Last but certainly not Least

Hi Guys,

So.. i guess most of you already know. But the Scheepjes Cal is soon to begin!
My sister was working on a beautiful blanket but unfortunately she wasn’t able to finish it before her passing.
Friends of her finished it and now the reveal is finally here.
There are 2 diffrent kits you can order:

12417759_537410089770571_885580078811129597_n Basic kit : made up of our Colour Crafter yarns. This kit will contain yarn only and a special tribute label. Included in the purchase of this kit will be a small donation to a Mental Health charity in Marinke’s memory. The approx. size of this completed blanket will be 115cm by 150cm.

12592261_537410113103902_7061354246511662573_n• Luxury kit : for those of you wishing to make an extra special memory of Marinke. This kit will contain our Merino Soft yarns, some extra goodies and a special tribute label. Again, included in the purchase of this kit will be a small donation to a Mental Health charity in Marinke’s memory. The approx. size of this completed blanket will be 130cm by 160cm.

Each kit will be available in 3 colour ways :
• Dance in the Sea
• Dance in the Rain
• Dance Under the Stars


Now the big reveal. This is the blanket
Please check on the Scheepjes Facebook for further questions and information.
Facebook Nederlands
Facebook International

For the people without FB please follow the Cal on

We still get a lot of questions about Marinke’s latest book.
It’s out and you can order here:
For Dutchies – For UK – For International


Hope to see you all with a beautiful blanket in her honour soon!

Love Tinc

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  1. Waaaaw, super, ik had de foto’s al her en der zien passeren en nu… Bij het kijken naar mijn ‘oh zo mooie’ cal van 2014 doe ik heel graag mee, als een soort eerbetoon aan haar mooie werk!
    groetjes Sofie

  2. Oh my goodness it’s absolutely beautiful and will match perfectly with my new bedroom colours. Thank you so much for continuing Wink’s wonderful work, like most people, I never met her but I miss her xx

  3. Whenever I make a mandala I remember the Wink. These blankets are beautiful! And you do a great work as remembering your beloved sister. A big hug from Catalonia!

  4. Tink, I would soooo love to do this CAL but, unfortunately, I surgery on my right hand in January and have to have a second surgery in June and, since then, found out that I have a Rotator Cuff Tear in my left shoulder that will probably require surgery in the near future. Question…would I be able to buy the kit and just download the squares for the CAL as they are put out and do this when I am recovered? If that’s not possible, I would then just like to make a donation anyway. Please let me know. Wink is always on my mind as I spend a lot of time looking through her books since I can’t crochet right now, I can at least enjoy the beauty and creativity in her beautiful spirit. Thank you!!

    • Hi Nadien, of course you can make the blanket when ever you are ready ! The patterns will appear on the fbpage of Scheepjes and you can easly download or print them to use them later.
      Hope you have a quick recovery!

  5. These are such beautiful blankets!!! I was just thinking of Wink a few days ago. I sure do miss her posts. I have just finished a baby afghan for a friend the same colors as the Dance by the Sea. I have such an overstock of yarns right now and am so far behind in my charity work, or I would order that kit and the Dance in the Rain kit as well. Thanks for sharing this with us. Wink is truly missed.

  6. It’s an absolutely beautiful blanket and a special way to remember Marinke! I’m looking forward to ordering my kit!!

  7. Such a beautiful project <3

  8. I’m not on Facebook so I cannot get the kit to do this. Do you know if there is anywhere else I can get this kit?

  9. I’m not on Facebook either…..I would love to participate, though!

  10. it’s a beautiful blanket and a beautiful thought behind it. I’m not sure if i will make this blanket, i have to many ongoing projects at the moment, but i would like to donate something to the mental health charirty anyway. Is that possible?

