  31. Thank you Tinca, what a wonderful tribute to Wink’ memory, we will look forward to joining in. Blessings to you &your familyXX

  32. Thank you for this update. I always loved seeing a new mail from Wink in my inbox. Thank you for keeping her magic alive. I am so looking forward to her new CAL. I joked with her that I wouldn’t have her 1st CAL finished until 2016 and I think I was right. But I do love working on it. She just inspired me to try so many things.

    Be strong.

  33. Thank you for thinking of all of us while you are still dealing with this incredible loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  34. Thnaks for your update. You and your family are sitting in a sort of rollercoaster of downs (missing your sister) and ups (with all the specials things happening in your sister’s style).
    Wink and all her work will not be forgotten. You and your family are letting het live on in her patterns and new book. The blanket is gorgeous and so full of memories. Thanks for sharing.

    Xxx, Margaret

  35. Thank you for showing us the beautiful blanket. I continue to send prayers and love to your family.

  36. thank you for the update. I will be looking forward to the cal in her honor.

  37. Thank u for the update, I’m hope u feel her smile always. God bless u and your family

  38. I was at Yarndale in Yorkshire this weekend and I can tell you that Wink was remembered and talked about with great affection by many people.

    She is a real loss to the crochet community. I can’t imagine how you and your family feel.

    I look forward to the book and the CAL, very much.

  39. Thank you so much for sharing this. It hits home for me too.

  40. Thanks for sharing Tinca. I know you all miss her. Depression is something that I am strugellng for many many years….and crocheting keeps my mind occupied.

    Stay safe…and know that we all miss your sister :(

    Greetings from Greece

  41. How sweet of you and your family.
    Best whishes Anita

  42. Thank you so much for the update.
    I will be honoring Wink and her beautiful mandalas this Dia De Los Muertos at a cross-cultural art show here in the States .
    Sending good thoughts your way always…….

  43. Thanks so much for the updates. The blanket is so beautiful! I pre-ordered the book at Amazon. I miss Wink. Thanks for the chance to go back and read her posts from the beginning. Never been part of a CAL but am looking forward to this one!

  44. Tinca,

    I purchased Wink’s 4 mandala patterns at Ravelry on Sept 19 and paid thru paypal. I got a message saying:

    “Thanks for your purchase from a creative being!
    Your payment has not yet been deposited into the designer’s account because they have to accept the payment. As soon as the payment is accepted, your patterns will be automatically delivered. You may want to contact the designer at winkieflash@gmail(.com).”

    Would you be able to accept my payment? I guess it must be done at winkieflash.gmail or ravelry. I do so want to make her mandala patterns. Sorry to bother you with this, here, but didn’t know where else to go.

    Thanks & best wishes,

    • Hi Jackie.
      Please send an email to. Roelf@winkie.biz

    • Hi Jackie, When you pass away, Paypall will automaticly close your account. This happend also with my sister. We have to open a new account and put the patterns on there. At this time there is so much going on that Ravelry is not our first priority… and it wont be in a long time i think… However, there may be a chance we just put the patterns on this blog for free. But we havent talked about that in our family yet. All those people who payed for the patterns and now could get them for free… As soon as i know more about the patters i let the bloggers know :) Tinca

  45. Thanks for the updates! I have sent my contributions to Mandalas for Marinke and I cannot wait to get her new book. I also have the Boho Crochet book she was a part of. I really miss Wink’s posts. I know I didn’t know her personally but she shared so much of herself that I feel such a loss. I have also lost a family member to Depression and you and your family are in my thoughts a prayers every single day. The blanket is a beautiful reminder of a beautiful person. Thanks again for sharing this with us. Peace and love to you all.

  46. I just got the new release from her first book, just ordered it in june but it was allready sold out. Happy to have my copy now.

  47. Tinca
    Thank you for the update it must be so hard for you to do, Wink was an inspiration I have just managed to get a copy of her first book, as a novice at crochet I followed the Scheepes CAL 2014 and I am still finishing it so remember Wink every time I finish a square bless her .

