Scheepjes CAL 2014 FAQs


Here are all the frequently asked questions for the Scheepjes CAL 2014. If your question isn’t answered here, try the Facebook group! :)

To all new members: please read this post carefully!

A lot of people still have questions, so here are the FAQ’s. If you have any further questions please make sure to read through the group first, as your question may have already been posted by someone else. Help each other out and stay friendly :)

The project: Scheepjes Blanket CAL 2014, hosted by A Creative Being
Yarn used: Scheepjes Cotton 8 in 12 colours (26 skeins)
Hook size: 3mm
Pattern source: On and in the Facebook group as PDF’s in English (US terms) and Dutch – FREE! This is a mystery CAL so the first part of the pattern will be released on October 3rd. The pattern will be in written format with clear photos. There will be NO chart for this pattern. This is a free pattern for you from me, please try to respect that.
Yarn supply: available from
Start date: October 3rd
End date: December 19th
Skill level: Beginner/Intermediate
Finished blanket size: If you use all the skeins in the kit you’ll end up with a 1-person blanket

For anyone who would like to keep the mystery of the CAL and begin on the 7th of November, we have made a second group! Feel free to hop over :)

Please respect the fact that this project and group is organised by Scheepjeswol, for a CAL using their yarns. Posts advertising other/alternative yarns will be removed. Posting photos of blankets made using a different yarn is permitted.

Where can I find the pattern?
– You can download the patterns each week from or from this Facebook group. You can find the files here: They’re PDF’s, so they’re easy to use on pc, tablet and/or mobile. There will be a new PDF for each pattern.

What are we crocheting?
– We are crocheting squares! (so no circles, rectangles, triangles…)

What will the final blanket look like?
– We’re not telling you that yet, this is a mystery CAL after all. We will give a little sneak peek each week for every new square.

How much squares are we making?
– 6 Squares a week, for a total of 60. Week 11 and 12 are for joining and the border.

How large will the blanket be?
– That completely depends on the number of squares you make. If you use the kit you’ll have 60 squares, so your blanket will be about 39 by 70”, depending on 6×10 squares. You could make it larger or smaller by making more or less squares.

What are we working with?
– We are working with Cotton 8 yarn from Scheepjeswol. We made kits with this yarn that you can use.

Where can I get a kit?
– Via you can find the shops that offer a kit.

Can I use other yarn for this CAL?
– Of course! Making a blanket is a fabulous stash buster :) We do ask you not to mention the brand of the yarn you used.

So what about posting photos?
– You’re allowed to post pictures of the squares you made, even if you didn’t make them with Scheepjes. We do ask you not to mention the brand of the yarn you used.

I’m participating in another CAL. Can I mention it in this group, and post pictures of my progress?
– No. This group is only meant for the Scheepjes CAL. All posts about other CALS will be removed by the admins.

Where can I find the colour way numbers for the kits?
– Right here. Kit 1 has 2 balls of these colours:642, 723, 669, 713, 663, 508, 714, 651, 721, 529 and 661, and 4 balls of colour 726. Kit 2 has 2 balls of these colours:722, 510, 720, 716, 713, 669, 529, 671, 726, 649, 651, and 4 balls of colour 717.

My favourite yarn shop still has kits for sale. Can I place a link in the group?
—No. All shops that sell kits can be found here:

Can I name the shop then?
– We’d rather you didn’t; this often comes off as advertising, and that will be deleted by our admins.

What time will the pattern be released each week?
– Every Friday at 10AM Amsterdam time; 4 AM Friday- East Coast; 3 AM Friday- Central Time; 2 AM Friday -Mountain Time; 1 AM Friday. Pacific Coast; Midnight Thursday/Friday – Alaska; 10 PM Thursday – Hawaii.

How big will the squares be?
– About 18cms/7”. This is of course different for everybody, and that’s okay!

I don’t think I have enough yarn/I can’t get 6 squares from 2 balls of yarn. What should I do?
– This happens. No need to panic; just finish with a different colour. If you’re really worried that you don’t have enough, you can always order an extra ball of yarn.

What’s this about a second group?
– We made another Facebook group for all the people that haven’t received their yarn yet. They will collectively start on November 7th. The patterns will be released to that group separately from this one; they will be the exact same patterns. You can find the group here:

You are all using size 3mm hooks. What hook is that in US terms?
– The Tips & Tricks PDF contains a conversion chart with international hook sizes. You can find the PDF under Files:

What terms is the pattern written in? US or UK/AU?
– The pattern is written using US terms and abbreviations. However, the Tips & Tricks PDF contains a conversion chart with crochet stitches from US to UK/AU terms. You can find the PDF under Files:


  1. are there any pictures of the first block being started? having a little trouble getting started just reading the directions. the pics are a bit small

  2. Can I buy the kit in the UK

  3. Where can I find the tips and tricks?

  4. Each week should I be doing all six blocks in the same colours like in the instructions or can I do all in random colours just keeping the 4 ball colours for joining??

  5. Probably a silly question, we have 2 balls each of eleven different colours and one set of 4. The set of 4 is for joining.. my question is if we are only doing 10 different square patterns, what will the remaining 2 balls be used for?
    Sorry if thats confusing!

  6. Hi.

    I’m technically part of the first group but haven’t got very far (about round 4 of my 1st square!) due to Christmas gift making and, to be honest, some confidence issues regarding my crochet skills. However, I’ve been so excited to see everyone’s stacks and trials of different layouts that I really want to get on with it!

    So, my question is this: when using cotton, I tend to crochet quite tightly, as a result the little bit I’ve done on the 3mm hook is very tight and rather uncomfortable to create, so do you think I will be ok if I go upto a 4mm hook? I realise it will potentially make larger squares but I’m fine with that but do you think the 1 size difference will make a that much of a difference on the yarn front?

    Many thanks,

    Miriam x

  7. I’m obviously being very dim as can’t get beyond making the magic ring! How many stitches does the ring need to have or do you work it as pet the instructions for round 1? I’ve bought the kit and can’t get going. Thx

  8. If I’m calculating correctly, the pattern, as written, requires 4,836 yds of fingering weight cotton. Any suggestions as to how I would figure out the yardage necessary if I wanted to go up to a DK or worsted weight instead?

  9. I am having trouble understanding week four. I am stuck on step 3. This is my first time making granny squares such as this. I have looked on the FB group and cannot find a picture that is in the right angle to see. Can you please clarify this step for me.

  10. here I am not even started
    I wrote some time ago, asking for help in the first piece & was told to go to Facebook.
    since I don’t have Facebook I got my into my daughter’s. couldn’t find any directions or pictures to help. I really am dim & really don’t know how to navigate Facebook.
    my pattens are in a neat pile & my yarn is in a not so neat bag
    just wanted to let anyone else having trouble know you are not alone
    maybe I’ll just use my yarn on a different pattern

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