mandala (EN)

Hi everyone! :)

As promised, here it is: my pattern for a standard 12 round crochet mandala! This is my go-to pattern for all the mandala’s I make.

This pattern uses US abbreviations.

Voor de Nederlandse lezers: het Nederlandstalige patroon vind je hier! :)

What do you need:

  • yarn (I use Drops Paris cotton yarn here)
  • crochet hook (I use a 4mm for my yarn here)
  • pair of scissors
  • tapestry needle

scissors tapestry needle crochet hook G 4mm

That’s it, let’s get started! :)

1. Start with a magic ring, and secure.
magic circle crochet

2. Chain 2, and make 11 dc’s in the ring. This gives us a stitch count of 12, including the ch2.
twelve double crochet magic ring

3. Pull the ring closed as to form a circle.
closed magic ring crochet

4. Cut the yarn and pull through the stitch.
magic ring twelve double crochet
twelve double crochet in a circle

5. Thread the yarn end through the needle and insert in the first dc you made, through both loops, skipping the ch2.
crochet circle twelve double crochet

6. Pull the needle through and now insert it in the back loop of the last stitch you made.
twelve double crochet ring circle

7. Pull the yarn a bit to close the circle, but make sure you don’t pull too hard; we want to keep this faux stitch we just made! :) We’re going to close rounds like this after every round from now on. Finish off.
finished crochet circle twelve double crochet

8. Starting with a slipknot on your hook, creating a standing stitch, crochet 2 dc in one stitch.
slip knot crochet hook

9. Crochet 2 dc’s in every stitch. (the stitch count is now 24 dc’s)
crochet circle round two

10. We’re going to close the round like we did before, so grab your tapestry needle and close the circle, just like in step 5 & 6.
crochet circle round two

11. That’s round two! :)
crochet circle round two

12. From now on, we’re going to start every round with a slipknot on our hook and a standing stitch.
slipknot crochet circle

13. To avoid creating holes, make sure you don’t start in or increase in the faux stitch we create after each round. If you look at your work you can easily identify the faux stitch by the bump from the slipknot:
slipknot bump crochet circle

14. In round three (and all of the following rounds), we’re going to make increases. To make sure the 2dc don’t end up in the faux stitch, count back from the bump 3 stitches (or whatever number you need to make sure the 2dc doesn’t end up in the faux stitch). If you start with 1 dc now (2nd stitch from the bump), there should also be 1 dc in the faux stitch. You can increase before or after the faux stitch, but not in it!
So: start with standing stitch, then *dc 1, 2dc in next stitch* around. (36 stitches)
crochet circle round three

15. Finish the round with your tapestry needle and voila, round three! :)
crochet circle round three

16. Starting with a standing stitch (and counting back from the bump so the 2dc doesn’t end up in the faux stitch), *dc 2, 2dc in next stitch* around and fo. (48 stitches)
crochet circle mandala round four
17. Starting with a standing stitch, *dc 3, 2dc in next stitch* around and fo. (60 stitches)
18. Starting with a standing stitch, *dc 4, 2dc in next stitch* around and fo. (72 stitches)
crochet circle mandala round six
19. Starting with a standing stitch, *dc 5, 2dc in next stitch* around and fo. (84 stitches)
20. Starting with a standing stitch, *dc 6, 2dc in next stitch* around and fo. (96 stitches)
crochet circle mandala round eight
21. Starting with a standing stitch, *dc 7, 2dc in next stitch* around and fo. (108 stitches)
22. Starting with a standing stitch, *dc 8, 2dc in next stitch* around and fo. (120 stitches)
crochet circle mandala round ten
23. Starting with a standing stitch, *dc 9, 2dc in next stitch* around and fo. (132 stitches)
24. Starting with a standing stitch, *dc 10, 2dc in next stitch* around and fo. (144 stitches)

Your mandala is finished! :) But I usually put a border around it. Here’s how I do it:

25. Starting with a standing stitch, sc 1.
standing stitch single crochet

26. Skip two stitches and then crochet 6 dc in one stitch, to create a shell. Skip two stitches and
sc 1. Continue like this all around. So: *sc 1, skip 2 st, 6dc, skip 2 st*.
shell stitch crochet mandala

27. When you’ve reached the end of the round, make a second sc in the first stitch (where there is already a sc). Don’t cut the yarn, but chain 10, this creates a loop.
chain ten stitches crochet

28. Make another sc in the first stitch. Cut the yarn, draw through the loop on your hook and bring the yarn end to the back.
single crochet close loop

And that’s it! :) Step back and admire your mandala!

crochet mandala

Here’s the pattern again for easy reading:

1. Start with a magic ring, make 12 dc’s. (12)
2. *2dc* around. (24) 
3. *dc 1, 2dc next st* (36) 
4. *dc 2, 2dc next st* (48) 
5. *dc 3, 2dc next st* (60)
6. *dc 4, 2dc next st* (72)   
7. *dc 5, 2dc next st* (84)  
8. *dc 6, 2dc next st* (96)  
9. *dc 7, 2dc next st* (108)
10. *dc 8, 2dc next st* (120)   
11. *dc 9, 2dc next st* (132)  
12. *dc 10, 2dc next st* (144)  

And for the border and loop:

13. *sc 1, skip 2 st, 6dc, skip 2 st* around.
14. *sc 1, ch 10, sc 1* in same st. FO. 