  11. Is this blanket knitted or crochet?

  12. Tinc: My heart truly goes out to you. My sister was diagnosed years ago with bipolar disorder, and has attempted suicide more than once. Thankfully, she was saved, but when I hear about losses like yours, I think about that dark time in our lives, and my heart breaks for you and others, whose loved ones have been lost. Mental illness runs rampant in my family – I have cousins, aunts, uncles, etc., who suffer from one form or another. My mom, sister, and I all manage with medication. The world needs to become more aware and proactive about mental illness. Perhaps someday, because of your work, it won’t be such a “secret” anymore, and beautiful lives like YOUR sister’s will be spared. I’m certain that somewhere above, Wink is smiling with great pride at how you have continued her legacy. But, that’s what all sisters would do, right?
    I’ll be working this blanket soon… and I’ll think about Wink. I’ll be thankful for my own sister, and pray for those who fight the ugly battle against mental illness. God Bless you and your family with peace and comfort. xo

  13. The blanket I’m currently working on is the Vintage Fan Ripple pattern that I found on this blog back in February. I didn’t do much poking around the rest of the entries so I had no idea about the incredible loss of dear Winks until just this week when I friend sent me a link to the CAL. I am so truly sorry to hear of her passing… I was diagnosed with post partum depression nearly 4yrs ago and still deal with anxiety on a regular basis. Depression and the darkness surrounding it is no stranger to me. I took up crocheting to give myself a hobby – something I could be investing in regularly. Creating once again has been so therapeutic for me, and there is a small part in which I owe thanks to Winks for that; for an easy to understand tutorial and for her deciding those few years ago to crochet to save her own life. Attached is a link to a photo of the blanket, which now has even more meaning behind it. I will finish it for Winks and for all those who struggle with their own mental health. My love goes out to all of you who are still reeling from your tragic loss; thank-you for keeping her memory alive and oh so beautiful. xo

  14. This is such a beautiful and meaningful project. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern with us. I pray that seeing the blanket progress through the design stage has been a healing thing for your family. I’ve been so moved by stories others have shared on the Scheepjes CAL page; I feel equal measures excited and humbled to be able to participate.

  15. How do you purchase the kit?

  16. I only discovered Wink a short time before her passing, so sad that she felt she had to go. I have crocheted since I was a child, and had a long break while I pursued my career and only returned to in in the last 4 years. There is so much information available now that wasn’t years ago.
    I don’t think Wink will ever be forgotten, I bought the Boho book, and will look for the Mandalas one. I have the Dance in the Sea kit ready to go too.
    My husband is suffering from depression and cancer, and I find that crochet is the one thing that calms me and lets me cope with it, I can’t seem to do my paper crafting but crochet I can do.

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  18. Morgen start de Scheepjes CAL die ik zal haken met de Dance in the Sea uitvoering, luxe uitvoering. Het bericht van Wink heeft mij erg geraakt, depressie komt in mijn directe omgeving voor en ik zie wat het doet met een mens. Dit is een van de redenen geweest om de luxe uitvoering te kopen, voor het eerst geef ik zoveel geld uit aan een project voor mijzelf. Ik zal de deken maken met veel liefde en de hoop dat een ieder rust in zijn/haar hoofd zal vinden en het mooie kan (blijven) zien in het leven.
    Heel veel liefs! Ik voel met jou en de familie mee!

  19. Just had to stop by & show respect as I pick up my hook & begin my blanket in honor of Wink. Sending warm wishes to all of her fans & her family.

  20. I just bought her book published in December. I’m proud to have her patterns. They are beautiful
    Are her patterns available on ravelry anymore?
    Take care

  21. Dear ‘lil Sis, THANK YOU so much for continuing to keep Winks memory alive for us who miss her so. Thank you too, for keeping her blog going. There is nothing sadder than the blog of a great creative being floating about in cyber space, full of memories yet neglected and forgotten. I , for one, appreciate your effort! I have downloaded the CAL patterns… but when the tears stop flowing every time I think of Wink. then I will begin it. Much love from Cape Town, South Africa. xxx