Scheepjes CAL 2014
Find all the patterns that have been released for the Scheepjes CAL 204 here!

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Before using my patterns, please take into consideration:

pattern copyright © wink, a creative being
the patterns are for unlimited personal use. do not reproduce or sell the pattern.

you are allowed to sell items that are made using this pattern as long as the designer is credited.

for any questions, please contact wink at

Got it? Alright! Enjoy! :)



  1. Love your site Marinke ♡

  2. Could you create some more free patterns? They are amazing!

  3. Thank you for all these great patterns, Wink! You rock!

  4. Love your site also, wonderful. Many thanks for your patterns! Annemarie

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  6. Why am I not able to print a copy of the Vintage Ripple pattern ?

  7. Just want to say thank you for the amazing patterns xxx

  8. looking for a diagonal pattern using the groovy-ghan design. saw it on the web but can not find a pattern.

  9. Me encantan tus patrones!!! I like your patterns very much!!

  10. just made your spoke mandala……you are awesome!!!!

  11. Wink I agree with you, the KnitPro Symfonie wooden crochet hook set is gorgeous. In their different colors, sizes and beautiful case they are that little “lifetime set” that you keep forever, the gift you wish to get. Thank you for sharing your patterns the colors and stitches let people make gifts that express their love. My favorite hook is 5.5mm I can crochet quickly!

  12. I came across your blog site purely by accident and I’m glad I did! You have some wonderful talent, thanks for sharing your greatest enjoyment

  13. I love everything on your site – thank you for sharing

  14. I am trying to find out about the magic ring in some of the patterns, I have never heard of them so I would like to know how to do them, Thanks

  15. Super leuk al die gratis patronen!!!

  16. Beautiful crochet patterns, I am a knitter, always wanted to learn. Thank you for the tutorials…I can hardly wait to try several items.

  17. Hi! I was on Pinterest and I saw a picture of little elephant garland, and I don’t see any kind of pattern here so I was wondering is you still have it or if I’m not looking in the right place. Thanks!

  18. Just wanted to let you know I haven’t actually made any of these patterns yet but thing they are lovely and can’t wait to get started!

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  21. flying with the Angels you will be sorely missed beautiful lady goodnight God bless xx

  22. So very saddened Wink. Will miss your.beautiful creativity and style. May you be at.peace now and creating to your hearts content.

  23. Such wonderful creativity, you will truly be missed. RIP Wink.

  24. So sorry for your family to hear your sad news. Praying for you all.

  25. We will miss your amazing creativity. Rest in peace.

  26. Thank you to Wink’s sister for sharing during this sad time. Sending you love and prayers.

  27. My prayers are with you and you’re family, rest in peace.

  28. my prayers are with you my dear! I have followed your blog for such a long time!! love all your work! you gave the world some beautiful art!

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  30. Loved your joy and beautiful spirit that was so present in your work. I am so sorry, and I will miss you more than I can say.

  31. My thoughts and prayers to your family and friends dear Wink.
    Such a terrible loss. You will be sorely missed.

  32. I never got to meet you in person. You will be greatly missed. Your patterns helped me through some of my darkest days, and I owe you a world of thanks….R.I.P. Wink…you will be greatly missed.

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  34. You will be missed Wink!!! I know God has you in his loving arms now and you have joy!!! RIP Creative Being!!!

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  36. You helped me to rediscover color. I played it safe for so long, both in crochet and my life in general. I will miss your humor. It’s hard to think that we will see no more beauty from you. I miss you. Always will. Rest well, beautiful Wink.

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  39. Missing you and visit to stay close. Thank you for sharing – probably too much of yourself. You will continue to be special to people who didn’t even know you in person.

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  41. rest in peace Wink!

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  43. I am a low income senior,77, and have crocheted since I was 7. I fell in love wth your spiked mandala and have made five in the last 4 days. It is so very sweet of you to share your patterns. I looked for a book of mandala patterns but none available. Margaret

  44. I am so in love with your mandala patterns. I have never tried making one before, but I love this butterfly mandala pattern, and am looking forward to making enough to put together a blanket out of them.

  45. tengo un mes aprendiendo a tejer crochet. Apenas ayer encontré tus diseños en instagram y quede enamorada de tu talento. Lamento muchísimo tu partida, aún cuando no te conocí, no pude evitar las lágrimas. Gracias por todo lo que compartiste tan generosamente. Por aquí estaré muy seguido tratando de absorber ese arcoiris que dejaste tras de ti. Descansa en paz Wink. Que tus colores te acompañen donde estés.

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  47. Gorgeous blog and terrific designs. Thank you for sharing.

  48. Love your tutorial. I have seen this pattern any times and it has always been called Apache tears.

  49. Love the vintage fan ripple blanket. I have made one and friends have said how they like it! I have shared a link to your pattern for them to use, hope you don’t mind!
    How do I put a picture of my finished product on?

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  52. Ravelry no longer have the pattern for the tear drop pattern. Where can we get it now?

  53. Thank you for leaving her site up. I found her when I started crocheting and loved her colors and designs. I’m so sorry for your loss

  54. Hi, I love the rug. What is the size of the finished rug?

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