Wink in the newspapers

Hi all,

Today Wink’s story appeared in a Belgian newspaper.
It is written in Dutch and i got a lot of requests to translate it in English.
So here it is! ( don’t mind all the errors please)

Ten thousands of blankets in honour of one woman.
All over the world fans are crocheting in honour of a blogger that passed away.
Ten thousands of people from all over the world are crocheting the same blanket in honour of Marinke Slump.

That crocheting is not only for old ladies was proven by the Dutch Marinke Slump.
She was young, hip and always happy.. so it seemed. While she was breaking trough in the world of crochet, she had to deal with a severe depression. “Crochet saved my life” se said once about crocheting.
It was her lust and life. But in the end it wasn’t enough. Last summer she didn’t had the energy anymore and left this life. She was only 31 years old. At that moment she was busy with a new design for the brand Scheepjes. It was called a Crochet a long (CAL). In a Cal all the participans get a new pattern every week included with instruction videos to make small parts of a blanket. The end result stays a surprise till the end.

Annelies Baes
“The blanket stands symbolic for Hope, going on when life gives you lemons”.
“We didn’t want the design to go lost”. Annelies Baes decided together with 11 other bloggers to continue the work of Marinke. The ladies all met at the woolfabric of Scheepjes, who was also in contact with the family of Marinke.
“Our intention was to make a integrity tribute because Marinke was such a nice person herself. She was technically very strong and always helped others when they got stuck”. So we wanted to finish her design the way she wanted to.
Every designer did a diffrent part of the blanket. 12 diffrent squares, according to the colours Marinke had chosen that goes with the theme: Last dance on the beach. 12 patterns in 12 weeks to make a blanket with a total of 48 squares.

That this blanket was going to be this big of a succes we could have never imagined. In Belgium and the Netherlands there are over 20.000 participants in the Facebook group of the Cal. In the international facebook group are another 15.000. People are crocheting in Canada, Tjechië, you name it. The packs of wool that Scheepjes made to make this cal are mostly sold out- and that while the project is running for only 3 weeks.
“Ofcourse crocheting has grown the last couple of years, but this project is so popular because of the story that goes along with this cal. It is so sensitive” says Job de Bondt from Scheepjes. “People are finding comfort in it. Buying a pack also contributes a small payment to MIND, a charity for physical health issues.

Crocheting as a therapy
A lot of people also got their own story why they participate with this cal.
There a some who are experiencing the same difficulties with their depression, or have dealt with someone they knew who commited suicide. For all of those its often a form of therapy when having a hard time. Crocheting makes them focus on something else then their personal issues.


Thanks for reading. Spread the word of this amazing woman! :)

Proud lil’sis.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this article about Wink. She touched my heart, and so do you, “lil sis”.

  2. Amazing how one beautiful soul can touch so many. Thank you “lil sis” for sharing her with us.

  3. She made a difference and so are you lil sis

  4. I actually joined Facebook in order to participate in this project. I am 60 years old and taught myself to crochet when I was about 13 years old. It fell by the wayside when I began to work shifts but on hearing that my daughter was pregnant decided to make some clothes for my grandchild. I bought my supplies from an online retailer called Deramores and that is where I saw the CAL advertised.
    I am enjoying taking part and of course crochet stops you nibbling chocolate!
    I have been impressed with Marinkes friends dedication to her memory and when I have finished my CAL I will be looking at some of her other designs.
    I would like to wish everyone who knew her well and let them know that this project will let her memory live on.

  5. Oh, thank you so much for letting us know this… I loved her and her work so much…

  6. I miss her crochet and coolness. . <3

  7. Thanks for sharing and for the translation! That is so wonderful that they wrote such an incredible article about your sister. We all know what an amazing, talented and kind individual she was and now the whole world gets to knows as well. It makes my heart swell with love to know how many people are participating in this CAL in her honor! What a tribute to all the lives she effected by just being herself. You should be a proud lil sis! And I’m sure that she is proud of you as well for carrying on her legacy. Bless you Tink. And thank you for giving us Wink for just a little while longer.

  8. Thank you for keeping your sister’s spirit alive. Many of us have experience with this subject in our lives and think of her often. I share her story whenever I have the opportunity. She was a lovely and creative young woman.

  9. I am so very, very glad you posted this. I was thinking of Wink only last week. It is coming up on the anniversary of my aunt’s and father’s death which made me think of Wink since all three died just a few weeks a part. I had wanted to send a message to the family and friends in remembrance of Wink, but this is a much nicer tribute. I still miss her weekly posts, photos, and designs. She is greatly missed by this friend in the southern USA. Thanks Tink!!

  10. Thank you for translating this article. Wink had such talent and that continues in the patterns that she shared with us all and that we are still making.

  11. Thank you for your sharing. Very nice to learn that many people write about Marinke and honor her. Also on May 5th I thought about her. I saw the photo collage from your mother on her Facebook profile, very impressive.