Have fun with this mandala pattern! :)



  1. Thank you very much for this pattern….
    your mandalas are beautiful <3

  2. Leuk dat je dat doet, het roept bij mij heel veel herinneringen op, ik was vroeger HandwerkjufDeventer en heb ook je schoonvader nog leren haken ,want hij zat bij mij in de klas, ha, ha, ha.
    Groeten van oma Hoogerwerf

  3. thank you for the pattern cant wait to make one!!! hope mine are as pretty as yours!!

  4. This is a very well done tutorial. Thank you for taking the time to share :-)

  5. What a beautiful pattern! And your photos make the step-by-step so easy! I love how you finished off each round so cleanly before moving to the next color. I can’t wait to try this!

  6. hermoso!!saludos desde argentina!

  7. Gorgeous. I absolutely love it. Forgive my blondness, but what is a standing stitch? xx

  8. These are really beautiful, can’t wait to make one myself but not sure what colours to use. Do I just use the colours I have or a colour I’m drawn to?. Hope I manage to follow the pattern, will let you know how it goes. Thanks xx

  9. I love your Mandalas i printed out the crochet Mandalas i am looking forward to trying it when i finish project i am working on now :)

  10. Wink:

    Your Mandalas are so beautiful and unique. I am new to crochet and I have a dumb question.

    For example, do you actually do 6 dc’s in row 8 and 7 dc’s in row 9, etc?

    Love to make this – mine seems bulky – am I doing this right?
    Thanks, Jean

    • Hi Jean,
      You do repeats of the pattern each row. So for example, when it says *dc 6, 2dc next st*, you make 6 double crochets, then 2 double crochets in the next stitch, and then continue in that fashion until you reach the end of the row. Everything that is between stars (*) means that you have to repeat everything written in between them.
      I hope this helps you! :) If not, please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail.
      Good luck!

  11. I am redoing blog i had on here to match my facebook page right now i am not bothering to try access my old crochet blog :) i think would go with my page on facebook :)

  12. I love how your page is designed as well :)

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  14. These are exquisite. Would you recommend this for beginners? Please advise.

  15. I love this! I was wondering what the final size was? Do you think I could use 4 as place mats? And then part two is do you think there’s a way to keep making it bigger so I could make a matching rug for my kitchen? Sorry for so many questions I just found your blog and fell in love!

    • Hi Joy, welcome! :) The final size depends on the yarn you used but you could definitely use them as placemats! And there is a way to keep making it bigger; just increase 12 times in each round. If you follow the pattern you will notice that the amount of dc’s made each round increases with 1 after each round. So if you continue like that it will continue to grow! :) Good luck and let me know if you run into any problems.

      • Hi wink,
        Mandalas are so peaceful and centering to me. Sometimes I color them if I need to get into a calm state of mind, you know? And yours are absolutely beautiful. So if I understand you correctly, there is no limit on size. I could make one large enough to hang on the wall, or even make a rug mandala?


        • Hi Chris,
          That’s right! :) Just continue your increases until the piece is the size you desire. Good luck and be sure to send me a picture! :)

  16. very simple and the final effect is beautiful. I like mandalas and with your simple tutorial
    I’ ll do one very soon . Thanks. Tina

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  18. In making my project I will not be changing colors. Do you have any tricks to keep the seam from showing? Thank you so much for this tutorial! It is going to change my life.

    • Hey Lova! Well, the best way to keep the seam from showing is to just work your mandala like you would with multiple colours, ie cutting the yarn after each round. It’s a little bit more work, but the end result will be better :)
      Good luck!

      • When you finish a round, skip the first ch 3 stitch and join to the first dc stitch after…Hope I explained it well

  19. Thanks so much for this tutorial – it is so well done even a left-handed novice like me can follow it. One question though – my mandala are curling up and not lying flat – I’m counting carefully and following your tutorial so might it be that my tension is too tight? All advice and suggestions welcome! Thanks again.

    • Hey Kate! Tension might be your problem, yes. Using a too small needle size for your yarn could be the culprit too! If it ruffles a little, you could always wet block/steam press your mandala to make it behave :) Good luck!

      • Thanks so much – I’ll definitely try with a bigger hook I think I could be 0.5mm too small on the one that is curling! If no joy with that I’ll go for the ‘steam into behaving’ approach :-) x

  20. I love doing the mandala and yours are gorgeous. Thanks for the pattern and tut.

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  23. Lovely mandala pattern and great tutorial!
    I’ve been crocheting for some years now and mandalas are some of my favourite things to crochet! It’s such fun changing the colours and creating different atmospheres.
    I must look into doing standing stitches at the beginning of a row, it does look much more harmonious!
    Greetings from Switzerland. Sandra

  24. Thank you so much for this wonder mandala. I have just returned from a trip to Minneapolis to study the Native cultures in the area. I wanted to honor them and your mandala was perfect!! I made it in yellow, red, black, and white, the colors of the four directions according to the Lakota people. I am going to send them as thank you gifts. So, thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful project.