  48. Thank you Tinca. Wink was a beautiful person with a beautiful heart and soul. She will definitely not be forgotten. Much love to you and the rest of the family. x

  49. Tinca,
    You are so wonderful to update us all….I too was published in the book CROCHET SAVED MY LIFE….I’m FRAN in the book…I have no words…you and your family in my thoughts and prays sooo often…
    I’ve been making one of her mandalas and took a break…and I saw this….winks touched sooo many hearts…I too suffer depression….
    Tinca can you inbox me I have something to ask you….
    I have one of winks book and I certainly going to get this book too…thank you for posting for us…and updating for us….I know it is hard….God bless…. . .

    • Hi Frances, I looked you up on facebook and sent a message. If you havent got anything please look me up on facebook and messsage me.

  50. Hello Tinca, I’m so sorry for your loss my dear. I think about your sister all the time and only knew her through the world of crochet. She will be truly missed!!! I would like to know, or if you know if her patterns will still be for sale on the website where she posted them? For example…like on Ravelry I’m sure there are many out there that would like to purchase them.

    • Hi Lika. When you pass away, Paypall will automaticly close your account. This happend also with my sister. We have to open a new account and put the patterns on there. At this time there is so much going on that Ravelry is not our first priority… and it wont be in a long time i think… However, there may be a chance we just put the patterns on this blog for free. But we havent talked about that in our family yet. All those people who payed for the patterns and now could get them for free… As soon as i know more about the patters i let the bloggers know :) Tinca

  51. My little tribute to my dear Wink ……

    Hugs for his family and loved ones … we never forget …..


  52. Hey Tinca. Hugs to you and your family. I never knew Wink, but her lovely personality shone through in her writing, and I shed tears when I read your message. Thank you for updating your post, that couldn’t have been easy. Take care xxx

  53. I am shocked, and so desperately sad for your sister that she became so far beyond help. I have returned to find her long spoke mandala and found this terrible news, it was a curiosity that brought me here. I reset my tablet and lost the bookmark to it that I had. Now I will definitely make one as a tribute to a creative being. Bless her, and all your family

  54. Tinca hi and a big hug…
    I just saw this post, thank you for writing it. Can’t wait for The book as well as the new Marinke Project in Wink’s memory…i think of her often….i understand…. Hugs and much love xxxx

  55. Her memory will live for a long time and it so lovely people are still inspired by her work. I have ordered the book but have been told it may be January before it comes out. I so look forward to seeing it. The mandala blanket looks wonderful. You and the family need time to grieve and come to terms with your loss, I wish you all healing at this time.

  56. My thoughts are with your family. I look forward to the book and the CAL and as I make the CAL, I’ll think of Wink and all the beauty she brought to the world.

  57. A terrible time for your family mourning and celebrating a beautiful soul. If you are anything like my family there are lots of tears and laughter at remembered thoughts of Wink. Depression is an awful thing to manage without other problems thrown in.
    On a different note I loathe the person(s) on Amazon who are trying to cash in on Wink’s passing by trying to sell Wink’s For Mandala book for almost a thousand pounds. such despicable people.

  58. There is a Facebook page that is posting Wink’s blog content. Even with a link back, they are violating copyright by posting her photos and content. I’m not sure that I can get them shut down as I’m not the owner of any of the content they are stealing.

    DIY & Crochet Addict is the name of the page. I have already called them out on it, and they not only continue, but say they see nothing wrong with it.

  59. Hi Tinca,

    My name is Emma Harverson and I work for Quantum Publishing. We were all shocked and saddened to hear the news about Wink, she was an absolute pleasure to work with and produced some beautiful projects for our books. I would love to get in touch with you about the most recent book she worked on with us, Pixel Crochet. Please could you send me an email at emma.harverson@hotmail.co.uk?