  12. Thank you for sharing in English. Her story has certainly touched many of us. Shows that we all have struggle in life and that we all fight our best.

  13. What an amazing legacy this beautiful lady has left us with, a story that has touched so many hearts and brought together people who will remain friends because of her!

  14. She continues to inspire us all! Thank you so much for sharing this article with all her fans.

  15. Thank you Tink, what a wonderful tribute – I won’t forget Wink, or you. Please take comfort for you & your family in knowing that Wink started a ‘peace & love movement’ in crochet.

  16. Thanks for the translation Tink! You’ve saved me a lot of time so I can sit and crochet the last square for this week to be ready for tomorrow. Very nice article and a lovely blanket. I hope your blanket is still growing. Good luck.

  17. Tears – what a wonderful article so sensitively written. It IS truly unbelievable what this CAL has achieved. Thank you for sharing – I know it must be hard for you

  18. This is such an inspiring project and I’m really sorry she couldn’t beat depression. It isn’t easy. It is one of the most difficult illnesses to conquer.

  19. I only knew Wink through her blog and then her magazine articles but was extremely shocked and sad to hear of her passing. This is a wonderful tribute to her memory x

  20. Wink left an impact on my life that she never knew. Just don’t know what to say. Will never forget her.

  21. Thank you for sharing the newspaper article with us all. It is wonderful to hear that Marinke’s spirit lives on through others crocheting. Bless you and your family with love and happy memories of Wink.

  22. Wat een mooi gebaar naar Wink… ze zal voor mij altijd in een adem bij haken horen!
    Lil’ sis, ze zou trots op jou zijn!

  23. This is so awesome, we do have to let people know that there are ways we can help those who have depression. Medication does not always help completely, and it’s always great to find a great way to help focus our minds on something else. It does work, I have been depressed for a long time and I wish I would of picked up crocheting back when I was a kid. Yes, I have my off days but so do other people, and I am able to make it threw those days now. I wish those who still want to take their life, would call out for help first, and that means say “Help me.”

  24. I think of her often as I, too fight depression. Although I have opted out of this CAL (I hate making pieces), every project I do make is w/ Wink in mind. She is and was a great inspiration. I miss her greatly. Thank you for the article from the newspaper, Wink deserves
    all the attention possible.

  25. OMG this is Tink her little sister..I’m just realizing after reading everything….what a beautiful tribute to her…this has to be hard for you to do….this is great…
    I’m sure you are aware of Kathryn I
    Who lives in San Francisco who wrote the book Crochet Saved My Life…I am also published in that book…and suffer from depression…badly

    Wink has made a difference for soooo many..I wish she could see how much…..
    I’ve been making mandalas and small mini mandalas, BOOKMARKER mandalas, and butterflies fir when Kathryn does the book of mandalas in memory of Winks…I’m honored to be part of helping making them for this…but sad though about why…though….Winks was sooo great…..
    You are very brave…thinks…God bless you…..
    By the way my name is Frances Metallo…..I live in the USA….in New Jersey…

    My email address is…

    I hope I hear from

  26. Thanks for taking the time to publicly share once more with us what is truly such a personal loss. Both sisters helping to make a difference as we create something beautiful with this CAL.

  27. Thanks for sharing the article! It is so amazing what an impact she has made on the world. She is missed.

  28. Thank you so much for sharing this story.

  29. Thank you, Little Sis, for translating and sharing this story so those of us across the pond who don’t speak the language may read it. Blessings to you and your familu!

  30. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible article about such an incredible and so very missed special woman. It is touching how her light just keeps shining and inspiring others . . . . . I must admit selfishly that I still like seeing a blog notification in my email in box, knowing that as difficult as it may be at times for you, keeping this blog alive surely does keep Wink spreading her love and joy . . . Thank you Tink, you are an incredible lil’ sis!

  31. Hello Tinc, Just wanted to tell how happy it made me feel to read this article about Marinke and her accomplishments in the crochet world. She will forever be remembered by thousands now and many more to come in the future. The translation was great !

  32. Hello Tinc, I just wanted to say that I am so happy to see this. I think of Wink every single day, especially when I crochet. I have both of her books and I have worked several of her patterns. I only knew her from her blog but her story touched me. I think of you and your family and I know what life is like after a family member is lost to depression. Make sure to remember all the good things. Those are who she really was. She still inspires me to be better. Love and peace to you all from the US.

  33. Never we will forget Wink. My thoughts are with her it every time I make a crochet mandala… she was a great source of inspiration! wherever she is she will be happy to see so many people with this project! a big hug for all your family! never forget Marinke ….

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  35. I crochet because I love it. I also design, and have given away many of my creations. God Bless You. Cj.

  36. I am only starting today with the blanket, but it never too late, so …