  25. Hi, this is a great tutorial. I seem to be working in circles a lot at the moment and I hadn’t come across a ‘standing stitch’ until trying your pattern – it’s gives a lovely finish, thanks for sharing how to do it. A quick question… do you always increase at the same point in your pattern? I find that the larger the piece of work gets, the more I start to see corners and sides appearing (only slightly, but I can see it!) and your circles look very round! If I staggered the increases so they don’t fall in line with one another would it make a difference do you think? Claire x (hope this makes sense)

    • Hey Claire, Yes! Staggering the increases helps with the circle shape. If you read this tutorial carefully, you’ll see tips on how to do just that :)
      Good luck!

  26. Thanks for the tutorial. With the pictures, it’s easier for me as a french crochet girl !!! I do it for a pillow and I love it !

  27. I love this pattern and I am anxioux to jump in with it. One question; is there a reason to use the tapestry needle to make a faux stitch rather than joining to the first stitch with a chain?

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  30. I have a table that measure 42×42. How do I make large?

    • If you look at the last three rows of the short hand version of the pattern, it says
      10. *dc 8, 2dc next st* (120)
      11. *dc 9, 2dc next st* (132)
      12. *dc 10, 2dc next st* (144)
      To increase the circle, keep increasing the stitches. So row 13 would be *dc11, 2dc next st*, and row 14 would be *dc12, 2dc next st*, and so on.
      Good luck!

      • I’m crocheting a round blanket with this tutorial, and this is just perfect! I’ve read that if the circle was too large, you had to increase the number of increases between increases in a row, but with your advice of not stacking the increases and counting 3 stitches back every row makes the circle perfectly round!
        Thanks very much for this great tutorial! Also, I loved the technique of finishing every row like that, it makes the ch2 from the start almost invisible!

    • Did you make your large mandala? How big did it end up? I’m thinking of doing something BIG

  31. I was think that too. I wanted double with you. Thank you, very much!

  32. Hi Wink, I just wanted to say thank you for so generously sharing the pattern which I found via Chrissie and Miss Daisy’s Mand-a-long…as a crochet novice your pictures and instructions really helped and I’m thrilled with the end result. Thanks again, Sarah xo

  33. Where do you get the beautiful colors of yarn at? Beautiful work too.

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  35. I have not picked up a crochet hook since I was at junior school and at 62 years of age you have inspired me for my retirement! I think your circles are beautiful – could you tell me how to make the “magic circle” that you start with please? Janis

  36. How do you do the”magic circle?”I have never done one before.

  37. Thank you for this tutorial-this mandala is beautiful :o)

  38. hi there from France :) I got amazed about your cheerful projects, by the way I’m just a beginner, can I ask you which type of yarn are u using into your delightful knitting above? thank so much antonella

  39. How can you make it bigger? After round 12 I want to make more rounds?

  40. I am always looking for new tricks, but I am not familiar with a “magic ring” it does look very simple, but would like more info on it…. thanx, Regina

  41. I’ve never seen this ‘magic ring’ before, how did you make it?

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  44. So sad that you’re gone. Here, we’re still learning from you.
    RIP Wink ❤️

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  48. Hi, What do you do to on continue making it larger? Say another 12 or 24 rounds? Thank You for sharing your beautiful work. Patty

  49. Hey beautiful.. am doing it seeing ur tutorial.. in 6th round it bends.. doesnt stay stiff as urs .. why is tht

  50. I am so grateful for this pattern, and will be thinking of Wink when I do this. Love to her family.

  51. Thankyou so much Ramya

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  53. Thank you for sharing your pattern. I am going to get busy on it NOW

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  59. Hey thanks a lot for the pattern :) …Ive tried the pattern . It came out wonderful.
    Have linked ur blog link to my page
    thank u so much

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  61. Thank you for pattern it was such a nice story you told sad but nice god bless you from lorraine in scotland

  62. Thanks for sharing this. Normally I draw mandala’s but really excited to give this a try. Thought you might enjoy this page about mandala drawing as well:

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  74. Wink I am so happy to find your blog I have been looking for a mandala pattern for months I was just browsing when I came upon your site Thanks so much.

  75. Thanks for the pattern. It’s very beautiful.

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  77. Thank you for the ending showing each row the numbers you should have. I’m legally blind and can see a little in each eye. Five years ago today I had an eye stroke , and in 5 to 10 minutes I was blind in both eyes. I still love to crochet. I have been making lap blankets for or local VA Hospital. People have been giving me their scrap yarn. We just took up 10-15 last month. What a joy it give me to make them. If you have any fast patterns be share [lease. Thank you again, Marlene

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