May 13, 2015
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made: parisian chique fat bottom bag

Hey everyone!

I have to tell you, it feels SO GOOD that I have created something again, finally! Some of you know I have been in a funk lately due to some personal stuff, which has reflected badly on my creativity, amongst other things…
So I am very happy that I am able to show you what I made today! :)

In my last post I told you what I was working on, and this is the finished product: a Parisian chique, fat bottom bag made with Scheepjes Softfun Denim yarn!




I seriously had a LOT of fun making this bag. Right after I picked out the yarn and the colours, I knew which creative direction I had to take with this bag: Parisian chique! Think strutting along bistro’s, wearing your high high heels, a navy blue striped dress, a big hat of course… and this bag!

The best part was searching for ways to embellish it. In the end, I settled on vintage lace (a LOT of it!), some awesome crochet beads I had in my stash, and satin ribbons.

I really went all out with the lace; I ended up sewing 4 different kinds of lace on top of each other!




To complete the look I added a row of puffy flowers, combined with floral buttons. Personally I love these little flower buds, and I think the wooden buttons really give them an amazing look! (and not to worry; I will show you how to make these little flowers in next week’s FREE tutorial!)


To top it off, I fully lined this bag with the perfect fabric I scored at a fabric market a few weeks ago.


I am in love with this bag…



Alright, now for the best news: I will upload a tutorial for this bag next week on my blog, for FREE! :) This will include instructions on how to line your bag, how to add the lace, and how to make the puffy flowers.

To make this bag you will need 6 skeins of Scheepjes Softfun Denim in the following colours: 501 (navy blue), 502 (grey), 507 (cream), 508 (light brown) and 510 (dark brown). I used two skeins of the 510 colour.

For everyone interested in getting this yarn: you can get it at right here! (For Dutch readers: Scheepjes has an extensive list of shops on their website right here, including online shops!)

Because I already own too many bags (and because I have my own Noro version of this fat bottom bag) I am selling this one! :) You can find it on Etsy here. UPDATE: It sold within half an hour! Thank you! :)

Hope to see you all again next week for the tutorial :) Stay creative!


April 22, 2015
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wip: soft fun denim fat bottom bag

Hi everyone!

Most of you guessed it right from my last blog post: I’m making another bag! :) And not just any bag, no: I’m making another fabulous fat bottom bag, Parisian style!

Remember when I used to make fat bottom bags all the time? Well, my last one (which was made with gorgeous Noro yarn, still one of my favourites!) has been around the block a couple of times, and I though it was time for a new perspective, a new look. When Scheepjes came out with their Soft Fun Denim yarn, I knew I had found *just* the right yarn for my new bag!

This bag is really easy to make, because it’s basically one big granny square!




I’m almost to 30 rounds, which is when I will transform this giant square into a nice fat bottomed bag. Of course I will share the tutorial for making this bag with you all, for free! Which is going to be a real treat this time, because it will include instructions on how to line the bag! Hurray! :)

And I found the PERFECT lining fabric for this bag, too…


Stay tuned for the ‘Tadah’ post for this bag in the next couple of weeks, and of course the FREE pattern and lining instructions! :)

For everyone interested in getting this yarn: you can get it at right here! (For Dutch readers: Scheepjes has an extensive list of shops on their website right here, including online shops!)


April 8, 2015
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new project with scheepjes soft fun denim!

Hi everyone!

I don’t know if you have seen this new yarn already; the interwebs has exploded over the past couple of weeks because of all the amazing new yarns that have come out by Scheepjes! One of those yarns is a new version of an existing yarn, Soft Fun (which I used to make this blanket), and it has now come out in a Denim variety!

When I saw all the new colours together, I immediately spotted a great palette that would allow me to make something amazing…



How amazing does this look when combined? I’m so stoked about this combination!

The yarn is amazing. It’s slightly variegated, which gives for an amazing depth of colour and it provides a very interesting texture when worked up. It’s a 60% acrylic/40% cotton blend, which is why it is so soft to the touch, yet sturdy enough to make long lasting items with. Let’s take a closer look at the yarn…




See what I mean? It’s variegated, but it’s very subtle and just so… Chique!

I love all of these colours together! :) To me, it inspires feelings of France; think bohemian chique, lace, ribbons, shell buttons, strolling along bistro’s in your favourite pair of strappy sandals…

Which inspired me to collect these items:


Can you feel it? Can you guess what I’m making yet? :) It will be fabulous!

Alright, one more photo… This is what the project looks like so far!


I can’t wait to show you this project as it progresses! :) You can get your hands on some Soft Fun Denim from for international peeps; and for Dutch readers, Scheepjes has an extensive list of stockists on their website!


April 1, 2015
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new mandala day!

Hi everyone!

I am SO excited to be sharing this news with you: I released a new mandala pattern! :)

Some of you might recognize this design; it was in Simply Crochet magazine issue fourteen. It’s the Lazy Shade of Winter mandala!



Oh I just love the colours in this one, I should really make more mandalas like these…

Anyhoo, this PDF has 11 pages with clear, large photos of each step. The pattern is in written format and in US terms, and there’s a cheat sheet at the back for more experienced crocheters to print out and use! I used Rowan Handknit cotton for this design, but you can use any cotton yarn to create this mandala.

You can find it in my Ravelry store for $2.75, like all my other mandalas.

But because you are all so awesome, and because you read my blog (which makes you even more awesome), I created a special promotion code for you! Use coupon ‘lazywinkmandala‘ upon checkout and you can get this pattern with $1 off! :)

The coupon is valid till Sunday.

I can’t wait to see all your lovely mandalas!


March 25, 2015
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design wars: the forget me nots cowl!

Hi everyone! :)

I’m so happy I get to share my new Design Wars design with you all today! I designed a cowl that you can make in two ways; one that’s snug around your neck, and one that you can wrap around twice. It uses the knit-stitch and the cable stitch, which gives amazing texture, feel, and drape to this cowl!








I love the versatility of this cowl. I actually wear the lighter coloured one all the time; it’s the perfect accessory for this time of year, when it’s not that warm outside yet but still a little bit chilly around your neck!

And can I get a shout out to my lovely models? They did an amazing job don’t you think? :) I took the photos myself, and I’m really pleased with them. Of course, having such great models makes my job a lot easier!

I designed this with Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn, which I wrote about earlier this week. This yarn is really, really groovy, and I was thinking it would also be perfect for my previous Design Wars design; the Dancing Hearts Wrap! :) So I made a little sale for all you blog readers; you can get it at 50% off until Sunday! :) Just use this link to go to the promotion and the discount will automatically be applied: Dancing Hearts Wrap on Ravelry


Anyway, I’d love for you to vote for my design this week! :) You have until Thursday to vote. In the meantime, you can add this pattern to your queue on Ravelry!